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Saturday, March 5, 2016

American Idol Recap

Here's my quick run down of the Top 10 from Thursday night.  There was a double elimination this week.  The bottom three performed at the end of the show and the judges voted to keep one of them.

  1. Dalton Rapatoni sang "Radioactive"  I thought it was good but he usually changes up the songs that he sings and he did not do that with this one.  The judges were not blown away with his song choice.
  2. Lee Jean sang "Use Somebody"  I was so happy that he was not in the bottom three!  He is just so cute and talented for a 15 year old.  He played the electric guitar also while singing his song. I liked his performance.  
  3. Sonika Vaid sang "Since You Be Gone," a Kelly Clarkson song.  She didn't do a lot for me with her performance.  The song is about an "angry girl" and she didn't give it the attitude she should have.
  4. MacKenzie Bourg sang "I Wanna Dance with Somebody," by Whitney Houston.  Love that song and he definitely made it his own.  It was just different to hear a guy sing this song.
  5. La'Porsha Renae sang "Halo" by Beyonce.  This girl is going to be the next American Idol!  Her voice is so beautiful.  She has some crazy hair and was funny when she was in the dressing room and they were doing her hair.  She said no one had ever touched her hair except her or her mom so it was a traumatic experience for her.
  6. Trent Harmon sang "When a Man Loves a Woman" by Percy Sledge - one of my favorite songs!  He had been working hard on not making the funny faces he usually does.  I liked his performance.
  7. Tristen MacIntosh was the last one to snag a spot outside of the bottom three who had to compete for their spot.  She sang a Vince Gill song and accompanied herself on the piano.  She got a standing ovation from Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban!
Bottom three:
  1. Avalon Young sang "Earned It"  I was not familiar with this song but she sang it great!  
  2. Olivia Rox sang a song by Pink.  She was not bad but not as good as Avalon.
  3. Gianna Isabella sang an Alicia Key song and didn't stand a chance.

So that is the top 10.

Here is the video from Kelly Clarkson's emotional song that she sang last week.  Have a tissue ready!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

American Idol Recap

Do you watch American Idol?  I have watched it for years.  I didn't watch the first two years but after that, I was hooked.  Kinda sad that this is their last year but I do think it is time.  Ashley and I were discussing it last weekend and the fact that the judges (or no one actually) coaches them before they go on stage makes it hard for these kids to know what they should and should not do.  The judges are famous for telling them they picked the wrong song.  Well, they are kids - why doesn't someone on the show help them pick a song that would be good for them.  I prefer The Voice so much more than Idol now where the contestants are helped and mentored.

Since I have been out of town for the past week, I am just now watching the taped shows and catching up on my TV time.  There is some really strong talent this year and some really young ones too!  It will be fun to watch the artists get pared them down to one.  A few years ago, I kept a running commentary on my blog as the artists performed each week.  I thought I'd try it again since this is the last year.  Here are my thoughts for this week's Top Ten:

1.  Olivia Rox singing "Unconditionally" by Kathy Perry - Thought she did a great job with the song and has a really good voice.
2.  Gianna Isabella singing "Listen" by Beyonce.  Yuck!  I think she is in trouble next week and may be the one going home.  She was off pitch throughout.
3.  Lee Jean (don't you love his name?) singing "Skinny Love" by Birdy - I don't know this song but I love Lee! I liked it but I don't think the judges were sold.
4.  Avalon Young sang "Stitches" by Shawn Mendes (another one I've never heard!)  I didn't much care for this one either.  The judges didn't like it either except for the guest judge, Kelly Clarkson.
5.  Dalton Rapattoni sang "Hey There Delilah" by Plain White Ts.  Yey - a song I know and like!!  He is really comfortable on stage and has gorgeous blue eyes.  He also wears eyeliner! He said that he applies it the night before and sleeps with it on so it will be smudged just right.  He will go far in the competition.
6.  Tristan McIntosh sang "Somethin' About You" by Dan and Shay. She grabbed my heart from the very beginning of Idol.  When she tried out, they surprised her with an appearance of her mom who is in the military and was deployed.  It made me cry.  I liked the song that she sang but unfortunately, she mumbled some of the words.  She did seem very comfortable on stage for being 15 years old.
7.  Mackenzie Borg sang "I See Fire" by Ed Sheeran.  He did a good job with the song.  I think he will be back next week.
8.  La'Porsha Renae sang "Diamonds" by Rhianna.  This girl has the most amazing voice!!  The judges and the audience were on their feet at the end and it took a while for the audience to quiet down. I think she may be the final American Idol.  She has a mature voice and sings circles around all the other kids.
9.  Sonika Vaid sang "Bring Me to Life" by Evanescence.  Another song I don't know but her voice is wonderful and she looked beautiful.  She will be safe this week for sure.  Another standing ovation!
10.  Trent Harmon sang "Like I Can" by Sam Smith.  I love this guy and I loved the song.  I believe he picked the right song for his voice!

The highlight of the night was Kelly Clarkson!  She was funny all during the show referring to her pregnancy (only 7 weeks to go) but her performance at the end had me crying - along with Keith Urban and Jennifer.  What a great song.  Poor Kelly had trouble making it through the song as it was so emotional.  If you haven't heard "Piece by Piece", you need to find it and listen to it!

