Sunday, May 31, 2009

Stampin' Up Quarterly

What a great time we had in Kernersville this weekend at the Stampin' Up Quarterly.  Luckily, Marianne was feeling better on Friday and was able to go.  I picked her up at Mom's after I did my stint at the Retirement Center.  We stopped along the way at the Enchanted Cottage Stamp store. WOW is all I can say!  It is overwhelming because it is so big and has so much stuff in in.  Unfortunately, we had a little trouble finding the store and by the time we got there, we only had about 20 minutes before they closed.  It is definitely a place you need more than 20 minutes - maybe a whole day to see everything. 

We checked into our hotel and went across the street and had a yummy dinner - country style steak, mashed potatoes, baked apples ..... really good!  Then it was on the the quarterly.  We got set up and got started with our Friday night project.  Janie Murphy was in charge of this one and she did a great job.  We each had half of a Simply Scrappin' kit and made 11 cards and a magazine holder for the cards from the kit and even had a few pieces left over to take home with us.  I was impressed.  I have never done much with the Simply Scrappin' kits (page 162-165) but that will change.  The cards are so cute and were so quick and easy to put together.  We made the 11 cards and holder in about 2 hours!!  We were back at our motel by 9:30 which never happens at Quarterly!  We used the Sunshine Garden kit to make these cards:






Friday, May 29, 2009

Big Boy Panties

I found this pattern on Splitcoast earlier this week and just had to try it!  My niece, Melinda, is trying to potty train Zach (although he is not interested at all!) so I thought I'd send him this card.  I used the Life's A Breeze stamp set.


Here it is opened:


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

I've been busy since I got back .... getting unpacked; doing laundry; and getting ready for NC Stampin' Up Demo's Quarterly meeting this weekend in Kernersville.  My sister, Marianne, is supposed to go with me but she called me about 3 this afternoon and she's SICK!!  How could she get sick at a time like this????  We're crossing our fingers that she'll feel better tomorrow and be able to "road trip" with me.  She's been working hard on her swaps and has paid her $$$ so I know she doesn't want to miss it.

Also tomorrow, I am going to the retirement home in Mooresville to do a card project with the group.  My friend, Judy, is going too and has made a card and a bookmark for them to make.  I did a card today using the Big Shot that they will just have to put together.  Here's my samples:



I'm taking a few items to the Quarterly for "show and tell."  Here is a Milk Carton that I made using the Parisian DSP.  I just love how it turned out.  That paper is the best and is on sale through Sunday.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I'm baaaack!!

Wow - it's gonna feel good to put my head on my own pillow tonight!   You know, it's always good to travel but it's always great to come home!!   Our trip to Texas came to an end today.  We had a great time!

My flight to Texas last Saturday (May 16) was not so great!   When we landed in San Antonio, I got the most horrific pain in my gums on my left side.  The tears were flowing and I tried putting pressure on my gums to make the pain subside.  It's hard to describe how bad it was.  My nephew and his girlfriend met us at the airport and drove us to Austin.  By the time I reached their house (about an hour later), I was in severe pain.  I called my daughter to get her advice and could not even talk to her I was crying so hard.  When we lived in Texas, I had a lot of sinus problems so went prepared, thank goodness!  I had taken a couple of Imitrex pills with me so I took one of them and laid down for about an hour.  The pain dulled so we were able to go out to eat.  When I came home, I took a Tylenol PM and went to bed.  That was the end of my pain but the weirdest thing is my gum is still dead feeling .... like I've had Novocain or something.  We are thinking that perhaps a nerve in my sinus/gum area is damaged.  Guess I'll be calling the dentist tomorrow!

We spend the first weekend we were in Texas at my nephew and his girlfriend's house.  They were excellent hosts and fixed us wonderful breakfasts each morning!  We went to my niece's home Sunday and cooked fajitas on their grill.  We also had yummy tamales!!  I've missed that Mexican food since being in NC. 

(remember - click on the photos to see the whole picture!)


I had such a great time playing with my niece's little boys.  They are just so cute.   The oldest is just finishing kindergarten and Jake is just sooo smart!  Her youngest, Zachary, is just 2 weeks younger than my grandson, Jayce.  Zach will be 3 in early September.  So, since I don't get to see my grandson, I did a double effort in spoiling and loving on Zach! 


