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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Beautiful Flower

Well, the news of the past few days has been terrific, don't you think?   My heartfelt thanks goes out to those US Navy Seals who stormed Bin Laden's compound and killed him.  I know everyone has a different opinion with regards to the morality of this killing - at least in our family there are differing opinions.  As a citizen of the US, I believe the killing was just but as a follower of Jesus, I'm torn but I believe the earth is safer today than it was a few days ago.  It's just too bad that our world is in a place where killing an enemy of the US is necessary.  I understand that violence does give rise to violence.  But then I think of all those innocent people who were killed on 9/11 and I rejoice that the mastermind of that horrific deed is gone.  Already the expectation exists that Al-Qaida will attempt attacks to retaliate.  The sooner that the United States leaves Afghanistan and Iraq and Libya, the closer we will all be to a time of peace.

OK - on to lighter issues!!   I made this flower a few days ago and tonight put a card together to put it on.  This will be a card that will need to be hand-delivered so as not to crush the flower.  Directions are below:

Start out by punching out 3 flowers with the XL Fancy Flower Punch.  
On one flower, you'll cut directly to the center. On the second flower, you'll cut to the center and completely remove one petal. On the third flower, you'll cut to the center and completely remove two petals.

You can sponge the edges which gives the flower some nice depth once you've put it all together.Then take your bone folder and gently work the pieces by rubbing them over the bone folder, forwards and backwards, to break down the fibers in the card stock. This step is essential because it makes the paper much easier to bend and work with while you're forming your rose.  
Take some Tombow adhesive and run a small glue line along the back of one side of the slits of each flower. You'll then move one petal completely over on top of the other petal and paper-clip them together until they dry. It doesn't take long. You'll end up with four petals, three petals, two petals, and then your extra little pieces.

Use a small dowel, paper piercer, etc. to roll the single petal into a cone as shown above and glue closed.

Snip off the bottom of the each petal piece and place Tombow adhesive all around the inside. Then place your bud piece into the hole and position it where it looks best. You'll need to hold it in place until it dries.
Look what you end up with! I know you're smiling and happy now even though you have glue all over your fingers and you've probably said a few choice words while making this! You'll have to snip off the bottom of the rose to make it flatter so that you can adhere it to a card.

But isn't it pretty??

And here is my finished card:

I actually put a little Crystal Effects inside each petal to make it stick a little better.  (As you can see, it wasn't quite dry when I took the picture!)