This is going to be a tough year for Idol.  This week I hope Lee Jean doesn't go home.  The ones I think are in trouble are Gianna Isabella, Avalon Young, Tristan McIntosh and Lee Jean.   They will pare the group down to 8 on Thursday night.  Vote for your favorite!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Happy Days Are Here Again

I'm happy - first off, Hines Ward took home the Mirror Ball Trophy on Dancing With the Stars.  And last night, Scotty won on American Idol!  So I didn't have to get mad at Idol (or America's votes!) this week!!

It was a fun show last night.  The final 13 contestants kicked off the show with a Lady Gaga song.  I like her songs - just don't like to look at her!!  Next the contestants did duos with stars.

James Durbin was singing with Judas Priest. I was hoping he’d be singing with Steven Tyler.   THIS is the kind of performance I was looking for in the finale. It was fun even though I am not a fan of heavy rock and metal.  Rock on James!!

Jacob’s duet. He’s singing with some dude named Kirk Franklin who is a gospel singer AND Gladys Knight!! Jacob must be in heaven.  This is Jacob's element.  I sincerely hope he has a successful career in Gospel music ahead of him.

Next Casey comes out with Jack Black!!!  Sooo funny!  They did Fat Bottomed Girls.  That was entertaining!

The girls come out singing  Single Ladies.  I like that song.  They were good too.  Turning out to be an entertaining night so far!  Beyonce joins the girls with her hit, Crazy In Love. They’re really pulling out all the stops with the celebrity guests tonight. Fun, fun, fun. This beats that boring finale any day.

Haley sings with Tony Bennett. Very classy!

Another ladies performance… with TLC this time.  Not my thing, so we fast forwarded through it!

It’s Scotty’s turn to sing his celebrity duet, and he’s singing with Tim McGraw… Live Like You’re Dying. Wish Scotty had sung with this much passion last night.  He held his own with McGraw!!  Would have loved to see him with George Strait but Tim McGraw is FINE!!

I do believe this is the first time I’ve ever heard Marc Anthony sing. He’s kind of homely looking to be married to such a knockout as JLo?  Oh well, to each his own.  And then she comes out and shakes her booty.  Sorry - I just don't think that was appropriate for Idol!!  We were fast forwarding until JLo came out and Sonny slowed the VCR down!!

And the top thirteen guys take the stage with their medley of Tom Jones songs.  Except Scotty sang Green Green Grass Of Home - did Tom do that one?  Not sure.. And then Tom Jones, himself.  This certainly is a blast from the past. How many face lifts (or tanning beds) do you think this guy has had? 

Scotty and Lauren get to introduce a special teacher that they invited to the show. And Ford gives each teacher a Ford Focus. Who knew being a teacher could bring you such perks??  Good for them!  Lauren's teacher was actually her principal.  Bet she won't be serving any detentions when she returns to school!  Ford also have Scotty and Lauren a car of their choice - bet Scotty's will be a Pick Up!

Now Lady Gaga takes the stage. She is so bizarre. Another un-appropriate act for Idol I thought.  Glad I don't have young children watching!

Once again, Lauren gets the best spot.  And surprise (not) - she’s singing her duet with Carrie Underwood.   She’s having so much fun.  I wish I had watched Idol back when Carrie won.  It would be fun to see how she did back then because she is certainly on top of the world now!

Beyonce is back, singing her new single, One Plus One.  She does have a spectacular voice, though, can’t deny that.

 After this show, the results are going to be rather anticlimactic.

Next performance was Bono and a group from the Broadway show of Spiderman.  I love Bono but another fast forward!

Then Steven performs.  He’s at the piano, singing Dream On.  Fun, for sure, but he doesn’t have the voice he once had.  But he still throws in that signature screech at the end, although it looks like it might have almost killed him. And it’s over almost before it started. Guess you can’t expect the guy to have the endurance that he had 30 years ago, huh?

FINALLY time for the results. Lauren looks about ready to puke.  And the winner issssssssssssssssss…SCOTTY!!

Scotty pulled it off.   YAY!!!  I'm happy for him.  Just hopes he makes it big as a country singer once he is through with his Idol committment.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Idol - Final Two Perform ... Rigged???

Sorry - I didn't post this earlier but I was too mad at Idol!!   Read on and you'll understand why.

First, let’s discuss Lauren’s injured vocal chord.  Evidently she busted out a vocal chord; the doctor described it as a sprained muscle. She’s on some sort of medicine and I guess she can still sing.  But I thought it was a major way to gain her some sympathy votes.

Round One - Contestants' Choice

They chose their favorite song from the season to perform again.
Scotty chooses Gone.   I love country rocker Scotty, and he’s bringing the house down. Nice job.
Lauren chooses Flat On The Floor. So they’re both going for the fun, upbeat songs first.  Another smart choice, I like this song on her.  It’s a strong performance and America will like it.
Round One goes to Scotty. I thought he was stronger over all, but then he generally is.

Round Two: Celebrity Picks

Each contestant gets to choose a music icon to choose their song.
Scotty’s music hero is George Strait, and George chooses one of his own songs for Scotty to sing — Check Yes Or No. It’s a cute song and all, but it’s not going to win Scotty the coveted trophy.
Lauren chooses Carrie Underwood, who picks Maybe It Was Memphis for Lauren’s celebrity pick. It’s good, but  I think she’s just too young to really connect to this song.  But as usual, no one seems to notice.
That said, I’ll give Round Two to Lauren. I thought Scotty’s Round Two performance was a bit of a sleeper.

In fact, the whole show was a sleeper. Is it just me, or is this the lamest finale show in Idol history?

The judges finally speak!  And they agree — Scotty gets Round One and Lauren takes Round Two, and they really haven’t got much else to add (but what else is new?)