We went back to San Antonio Monday night and started our house hunting with Ashley on Tuesday.  We look at a little over 60 houses Tuesday through Saturday!  I love looking at houses but Sonny wasn't so thrilled with it!  He got a reprieve on Saturday when our friends from Dallas drove down for the weekend.  Ashley was able to find several houses she liked and made a list of a "top 5-8" houses.  Now, we just have to wait for the sale of her condo in Bethesda before she can make a offer on a Texas house.  I know it will all work out, but say a little prayer that it will sell sooner than later!!


Happy Birthday Harley Friend

This is a birthday card I made for a good Texas friend who loves his Harley!


Friday, May 22, 2009

3 D Card Swap for Quarterly

Well, I wasn't going to enter this swap (as I told you, Judy).  But, Friday, during a weak moment, I did it!!  And I made 18 of them (using different papers) on Friday!

The card opens up and can be used just as a card or you could put a Gift Certificate inside.  I have a small magnet under the top note and between the designer paper and the cardstock on the "card part" to hold it closed.




Wednesday, May 20, 2009

American Idol Final Results

Well, we were walking around the Riverwalk here in San Antonio after viewing houses all day so I missed the first half of Idol. But, I figured I didn't really miss much!

The second half that I am watching has a LOT of big name groups performing - Queen, Kiss, Steve Martin (who knew he was a singer???), Santana, Rod Stewart plus all the Idol performers from this year and previous years. I heard that I missed Queen Latifa during the first half. Wow! Idol has come a long way over the years to have all the $$ to get all these big names. And we even got to see a little bit of Tatiana tonight!

My understanding is there were over 100 million votes last night!! A world record! I can tell you about 5 of those votes were mine!!

YIPPEE!!! KRIS ALLEN IS THE NEW AMERICAN IDOL!!! I am in shock. He had come the farthest of any of the others. He was definitely the dark horse in this competition. What happened I believe is he got Danny Gokey's votes and knocked Adam out.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

American Idol Final Night!

Had to watch the show tonight live - commercials and all. W.e're in San Antonio helping Ashley house-hunt. More details on that later

This is it. Why do I feel oddly let down already? I don’t necessarily think Adam has it in the bag like the judges seem to think. I think Kris will get a lot of Danny’s votes. It could be close. And they’re both so good; it should be a phenomenal show tonight. I think I’m bummed that Danny is gone.

So Adam was a hyperactive child. Is anyone surprised by that? Okay then. Adam is performing Mad World from the Birth Year show. I like this subdued but passionate performance. Kris is singing Ain’t No Sunshine from his comfortable perch behind the piano. I like the bluesy spin he’s putting on this classic. So, good song choice, Kris! And isn’t his wife the cutest, nodding her encouragement from the front row?

Simon gives Round One to Kris, after eating some crow. I agree, Simon!

For Round Two, they’re singing songs chosen by the show’s creator, Simon Fuller.
Adam has changed from the Dracula robe to a classic gray suit, and he’s singing an R&B classic by the great Sam Cooke.

Kris is in his element with this one but it's just OK. Randy said it was “a little light” and I have to agree, but I have to point out, Kris didn’t choose it. I still love ya, Kris!

At any rate, the judges give Round Two to Adam. So, what else is new?

Round Three. Let’s roll.
In Idol tradition, both are singing the same song — No Boundaries, written by Kara DioGuardi and two other people I haven’t ever heard of.
Adam’s up first, of course. Um, what’s with the pants?

These finale songs are always so cheesie I can hardly stand it. Adam is doing his best to give it a rock edge but the melodrama is a bit much for me on this one. The judges look dubious about this performance. “Not one of my favorite Adam performances,” says Randy. Um, yeah. Pretty much.

Simon starts to bash the song and thinks better of it. Awww, come on. I feel like I missed out. Of course he still thinks Adam is the most amazing contestant to ever grace the Idol stage and doesn’t even try to hide his bias.

Kris gets his turn, and I have to say I prefer this performance to Adam’s. It’s more my style, and I think he makes it more modern and less cheesie. I’m giving Round Three to Kris.
They’re both phenomenal, and I look forward to hearing from them A LOT. Who are you rooting for? Will you vote? I voted .... for Kris, of course!

Word of warning: Ryan says tomorrow’s show will go long, so don’t depend on your DVR to catch the end. I’ll be watching live from my hotel room. Over and out!

