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Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

I hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.  Ours was nice - pretty quiet but we did spend some time with family.   Yesterday Sonny and I took the boat out on the lake early before the lake got too crowded.  We threw the anchor in our usual cove and read our books.  When we first got there, there were only about 4-5 boats but when we left around 2, there were probably 10-15 boats just in that cove.   Later in the afternoon, Marianne and Mom came over and we sat out on the deck and visited.  One of the chairs (mine!) was covered in baby praying mantis.  I've never seen such a thing! 

Unfortunately, in order to sit in the chair, I had to brush all of them off it!!  Felt like a real killer. 

Later Marianne's husband, Greg, came and Sonny cooked some burgers and hot dogs for us.  I made potatoes and a yummy peach cobbler!  After dinner, we took a boat ride.  When we got back home Angela (my other sister) had gotten off of work and come over to enjoy some dinner.  Then we watched the Coca Cola 600 race .... what can I say - we live in Race City USA!!

Marianne spent the night and we did some crafting today.  We both worked on our Button Farm mini scrapbooks.  It was a fun relaxing day.

Here is the Memorial Day card I made tonight.  It uses another SU stamp set that I bought at the used stamp sale for a steal ($4).  It is pretty old but a good one.  I'll be using it again soon to celebrate Ashley's homecoming.

Speaking of Ashley, I chatted with her on Saturday (instant message) and again today.  She didn't see any patients today and she said she's only seen a few patients the whole time she's been there.  She's read several books,  watched 3 episodes of Off The Map and several movies.  She's only been there since Friday!!  Luckily, she said they have a pretty extensive library since she only took 10 books with her.  She'll read all their books by the end of her 2 weeks!!