Round Three: The Next. Big. SINGLE! 

First I had to fast forward through some guy named Taio Cruz sing some repetitive hip hop number called Positive. 

Okay, getting on with it. Scotty’s new single, should he win the season, is called I Love You This Big. Uh-oh. I have a bad feeling about this. It actually started out great, but I kept waiting for it to go somewhere, well, BIG.  But it did not. Although I did like the high note at the end, and I like how it shows his range, I will not be downloading this from iTunes and I doubt anyone else will either.

Okay. So. Lauren’s big hit single is called Like My Mother Does.
Now HOW is Scotty supposed to compete with this? It seems like a set up to me. They give him some generic sleeper song and they give her this emotional Momma, America and Apple Pie number. She actually goes down to the audience and sings to her momma. Yeah, they might as well have brought out the confetti and saved themselves (and the rest of us) from the two-hour spectacle they’re promising us tonight.
The judges are pretty much handing the trophy to Lauren right here and now. Ya think they have a favorite in this competition? Couldn’t you tell?

So yeah, anyway, Round Three, and the Season 10 Idol crown just might go to Lauren Alaina.   I would really like to be surprised and see Scotty WIN as he well should but we'll see.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Idol ---- Final THREE!

Well, sadly this week American Idol seemed flat without James. He is such a showman. The other three — they’re good. They can all sing. But there is no anticipation of what they might do next, there’s no excitement, no… James.  But I believe he will go on to bigger and better things.

All of the performances last night were good, but they were not all spectacular, as the judges seemed to convey. I couldn’t help but to wish once again last night that Simon was there to cut through the flattery and get to the heart of the matter. I’d love to know what he had to say about last night. Do you think he was watching? Can’t you just see him in his white undershirt, watching Idol at home, making his snide comments to the TV screen? Or maybe not.

Round One: Contestants’ Choice
The contestants chose their songs for this round, and Beyonce is the guest mentor. She doesn’t add much to the show, or at least, they don’t really show her coaching the kids so it’s hard to tell.

Scotty kicks off the show with Amazed. I really do like this song choice for him, and I love how it showcased his amazing vocal range.  I think Scotty’s really been working on his microphone grip, trying to keep it more vertical and using only one hand so the other hand is free to wave about and make dramatic gestures. He hits a high note (for him) and holds the ending just right.

Lauren sang Wild One. Another good song choice but she did that thing again where she sings 2 lines of the verse and then jumps right into the chorus.  And suddenly it was over. I felt like it ended before it even got started.   Randy and Steven stuck to the same script, urging Lauren to believe that SHE WAS HAVING FUN up there. I'm not sure about that, but Lauren definitely does have fun using Ryan as a lean-to before commercial breaks.   I really DO want to like Lauren. She was an early favorite but I just can’t figure out why she can’t nail a song. There is so much talent hidden under all that hair. The judges love it, so whatever.

Haley sang Zepplin and I liked it.  I felt like her vocals weren’t quite spot on but I think the song was a good fit for her.  And I love that they let her dad accompany her on the guitar. Steven kind of summed it up with, “She got her freak on!”   Did anyone notice how she jumped onto the Classic Rock bandwagon now that James is gone? That is the first time she’s claimed Classic Rock as her genre. Clever girl. She’s definitely trying to grab his share of the votes.   MVPs of this performance were definitely the stairs, which finally exacted their revenge by tripping her, if only for a moment, and her guitar-shredding dad. What a nice moment for her. The dad part, not the tripping

Round One Winner: A toss up between Haley and Scotty.   I loved Scotty’s performance, but his seemed rather safe, whereas Haley took a risk. It wasn’t perfect, but it worked. And it was memorable. Of course, she sang third, so that helps.

Round Two: Jimmy Iovine’s Choice  

Scotty sang Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not.   I liked it - a good fit for Scotty.  After being reminded of his season 10 audition, J. Lo kindly requested that Scotty re-shave his head. I still can't get behind the idea of this child as a sex symbol, but a makeover could provide for over a minute of filler for Idol, so there you go....Scotty McCreery: soon to be hairless in a Nokia Theater near you!!

Lauren sang If I Dye Young,  What a depressing song for a 16-year-old girl to sing!   But she did a good job with it.  She missed the key change during the song, but J. Lo just chalked it up to "the honesty of what you were creating in that moment."  (a diplomatic term for mistake!)  Whatever - heaven forbid there is any criticism!

Haley continued the high with her Stevie Nicks impersonation, "Rhiannon", during which she had some intimate moments with a wind machine. She’s never looked better, and Randy must have been dozing off when he called the song "somber". Really?

Hard to call a winner for Round Two!  The judges were split. Steven said his girl Lauren, while Jennifer (who is just way gone on Scotty) said, "Scotty, Scotty, Scotty" and Randy (who is just way gone on Jennifer) said, "Scotty, Scotty, Scotty." I think that Scotty was at his best but that Lauren was better. She not only hit the notes beautifull, but also conveyed the emotion of the song.

I fast forwarded through Beyonnce’s performance. And it’s on to Round THREE!

Round Three: Judges’ Choice

Scotty sang She Believes in Me by Kenny Rogers.  So again, it was a solid performance.  I just wish they had given Scotty some more challenging songs than they did.  That worries me.  . "We all wanted to see if you could hit that big chorus. I guess you showed us," Jennifer said afterwards, throwing him a lingering side-glance. Wait a minute. I'm pretty sure none of the judges were "wondering" if vocally consistent crooner Scotty McCreery could "hit a chorus." Give me a break.