More Quarterly Swaps

This card is bright!!  I used the "poppin' pastels" technique.  Stamp the image with Versamark and use a dauber to apply chalk.




Monday, May 18, 2009

Quarterly Swaps - Thoughts and Prayers



Sunday, May 17, 2009

Quarterly Swaps

I am flying to Texas tomorrow for 10 days so I will be posting some of the swaps I have been working on for the quarterly meeting.  I will be attending the NC Stampin' Up Quarterly the weekend after I return from Texas.

This one uses the de-embossing technique.  Run the cardstock through the Big Shot Embossing folder and run the ink on the reverse side of the paper.  I used Chunky Glitter on the butterflies.



Friday, May 15, 2009

Hats Off to Spring Tea

101_2568  My Newcomers's group had a "Hats Off to Spring" tea on Tuesday.  I had been making little hats and baskets for the centerpieces and was so glad to be done with that project!!  But, they really turned out cute and the tables really looked festive.  We got lots of favorable comments about the tea so all the hard work was worth it!

We had a barbershop quartet perform.  They were a group of professors from Davidson College and they were really good.  Plus .... they didn't charge us anything!!

I took several of my great-aunt Love's hats.  She was a milliner and had her own hat shop at one time.  I wore one of the hats!  Here are a few pictures.


Ginny made her hat with a tea cup on top!101_2567

Doesn't the guy on the end look like Barney Fife??? 101_2573

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Another great Michael's find!

I went to Michael's yesterday and bought a craft table/organizer that I had seen last week.  I had written down the measurements but kept forgetting to see if it would fit in my room so decided to go ahead and get it and take my chances!  What a steal!!  It was marked Clearance $50 and they let me use my 40% coupon so I got it for just $30!  It weighed about 100 pounds!  I had to get someone to lift it into my car and Sonny used his dolly to get it upstairs.  Since he didn't offer to put it together for me, I decided to tackle it.  So, that is what I did most of the night last night while watching the hockey game (Pittsburgh WON!!). 

Here is the finished masterpiece table:


I haven't decided yet what I will put in the drawers (one of the drawers is a ribbon drawer and has a rod inside for ribbon) but the main thing I wanted it for is to put my cutters on the top.  I have a big Carl Cutter and the SU Tabletop Cutter.  I love both of them.  Right now, I have my Carl Cutter on a TV tray in the corner and my SU cutter on my table but it seems to travel around the room.  Now, they'll both have a home and I won't have to bend over the TV table to use them.

Now tomorrow I'll be rearranging my room to make everything fit!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

88 Million votes for American Idol Final 3

Katy Perry performs on American Idol but first Danny Gokey says what we've all been thinking -- "there's been enough commercials, enough suspense -- I just want to get it over."
Then Katy comes out in some Vegas showgirl version of Elvis' getups, singing "Waking Up in Vegas." She looks totally ridiculous, like she's a cartoon character or something; also her outfit doesn't fit her that well.

Well, our final two are Kris and Adam. I can truthfully say I'm surprised! I really thought it would be Adam and Danny but was hoping it would be Danny and Kris. Danny was NEVER in the bottom 3 and should not be going home!! I hate to see Danny go. I was an early fan of his, although I admit my loyalty became divided between him, and Kris as the season progressed. For the first time ever, I didn’t have a strong preference between those two going into the semi-finals. But, I know this won't be the last we hear from him.

I'm sure Kris is totally living the dream, he was the dark horse coming in, and his fans really came through for him. And if what Ryan said is right, that less than a million votes separated Kris and Adam -- is "American Idol" setting the stage for an unbelievable upset next week?!

Now .... who will be the winner???? I'm afraid it will be Adam but I can hope for Kris, can't I?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

American Idol .... Top Three

Tonight the top 3 guys - Adam, Danny and Kris - will sing 2 songs each. One of the songs will be chosen by the judges and the other song will be chosen by the guys.

First up is Danny singing a song chosen by Paula.

Danny - Dance Little Sister by Terrence somebody - I've never heard of this song or the artist who originally did it, but the judges thought he was great (except for Kara who didn't like his dancing.) "Dope" according to Randy! Simon disagreed with the song choice.

Kris - Apologize by One Republic - chosen by Kara and Randy. I love this song and am loving Kris' take on it. The judges weren't so blown away with his performance. Simon is right - he said that Kara & Randy shouldn't be criticizing Kris' arrangement of the song when they picked the song for him. Kara said he should have not been behind the piano, but done it acoustically .... well, they should have told him that! I agree with Simon for a change.

