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Thursday, May 28, 2015

MDS Monday .... Final (take #1)

Hi friends!  It saddens me to write this post and show you my latest creation for MDS Monday since this will be our last challenge.  It is still hard for me to believe MDS is being discontinued.  I will continue to use it because it gave me such delight to create with the program and it is so easy to scrapbook my memories digitally.  This week for MDS Monday we are supposed to feature our favorite downloads.  That was a tough one for me!  My mood changes and it will depend on my picture as to what download I might use. Or I will notice a new download and everything will change!  Recently when I was working on my New Zealand scrapbook, I almost had it done when I saw a kit I didn't have.  So, I immediately purchased it and downloaded it into MDS and started my New Zealand book over!  I do tend to like the digital kits and ensembles because a lot of the work has been done with you in terms of coordination of papers, stamps, embellishments, etc.

So for this one, I looked through a lot of my old pictures and found this one of Jayce when he was just a baby.  I had taken my mom to Arizona to meet her first great-grandchild and we were having fun in the pool at our hotel.  A lot of work went into this page!!

My favorite things on this page are:
Overlays, Beautiful Today Kit, Splatter Stamps, Watercolor Wash (In Any Event) and the Flag Punch.

The background paper is white with an Overlay from Hello World (Colored Chalk Dots).  I also used the Torn Edges for the sides to give it a torn look.  I love overlays and tend to use them quite a bit.

    Watercolor Wash\In Any Event - watercolor

    OVERLAYS & BACKGROUNDS\Hello World Overlays.embellishments\Hello World - overlay colored chalk dots,
    Splatters\Ink Splatters\Ink Splatter 4, Color = BASIC GRAY
    OVERLAYS & BACKGROUNDS\Torn Edges\Torn Edges - distressed scallop
    Splatters\A Split Second\A Split Second - splatter 1, Color = BASIC GRAY
    Beautiful Today\Beautiful Today - small wash 2, Color ,WATERMARK
    Beautiful Today\Beautiful Today - small wash 1, Color WATERMARK
    Designer Kits\Chevron\Chevron - 5 grunge
    Designer Kits\Chevron\Chevron - 8 grunge
    Splatters\Ink Splatters\Ink Splatter 6, Color = BASIC GRAY
   OVERLAYS & BACKGROUNDS\Torn Edges\Torn Edges - hand torn,
   Beautiful Today\Beautiful Today - polka dot,
    Beautiful Today\Beautiful Today - cloud,
    Beautiful Today\Beautiful Today - heart,
    Beautiful Today\Beautiful Today - wonderful life,
    Basics\1.25 Square Punch
    Basics\Flag Punch,  Filled with: all patterns from Designer Kits\Beautiful Today

I will be sharing another page I made tomorrow.  I couldn't decide but this one is my favorite!

As I said yesterday, Ashley sailed off yesterday for her deployment.  We had thought that she would not be able to keep in touch with us but it seems we were wrong!  Yay!!  I already received an email from her today. She said they were sailing slow yesterday waiting for a helicopter to land on the deck but that they picked up speed during the night.  So far, she is not sea sick!!  The food has been good so far with a nice salad bar and fruit at every meal.  But she was told not to expect the fresh fruit and veggies for long!  She thinks she will have a mailing address so we can send her packages.  She wants pictures for the inside of her locker so I will be printing some out (with my new printer that I got today!)

Enjoy your Friday!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Freeform Text on Path for MDS Monday

My creation for MDS Monday is a page from my visit with Jeff, Darcie and Jayce last December.  I got some great action shots of Jayce eventually.  The challenge this week was to use the Freeform Tool on the text around the pictures.

Jayce had fun hiding from me whenever I got my camera focused!

My MDS page uses:

     Designer Series Paper Storytime  16

   Designer Kits\Finest Simplicity - embellishments\Finest Simplicity - frame 2

    OVERLAY STAMPS\Epic Overlays\Epic Overlays - lines, (along edges of project)
    Designer Kits\Days to Remember - family
    Designer Kits\Family Fun Photobook - fun 4
    OVERLAY STAMPS\Epic Overlays\Epic Overlays - best ever, 

I am going to get this page in on time this week!  Last week I designed my page but forgot to post it!!  I didn't realize it until I checked the MDS Monday blog post on Monday.

We are having a bit of FALL weather here and I love it!  Tuesday I don't know if it even got up to 60 degrees!  And today it has been misty all day and in the lower 60s - a good day for a bowl of chilli. Yesterday I had a dentist appointment in the morning and didn't check the weather before getting dressed.  I put my capris on with a 3/4 length sleeve .... my legs were a little chilly!!  

I also went to Davidson College yesterday for another testing session.  I finally FINISHED the Brain Games I was having to do at home.  I was so glad!  I was doing 4-5 of the games a week and each one took an hour of my time.  That's a lot of time I was losing!!  And they were getting harder and harder.  I will go back to Davidson in 8-10 weeks for my final testing session.  So far, I have gotten $100 for it but believe me, it is worth every penny!!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

MDS Challenges

 This is my card for the Paper Craft Crew Challenge.  #50 - can you believe it??!!
 I tried to post it last night but my laptop just wouldn't cooperate.  Our lights kept flickering and we could hear thunder in the distance so I just gave up and called it a night.  Someone must have gotten a storm but we never did.  And (I don't want to say this too loud!) but the sun is shining today.  We are supposed to meet a group for dinner on the lake late this afternoon - weather permitting.  So, back to the card .... of course, I used My Digital Studio.  A couple of tricks with this card - the three brads in the center.  They actually had different colored little hearts on them and not in my color combo.  SO, I inserted a circle punch and shrunk it down to fit on top of the brads; color filled them with the DSP and voila! three custom brads to match!  The two little flags are from a bow that I cropped and just used the two ends.  The butterfly is one of my favorites.  It is from the Flores Suaves stamp set - which was offered in the Spanish catalog several years ago but now I can get it digital which makes it great.  It is an open stamp meaning if it were an actual stamp, you would have to use markers, etc. to color in the butterfly wings.  I used the Freeform (add brush) technique; colored in the butterfly in Soft Sky and Pistachio Pudding and when I was finished, brought the stamped image butterfly to the top.  The script behind the butterfly (in white) is also from the same stamp set.

While I'm talking about MDS, I have entered a SU color combo contest.  I would love your comments on my pictures on Stampin' Up's site.  You can check them out and leave your comments HERE.  Just click on my two layouts and comment.  Stampin' Up says "it doesn't hurt your chances of winning by having a lot of comments!"  Thanks!