I'm surprised none of the judges named Scotty's dad  (Baby, Lock Them Doors) as the winner of the third round. Major upset.

Lauren sang I Hope You Dance. This is one of my favorite songs. I absolutely love the message, and it always gets me when it comes on the radio. It was nice to see Lauren changing up the melody a little bit to make it her own, and I thought she did a really good job with it.  It was a solid performance. 

Haley wrapped up the show with You Outta Know by Alannis Morisette - a strange choice.  Alannis sings angry girl music and that's not the picture you get when you think of Haley!!  Her voice could not handle the lower register of the verses -- "oughtn't" the judges…know that?  Even Haley had to laugh it off as she bungled a few notes at the beginning, as if to say "Who cares, we all know the whole point of this angry anthem is the part where I get to yell."  She killed the chorus though!!

The Round 3 winner? Steven surprised me by picking Haley rather than his beloved Lauren. Randy and Jennifer, marching in lockstep as usual, chose Lauren.  I'm thinking I may have to go with Haley too - just to be different although I love Scotty and want him to WIN!!

Randy, this is the semi-finals. They are ALL in it to win it. Shut up.

Haley - I thought tonight was her night. She set the bar high.  Throughout the competition, we have watched her grow and mature and gain confidence. The complaint used to be that the judges didn't know who she was. They couldn't put her in a box. But she knew who she was, and over the weeks, she's shown us.  She's stood up to the judges when they were harsh on her and came back strong.

Scotty - This is the night where he needed to really bring it, and I felt like he sang three similar songs — none of which really showed off his trademark base notes, and none that really showcased his fun personality. That said, of the three that are left, he has been the most consistent throughout the season and the most confident in who he is and the type of artist he will be so I ended up voting for him about 20 times before I went to bed.  I’m sure the reason James went home last week is because all the teeny-boppers are out there voting while all the adults are busy putting kids to bed.

I truly have no idea who is going home tonight. Scotty didn’t come through the way I was hoping he would. Haley took some risks and had some great moments, but she didn’t have the consistency that she should really have to make it into the top two. Lauren kind of upped the ante and she’s a crowd (and a judges’) favorite, so I think we might see Lauren and Scotty in the finals. That said, Haley has somehow managed to slip in under the wire each week, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she does it again.  I really don't think (and hope not) that Scotty will be voted off tonight.  That said, I didn't think James would be voted off either!  So my guess for tonight is the final two will be .......
Scotty and a girl!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Monday Mailers for May 2011

Sorry there was no post yesterday.  Blogger was down last night so I wasn't able to post anything.  It's gotten pretty warm here .... well warm for us anyway - in the 80's.  I finally couldn't stand it any more and switched on our A/C yesterday - mainly because of the humidity.  We've had some rain this week and the air is really thick outside now.  I know my Texas friends wouldn't consider our temps as hot nor would Ashley where it is already in the 90's in Mosul.  Luckily, Ashley has been able to get a vehicle so she is not having to walk everywhere she goes.  They will be moving her clinic in the next few weeks and she tells me it will be about 1 1/2 miles from her living quarters so the vehicle will definitely come in handy!  Her attitude has not been the greatest since she returned from her R&R and I think she is marking off the days with a vengence!  August can not get here quick enough for her.  Most of the people she has been working with in the clinic have left by now and she has a new staff.  She is the only one of the medical staff that ended up having to stay for a year - the rest only had a 6-month rotation so that is not sitting well with her ... coupled by some respect issues she is running into.

Just a quick comment about American Idol before I share my cards.  I was quite shocked last night when James was voted off!!  When they announced it, Lauren and Scotty were upset, and Haley almost had a smirk on her face.  James sang one last song for us and kissed his wife in the crowd.  I thought James' performance on Wednesday night was the best of the night.  I put a lot of the blame on the 3 judges.  These judges have done a huge misjustice to the contestants by not being truthful in their comments. They seem to be afraid to step on anyones toes by giving them a bad review. All they can do it seems, is praise them, even though at times, some of the performances were horrid!!!..... Then the voters vote accordingly it seems to me.  I think the voting procedure needs to be restructured. The title is Scotty's to lose now.  I thought  it would be between Scotty and James for the final two.  Both were true to themselves and stood out each week. Biggest shock to me since Chris Daughtry went out in week 4 several years ago.  But, Durbin is better off not winning ... just like with Daughtry, the people who will buy his music are more likely to accept him now.
One more thing - Last night they showed a Steven Tyler this year has been odd, videos by J-Lo, video by Steven, a book by Steven, makes ya wonder who they were marketing, the Idols or the judges? Just sayin' that's all.
OK - stepping off my Idol soapbox!

Here are the Monday Mailers so far this month:

Paper Pieced Sock Monkey - The first card I mailed to Tina.

  • Paper:   Whisper White, Pacific Point, Real Red; Celebrations DSP 
  • Ink:   Black
  • Stamps:  Loads of Love; Sock Monkey, Sock Monkey Accessories
  • Punches:   Circle Punch - 1 3/8" and 1 3/4"
  • Accessories:  Buttons, Red Grosgrain Ribbon; Celebrations Accents; Stampin' Dimensionals
Printed Petals - Card #2 to Tina

  • Paper:   Whisper White, Real Red; Sahara Sand; Daffodil Delight; Pear Pizazz
  • Ink:    Real Red
  • Stamps:  Printed Petals; Oval All
  • Punches:   Ovals; Bird Punch
  • Accessories:  Scallop Square Sizzix Die, Antique Brad; Finial Press Emb. Folder
Card being opened
Card completely opened.
Card #1 received from Becky
 Isn't this card the greatest?!!  I just love it.  She cut the boat out separately and popped it up with dimensionals.  This is the single stamp in the Summer Mini on page 11 - Sail Away

Card #2 from Becky

This DSP speaks for itself!  This is the paper on page 23 of Summer Mini - Beyond the Garden.