Adam - One by U2 chosen by Simon. Simon had to get permission from Bono for Adam to sing this song tonight. Pretty theatrical as usual. Standing ovation from the crowd. Kara told him he was a strategist and he was unbelievable and did his own version. The judges .... except for Randy .... are all over themselves drooling over Adam. He is very talented .... he's just not my choice.

Round Two --- the contestant's choices:

Danny - You Are So Beautiful (Joe Cocker) Great! As Randy says, he can really, really, really sing. Kara and Paula loved it. Simon called it a "vocal master class."

Kris - Heartless by Kanye West Well, the judges just loved it. Even Simon! He told Kris after the first performance he had written him off of the competition. But after this performance, he is back in the running. I am really surprised. I liked it but figured the judges wouldn't like this one.

Adam - Crying by Aerosmith To me, he's screaming and I don't like it. I don't think he's near as good as the other two on this round. Randy told him he was one of the best they've ever had in the competition. The judges have basically called him the winner. Good for Simon .... he says he's not going to suck up like the other judges. But, he made the point that America needs to not assume Adam will be in the final 2 but to vote for him because he deserves to be there.

This is going to be a tough one tonight. Simon was on Oprah this week and picked Adam to win. He might be right but sometimes that's the kiss of death for the contestants. I think Simon picked David Archeleta last year to win and he didn't. We'll see. I know Adam is talented, but something about him bugs me. I would much rather see Kris or Danny.

I think Kris won Round One and Danny won Round Two.

I'm afraid America will listen to the judges too much and Kris will be the one leaving though. Hope not!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday Mailer

I want to share this great Monday Mailer I received last week.  Tammy used the stamp set, Branch Out (p 100).  I have seen so many cute cards with this set.  But, my favorite thing is how she used the twine and the punch!  Also, the tag (where she stamped "wonderful") is a Sizzix Die!  Isn't it cute?


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hope your Mothers Day was Happy!

I hope everyone enjoyed today and had a great Mothers Day.  Mine was very nice.  My family came over late in the afternoon and we went out on the lake for a couple of hours.  When we returned, we got the shish-kabobs ready and my dear hubby lit the grill.  While everything was heating up, we all enjoyed a nice visit out on the back deck.  It was a beautiful day .... not too hot and not rainy for a change. 

My mom opened her presents.  I wish I'd remembered to take a picture of the mini-album Marianne made for her.  It was so, so cute!  She put a few of the pictures from her 80th birthday (last July) in it.  Marianne and I are going to put together a big album for her with the rest of the pictures .... one of these days!  Angela gave her a big Starbucks coffee mug and I gave her a card!  My present will be given to her later.  I had a friend watercolor a picture for me of my grandmother's house in Charlotte where my mom grew up.  I gave it back to her last week to add a few more touches to it and it is not ready yet.  Oh well, what I wrote in my card to her brought a tear to her eye anyway!  My sisters told me I sure knew how to "kiss up"!  You know, I'm the favorite daughter, don't you???!!!  That's the joke with us anyway.

Marianne made all of us purses too.  She's been a busy beaver!!   She also has been working on her convention swaps plus made a gel card all by herself!  I'm so proud of her.

Ashley called me first thing this morning and I opened my gift from her while she was on the phone.  It is a beautiful Vera Bradley hipster bag.  I love it!

I'm still waiting on that call from my son.  He sent my mom a present and a card, so don't guess my call will be coming any time soon.  My mom feels so bad about it, but it is what it is and there's nothing I can do about it.

This is my Vera Bradley bag from my daughter.


This is the bag my sister made.


Here's Mom right after Harrison popped a shrimp in her mouth!


Marianne and Derek.


Our chef, Sonny


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mothers Day

To all the mothers out there, I'm sending a big way to go and a reminder too to take a few deep breaths along the way.  However you choose to commemorate this day, with family or on your own, with big fete or quiet respite, at home or out on the town, I hope you have a glorious day and that you connect with yourself and your family and enjoy your celebration.

In this month’s Real Simple magazine, Judith Newman  lists  10 things she suggests we all ask our mothers this Sunday.  On her list: 

  1. What’s the one thing you would have done differently as a mom?
  2. Why did you choose to be with my father?
  3. In what ways do you think I’m like you?
  4. Which one of us kids did you like the best?
  5. Is there anything you have always wanted to tell me but never have?
  6. Do you think it’s easier or harder to be a mother now than when you were raising our family?
  7. Is there anything you regret not having asked your parents?
  8. What’s the best thing I can do for you right now?
  9. Is there anything that you wish had been different between us — or that you would still like to change?
  10. When did you realize you were no longer a child?

I don't agree with all the questions up there - especially Number 4 - but they are thought provoking.  And you ought to ask some of them before it's too late and your mother is not around for you to ask.   What would you want to ask your mother?   What would you want your children to ask you?   What do you think the answers might be?

My family will be coming over on Sunday and we will celebrate the mothers among us (my mom, my sister and myself) with a cook out.  I just wish my own children could be with us too.  But, I will be meeting Ashley in Texas next weekend.  She has already sent my Mother's Day present which I will open tomorrow.  I am holding out hope that I will get a call from my son.  I didn't receive a card so I doubt that I will receive a call, but I can still hope, can't I?  My wish for this Mother's Day is that by next Mother's Day, our relationship will be better. 

Here are a few cards I am sending to friends and family this Mother's Day.

Friday, May 8, 2009

I'm published!

I picked up the recent copy of Stampers Sampler Catch Up issue a few days ago.  I just had time to look through it tonight and wow was I surprised!   I found one of my cards in the book!!  If you have the issue, check on page 85 at the top of the page and you'll see my card and my name!!  Isn't that nice?  This is the third time I have had a card in their magazine and it is still such a thrill! 

Here's a copy of the card from the magazine.  I took pictures of the cards when I sent them away but that was at least six months ago and I think I have deleted them from my computer so I had to scan the magazine!  I sent in about 10 cards.

There's not a lot of stamping involved on this card - just the words, love and cherish.  I used some patterned paper that my friend, Judy, had given me.  I  cut the circle out with my Nesties and paper-pricked around the edges of the heart.  The white "X" stitching marks are made with some white twine.  It's hard to tell, but the base card is Elegant Eggplant.  This was a Sketch Challenge several months ago. 

take ten catch up issue

I'm just sent in about 20 card to Take Ten last week.  So, maybe I'll have more good publishing news in a few months!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

More Top Note Boxes

I've been making a lot of these boxes for a 3D swap I am going to at the end of the month.  I've got 7 made so far and I am waiting for my order of Designer Paper to get here to make a few more.  A friend wanted to put a picture of a couple of them on my blog so she could make some also.  So, Margaret, these are for you!!


This one uses some of my favorite DSP (Sweet Slumber).  This paper is the same weight as cardstock.  The Sizzix die is the Daisy Flower (p. 200) and Little Leaves.  I used the Build-A-Brad in the center.


This box uses Candy Cane DSP (p. 159) and the Sizzix Flower Layer die (p. 199).  I used a red brad in the center.


   This box uses the Candy Cane paper again.  I also used Sizzix Decorative Strip Flowers die (p. 198) and the Beautiful Butterflies die (p. 196).  There is a pearl from the Pretties kit in the center.


Now - go make some of your own and send me a picture of them.  I'll post them on my blog for all to see!!

Idol Results .... Down to the final Three

Paula entertained (?) us tonight. Why did they bother hooking her up with a microphone? There is no doubt in any one's mind that she was lip-syncing. With all the acrobatics, there's no way she could have sang.

Then we had the pleasure (???) of hearing No Doubt. Well, there is no doubt they weren't my favorite! Did you see the drummer with the crinoline on? Sonny wants to know who dressed those people. Maybe I'm showing my age.

Wow! Big surprise for me tonight. Kris is SAFE! I am so happy! I really thought he would be the one going home. So will this be an upset like when Daughtry was sent home a few years ago? I hope it's not Danny. The competition is so tough this year!

Chris Daughtry performs the single from his next album which comes out in July. Now, this rock music, I like. He is singing .... not screaming!! And did you notice, his band looks pretty normal - except for the mohawk .... but no crinolines on the guys! He might not have made it to the top three when he was on Idol, but that hasn't stopped his success. Sometimes, losing is a good thing.

The second person in the top three is Adam. Guess I'm not surprised but I was hoping for an upset there.

Now it's down to Allison and Danny .... Danny has NEVER been in the bottom three so my guess is…it is Allison going home. I’m sad but not surprised. With one more rendition of Cry Baby we bid adieu to Allison.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Idol .... Top FOUR!