Becky sent me 2 cards this week - she didn't think the 1st card (Beyond the Garden DSP) was good enough!

This is a great card also.  I wasn't going to argue with Becky - I loved receiving both cards but it wasn't necessary!!  Don't you love how she punched the bird using the DSP (sneak peek - Paisley Prints).

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Final Four Idols

Lots of drama last night as the final four perform hoping to be the TOP THREE next week!  The big prize - the hometown visit - is at stake this week.  They are all headed home, but only three will return to perform next week.  This theme week is a double bonus.  Phase #1 is Songs That Inspire You.  Phase #2 is songs by Leiber and Stoller mentored by Lady GaGa. 

James starts out singing "Don't Stop Believing"  He did a good job and as usual, all the judges ate it up and loved it.

Haley sang an unknown song written by Michael Jackson - The Earth Song.  Wow, did she get the judges stirred up!!  Randy pretty much hated it; J-Lo thought it was not a good song choice; and Steven loved it!  Haley pretty much gave them a major dose of attitude.  I can’t see Haley surviving, and she would be wrong to put all the blame on the judges. Haley has shown in flashes that she is an amazing vocalist and her duets with Casey were highlights of the show. Very much at risk this week.

Scotty sang the 9/11 song, "Where Were You"   He did a good job and got a little emotional.  Scotty gets points for smart song choice. Scotty is only 17 and will be a country legend at some point. Cheryl Crow said it best when she said she can't wait for him to get to Nashville. This young man is the whole package and I can hardly wait for his CD’s and concerts.

Lauren sang "Anyway"  She started out rough but her vocals got much better.  I didn't care for her outfit but of course, Steven did!  The judges loved her.

At the break, Ryan asked JLo who won Round One.  As has happened all year, she wouldn't commit.  But Randy speaks up and picked James, Scotty and Lauren and told Haley she needed to step up her game.  Another attitude moment for Haley!

The second round is mentored by Lady GaGa.  OMG!!  Can't wait to see what advice she gives Scotty!!

First up is Haley singing "I Who Have Nothing"  I love her dress!!  She pulled out the stops on this one .... good for her!!  She got a standing ovation!!  It was one of the best performances of the year.  Like they say, she is in it to win it!!  I’m glad that she finally got the props she deserves.  However, it all feels a little “day late dollar short” from this judging panel.

Scotty sings "Young Blood"  by The Coasters.  His performance was great but I sure wouldn't have picked that song!  But he was very comfortable on stage and you got to see two sides of him.  The thing I noticed in this performance is Scotty appears to be perfecting his stage presence.  The vocal was just another Scotty status quo, but I see growth in his performance.  I think Lady GaGa was a little too way out for Scotty!! 

Lauren sings "Trouble"  After Lauren’s appearance in the bottom 2 last week, she needed to pull out the big guns, and neither of her performances really did it for me tonight.

James sings The Clovers, "Love Potion."  
He gets the props for best stage performance, I will give him that. But he has to be careful because there are always bum notes from him when he gets too excited and jumping around the stage.  And he never gets called on this.  But I will give him credit for the entertainment factor. 

This is a tough week to predict. There’s no clear loser or winner this week. The judges were terribly hard on Haley, so that could send her home. I mean they’re clearly trying to achieve that, especially Randy. But she’s picked up so many fans during the past couple weeks. Lauren was in the bottom 2 last week, so she may be the most obvious person to go home. BUT her fans could’ve been scared into voting after her bottom finish last week. So maybe Haley will actually go home. Or maybe something crazy will happen and James will leave. Nah. It’ll be Lauren or Haley.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Idol - Top 5 - 2011

Only five left! We’re getting down to the wire. I’m always a little bit sad when a season of American Idol draws to a close, how about you? I was excited that they each got to perform twice last night. There were some surprises, and I found myself disagreeing with the judges a few times. 

Sheryl Crow was the guest mentor and the theme was “Now and Then” — they each sang a current song and one from the 1960s.   I really didn't think Sheryl Crow added much to the night!

James sang Closer to the Edge.   His voice got lost in the background music or something.   The other singers didn’t sound like that. It was weird, but the judges loved it so I have to assume it sounded better live. He was good and I'm starting to think he has a good shot at winning this thing.

Jacob sang No Air. I love this song, but not on Jacob, and the judges felt the same way. They kept telling him it’s about finding the right song.  Jacob is getting a little old for me.  Let's see what he does with his second song.

Lauren sang Flat On the Floor.  I think she could have taken it further, but it was a great fit for her voice and she did a respectable job with it.

Scotty was in his element last night singing Gone.  He reminded me why we all fell in love with him to begin with. It was playful, he was working the stage like an old pro, and it showed his vocal range. I thought he really took his performance power up a notch last night.

Haley sang an unreleased Lady Gaga song, You and I. The judges thought she was taking a risk by doing an unknown song and criticized her but I actually thought it was pretty impressive. I particularly enjoyed the first half.   I thought it really showcased her voice. Haley’s come a long way and I thought the judges were a bit harsh.   And maybe they were right on, but if so, then they were too easy on a lot of the other performances. Sometimes I think the judges are deliberately trying to sway the audience to vote for the ones they want to see make it to the end.

Round Two kicked off with James’ emotional performance of Without You.  There wasn’t a dry eye in the house, or in my chair!   Despite that, the vocals weren’t his best and I can’t help but remember former Idol hopefuls who went home before their time because of one unfortunate performance. I hope James isn’t in danger tonight.

Jacob sang Love Hurts, and while the judges loved it, I thought it was way too… Jacob. The beginning was lovely but by the end I was hoping that Jacob goes home tonight.   I think his time has come.

Lauren sang Unchained Melody, and I’m surprised the mentors let her get away with that. It is just way over used and while parts of it were beautiful, she brought nothing new to it despite the judges saying “there’s nothing to judge.” WHAAA??? Cop out. I think they just didn’t want to be negative. Simon would have been all over that.

Scotty sang Always On My MindAnother solid performance and a wise song choice for him. It was totally different from his first song, and like the judges said, it gave us a taste of what a Scotty concert might be like.  I think he secured himself a place in the final four.

Haley closed the show with House of the Rising Sun, which I thought was fantastic. She’s been growing on me in recent weeks, and this clinched it.  She made the song her own.

Best Performer of the Night: Scotty
Bottom Two: Jacob and Haley or James
Going Home: Jacob

Friday, April 29, 2011

Idol Top 6 2011

Just realized I forgot to post this yesterday!!  I haven't watched the Results show yet so I am going to post this and then go watch it.

The Idol contestants celebrated the songs of Carol King .... songs I know this week!!

First up - Jacob - what an outfit!  He sang "Oh No, Not My Baby" and it was all right for me.  He started out rough but brought it home in the end.  Stephen told him "We all knew you could sing, it's just about time you shook your tailfeathers!"  I don't know about that!!

Lauren sang "Where You Lead"  They told her she needed to stop being safe and GO FOR IT!!  I give her credit - she did give it an E for effort.  She's just so young - it's hard to imagine doing this at 16.  Just don't know if she's ready to be America's next Idol.

To fill up the time, the contestants sang duets in addition to their solos.  I enjoyed them.  Haley and Casey sang "I Feel the Earth Move."  I love their pairing.  Their voices compliment each other.  Nice job!

Next up is Scotty singing "You've Got a Friend."  He did ok ... it just wasn't my favorite of his performances.  I wish he'd done just a little bit of his signature bass in the song somewhere.  But he should be safe this week.

James was next singing "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow."  He is starting to become my favorite.  He just does his own thing.  The mentors tell the other contestants what to do, but James tells them what he's going to do!  He is a true artist.  I think the judges are seeing that too since they predicted him to win the whole thing after his performance!   Loved it!!

Scotty and Lauren sang "Up On the Roof."  I just love this song by the Drifters!! 

Next was Casey doing his typical Casey style with "Hi De Ho."  Lots of growling.  He is beginning to grate on me.  The performance was entertaining but he's not showing anything new.

Haley was the last single and sang "Beautiful."  She nailed it!  She has really come a long way.   She will probably end up in the top 3.

Jacob and James finished off the night with a rendition of "I'm Into Something Good."  Steven summed it up when he said  “I’m not sure if that was the award-winning performance it should have been, but you guys were having fun and you can both sing great. But, man, where were you going with all that?!”

So, best of the night in my opinion was James.

Bottom 3 ....probably Jacob, Casey and maybe Scotty or Lauren.  I wouldn't be sad to see Casey go home but who knows???

Thursday, April 21, 2011

American Idol Top 7 2011

Down to 7 tonight.  The contestants were singing songs from the 21st Century .... interesting theme!

SCOTTY - Scotty really sang a 1983 song by John Anderson but was able to pass it off as a 21st Century song because Leann Rimes sang  it. Was that a clever move or a deceptive way to dodge the theme?  I hope he is not in trouble this week.  I love Scotty and I guess since my favorite, Paul got voted off last week, I'm pulling for Scotty.  But I hate the song he sang - "Swinging" and maybe that's why I didn't like his performance tonight.  I think he is being too safe especially this late in the game.  Not that it wasn’t fun, and I like how he showcased the range of his voice, but it’s time to take it up a notch. The competition is getting heavy, and I think Scotty is getting too comfy in his spot on the couch. I hope he’s not in the bottom 3 tonight.   He needs to take more risks and go out on a limb with his vocals.

JAMES - He sang "Uprising" by Muse.  Not only have I never heard of the song but I also have never heard of the group!  Am I showing my age?  Probably so!  I hated it but according to the judges, I am in the minority!  They LOVED it!!  Underneath all the screaming and crazy heavy metal stuff he does, he has a beautiful voice. We really got a glimpse of that during the first half of the song.  I just wish he'd do another type of song.  I enjoy rock and roll but the heavy metal stuff grates on my ears.  Whereas Scotty only seems to do country, can James only do screaming metal?

HALEY - "Rolling in the Deep" by Adele ....
I have to confess my ignorance again, so I went to Google to find out who ADELE is and why I should know this song. Evidently (for the rest of you who live under my rock) she’s an English singer/songwriter who won two Grammys in 2009. It’s a great fit for her voice, and I have to admit that I actually really enjoyed it.  Haley's growing on me.  She's getting better every week.