Tonight is Rock. The mentor is ..... Slash .... the drummer for Guns & Roses, my favorite group! (just kidding) Actually when my daughter was in high school, I told a boy she was dating that Guns & Roses was my favorite group ... I had actually mistaken the group for another one (obviously) and this has been a joke between us forever! She called me tonight to tell me my favorite band member was going to be on Idol.
  • Adam is first singing Led Zepplain's Whole Lotta Love. I don't know if he could have gotten any more black eye liner on. He's actually scary looking. I've always thought he reminded me of Elvis, but I know Elvis would not be looking like this! I thought he was screaming but that's hard rock for you. I know the judges will love him. Yes, Randy says everyone will forget about his theatrics with this performance. Kara says he's a rock god. Of course, Paula says's he's a whole lot of perfect. Simon loves it too and says it's one of his favorite performances.
  • Allison is singing Cry Baby by Janis Joplin. I can totally see her doing Joplin! She sure has the pipes and I'm loving her performance!! The judges don't look so happy though. Randy didn't like her choice of songs. Kara thinks bluesy rock and Joplin is right for her but didn't like the song choice. Simon thought it was a terrific vocal but lacked originality. She showed a little sass to them tonight. Good for her!!
  • Kris Allen is singing The Beatles Come Together!! This is my favorite group - for real!! Well, he's got my vote before he even sings and I know the same is true with Ashley. He didn't try to do that hard rock stuff because that is just not him. Randy agrees with me. Boo Kara - she didn't think it was great. What does she know? I was waiting for this .... Paula says it is risky to do a Beatles song; he needs a little more energy on stage. Simon didn't like it. He said it was like eating ice for lunch???? The judges weren’t impressed at all. I think he was better than they’re giving him credit for
  • Danny Gokey sing the classic rock anthem, Dream On by Aerosmith. You'll have to hum a few bars because I don't think I know this song. OK, now he's singing it and I have heard it. Paula is on her feet so I guess she likes it. He made the scream at the end which Slash was worried about. The crowd loved it. Randy said it was just ok. He realizes that this is not Danny's genre as well as not Kris'. Kara commended him for taking a chance but it was not great. Paula gives him an A for effort. Simon didn't like the scream and thought it was too over the top.

A new twist to the show, tonight we are getting treated to two duets by the contestants. First Kris and Danny sing Renegade by Styx — very cool. Ooooh, I like rock-and-roll Danny. This is fun! They SO need to record that. Their voices really harmonized and worked well together. Adam and Allison rocked a duet together of Slow Ride. It seems like their solo parts are better than the harmony parts. The judges loved it and think they should do a duet together.

Unfortunately, rock is NOT the genre for two of the contestants (Danny & Kris) but it is for the other two. This really sucks that it is down to the final 4 and it has to be rock and not something like their favorite songs or something they could all shine in their song selection.

Well, my personal picks for the final three are Danny, Allison and Kris. But, I don't think that's likely to happen. It's hard for me to predict who's going home tonight. I'm afraid it'll be Kris but he definately wouldn't be my choice. We'll have to wait till tomorrow night to see!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Enjoy this yummy margarita while celebrating the day.


3/4 cup Sprite Zero (or any diet lemon-lime soda)

One shot (1.5 oz.) tequila

One serving (half a packet or 1/8th of a tub) sugar-free strawberry powdered drink mix (any variety, like Crystal Light Strawberry-Kiwi.

4 frozen unsweetened strawberries

2 tbsp. lime juice

1 cup crushed ice or 5 - 8 ice cubes

Optional Garnish: lime wedge

Directions: Place all ingredients in a blender. Blend until uniform and slushy. Pour into a nice glass and, if you like, garnish with a wedge of lime. Drink up!


A regular margarita that you would get in a restaurant has about 350 calories and is 7 Weight Watcher points! The one above has 125 calories and is 2 Weight Watcher points. Enjoy!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Jump on the watercolor bandwagon!

Well, I have seen these roses on everyone's blog lately as well as on Splitcoast and several Yahoo groups.  So .... I am not one to not follow trends so I had to try them today.  Be warned .... they are addicting!!

Here are my watercolor roses:


And here is a card I made with a yellow rose.  I used Taste of Textiles paper (the white and the bronze).  


Aren't they gorgeous?