JACOB - "Dance with my Father" by Luther Vandross    Jacob has the chops for this song.  He actually brought tears to my eyes with his rendition.  I lost my step-father and my father and I still miss them both so I know how he feels.  There was a glitch at the beginning but he did a good job of recovering.  Luther Vandross passed away in 2005, and this song was on his last album which was released in 2003.  It’s hard to separate the emotion of the song from the performance, but I thought he did a good job although he struggled for composure in parts.

CASEY - "Harder to Breathe" by Maroon 5  OK - I like Maroon 5 but this was WEIRD .... again!  How many times is he going to get away with singing these weird-o songs??  The faces he makes along with his movements ... I just don't get it!  Well, the audience loved it and of course, the judges or maybe it was just the kiss he gave Jo-Lo at the end.  He definitely gets more than his share of time with the judges each week.  No matter what Casey sings, he ALWAYS makes it his own. 

STEFANO - "Closer" by Ne-Yo   Another song I didn't know.  I’m just going to put on my grannie panties and call it a day. Well, there weren't too many words to that song so it gave him plenty of time to dance around the stage.  Even though I don’t know the song, I actually kind of enjoyed this performance. If nothing else, he showed his vocal range and sang a song with a modern vibe to it.  Not bad.

LAUREN - "Born to Fly" by Sara Evans  I like this song and she did a pretty good job with it - not great but good.  Jimmie told her she needed to quit holding back and give it her all. She is intimidated by the competition and admits as much.  She has SO much potential, but I can’t help but think that she’d have been better off waiting a year or two for her American Idol debut. She’s just so young. 

As usual, the judges didn't give much constructive criticism.  In their opinion, everyone was great!  They beat up on Lauren a bit but it was good constructive criticism and they were trying to pump her up.

It's hard to predict who will be in the bottom 3 this week.  My guess is:  Stefano, Casey and Lauren but it could be Haley just because she always is!   Probably going home:  Stefano just because it's his turn

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Easter Cards plus bummed about the Idol Results

Easter will be here before you know it.  Have you made all your Easter cards?  I decided today that I better get cracking and get mine made so I can get them in the mail.  There are a couple of cute little boys in Texas that I will be sending these cards to!

These are not Stampin' Up stamps but some other stamps that I bought locally last year.  I just think these bunnies are so cute!  I used my Copics to color them.  It felt good to just make some fun cards today!

I'm bummed!!  I just finished watching the results show for American Idol and Paul was voted off.  He was my favorite!!  He was an ultimate performer in my opinion.  But he closed the show with one of my favorite songs .... Maggie May!  Love me some Rod Stewart!

American Idol Top 8 2011

Well, I had a marathon American Idol watching party today!  I had taped all the Idol shows while I was gone.  But when I got back, I decided I wouldn't watch them.  Well, today I changed my mind.  I was busy working on my Quarterly projects, so I turned on the DVR and watched all the Idol's that I had missed while  crafting.  I thought that was the best way to "connect" with the contestants and see their growth.  Of course, I already knew about the eliminations and the save.  I was surprised that Pia got voted off.  I really thought it should have been Stefano.  It is really a tough year - they are all sooooo good!!  But, I think it will be a guy winning again this year - especially since there are only 2 girls left.  The guys are so much stronger in my opinion.  My favorites at this time are Paul, Scotty, Jacob, James and Casey ... well, guess that's about all the guys, huh???

The talent this year is unmatched compared to seasons past, that is undoubtable.  I remember years when contestants in the final three couldn’t even sing on pitch.  These guys are uber talented, and it is so much fun to watch them sing and grow. Plus it seems that they are getting better advice from the mentors. But the judging? Leaves something to be desired.

This week is Movie Week or “Songs of the Cinema” and the contestants are choosing songs from the movies, which, basically means anything’s fair game.  Here's my thoughts on tonight's performances -

PAUL - Old Time Rock and Roll -  I was not as blown away with this song as I was with his other performances.  I love his energy and stage presence but felt he could have done more with that song tonight.  I really expected to see him come out like Tom Cruise did in the movie, Risky Business - sliding across the floor.  I think Paul could be in danger tonight, but hopefully he won’t go home yet. I love how you never quite know what you’re going to get with him, and he’s always interesting.

LAUREN - The Climb - Miley?  Please!  Although I do like that song, I think she could have picked a better one.  She was ok but not great.  I could almost hear Simon saying, “I’m sorry, but that was a mess. An utter mess. No, really. When you watch it back you’ll see what I mean.” Can’t you hear that?  But alas, the judges had nary a negative word to say about it. I don’t get it. Are we listening to the same song? Lauren REALLY needs to take it up a notch. She looked cute though.

STEFANO - End of the Road -  Wow!  He did great - best he has done I think.  He pulled out all the stops tonight but is it too late for him or will he knock someone out of the competition this week?  

SCOTTY - Cross My Heart -  George Strait is one of my favorite singers so this song choice was great for me!  I just didn't think he did as well as he has done in the past.  He got lost under the backup singers a couple of times and even lost pitch at one time.  I wish he'd stayed with his first song choice (Everybody's Talking by Harry Nillson) and given his spin on that one.  Instead he stayed safe with a country song.  I didn’t think it did much to showcase his talents. I much prefer it when Scotty takes a non-country song and puts his Scotty spin on it.

CASEY - sings Nature Boy against other recommendations.  I think it was a mistake - it was just WEIRD!  I guess I just didn't "get it" like the judges did.   Although I will admit that this song shows his versatility as an artist and sets him apart from the others who are content to just sing whatever pop number they remember best from their childhood.

HALEY - Call Me - I disagreed with the judges on this one.  They praised all the other contestants but didn't care for Haley's performance.  I thought she was the best one except for Stefano tonight (so far).  She turned up the heat tonight and is getting better each week.

JACOB - He might have hurt himself after his comments last week. I love it when Jimmy says to Jacob, “Don’t preach to people.” Last week Jacob found himself in the bottom three after saying to America, “if I end up in the bottom three it won’t be because I sang the song bad . . . it will be because everybody in America wasn’t ready to look at themselves in the mirror.”   Really? I can’t believe America didn’t send him home after that.  He sang Bridge Over Troubled Waters - He has an incredible voice. I liked his performance but can't say that I loved it.

JAMES - Heavy Metal - Well, he definitely brought his energy to the stage tonight.  I just hope he didn't hurt his chances of America's vote with that song.  I guess he was good - I just don't care for that type of screaming "music".  That high note at the end was INSANE. in a good way though.

Simon, where are you when we need you???  I still find myself longing for Simon’s colorful commentary and his uncanny ability to cut to the chase, but Steven keeps me laughing so at least there’s that. Simon just has that innate ability to separate the men from the boys that I miss dreadfully. I’d do anything to hear one of his zingers right about now.  What is up with the judges….way too much love when it is not deserving.  They just don't give any constructive criticism.  Everyone is great according to them.

This is a hard one to predict as to who will be voted off - especially after the Pia vote last week.  I'm predicting it will probably be Haley even though I like her, she was the only one the judges criticized.  I'm guessing the bottom three will be Haley, Stefano and Lauren but that is clearly a guess!!  I could be wrong and it might be Casey down there.  Who knows???

Thursday, March 17, 2011

American Idol Night

Naima Adedapo, “What’s Love Got To Do With It” (1984). She got off to a bad start then stayed flat during most of the song.  Tina is a powerhouse singer and Naima did nothing to even come close to that greatness. She didn’t even sing the chorus. She probably put herself back in the bottom after redeeming herself last week.  

Paul McDonald, “I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues” (1984). I think Paul could’ve chosen a better song. When I think of Paul, I don’t think of Elton.  But he sang in his unique voice, did his wacky dance moves and smiled that crazy-perfect smile  I like Paul, but tonight, I thought his performance was just OK.

Thia Megia, “Colors of The Wind” (1995).   I liked what I heard from her but it was boring.  I agree with Randy.   I do hope she steps it up next week. I’m tried of all the sleepy songs! 

James Durbin, “I’ll Be There For You” (1989).   James is such a performer.  He had me singing along.   James did something smart - he’s planted himself in the finale. He got Steven Tyler to agree to sing with him AT the finale. That was brilliant. He’ll have people voting for him for that reason alone. 

Haley Reinhart, “I’m Your Baby Tonight” (1990).  This just wasn’t the right song for her voice. And I agree with Randy. Who is she? Who does she want to be? I’m  confused. I still like the blues vibe we hear, but song choice is her downfall right now. She had some good moments but moments aren’t good enough. 

Stefano Langone, “If You Don’t Know Me By Now” (1989). Loved it!!  His performance was absolutely flawless. Great vocals. Believability. He owned it. 

Pia Toscano, “Where Do Broken Hearts Go” (1988).   I love Pia.  She is in it to win it as the judges said!  Her talent is undeniable

Scotty McCreery, “Can I Trust You With My Heart” (1993). I got physically angry when I heard Scotty was once again singing a country song. I know he sings country and shouldn’t stop, but I want him to take a rock song and put a country spin on it. I was so mad! And I wanted to hate his performance, but I couldn’t. He has this weird power over me. I can’t not like his performance or that voice.

Karen Rodriguez, “Love Will Lead You Back” (1989).   No - not for me - another snoozer. She brought nothing new or exciting to the song and she’s probably in big trouble.  

Casey Abrams, “Smells Like Teen Spirit” (1991).  He was SCREAMING in my opinion, but this is not a favorite genre of mine. I thought it was awful. Like Jennifer said, Cobain had this mad intensity when he sang that song, but he didn’t scream it.  I knew Steven Tyler would love it though. 

Lauren Alaina, “I’m The Only One” (1994).  Can she not say “hell”?  Did she really change the lyric from “burning hell” to “burning flame”?  Her performance was good. She completely redeemed herself from last week’s not-so-good performance. And she’s sick. That’s star quality right there. 

Jacob Lusk, “Alone” (1987).   I think this song has been done every single season. It’s time to retire it. I   thought it was weird for him.  He  blew out his pitch at one point that made Jennifer make a funny face.  He needs to hold back a little bit. I respect the power in his voice but he just can’t keep in under control.  

Probably the Bottom Three: Karen Rodriguez, Casey Abrams, Naima Adedapo
Probably Going Home: Karen Rodriguez

Friday, March 11, 2011

Idol Results

American Idol results show was weird tonight!  It was just a lot of fluff with guest singers and commercials.  They really should make the results just 30 minutes and be done with it if that is the way they are going to do the results show!  There was no suspense tonight or stretching it out.  They pretty much announced the bottom 3 right away - Ashton, Karen and Haley - and told the rest they were safe.  Then Ashthon was sent packing.  J-Lo had to tell her they wouldn't be using their "save" tonight (duh!!).  It is as though the program is all about the entertainment and not about the contestants.  
In my opinion, they wasted a save vote on Ashthon last week.  They should have saved one of the guys instead of 3 girls.  The guys were ALL so much better than the girls I thought. 

Casey Abrams was not on the Idol stage. Early in the episode, Ryan said he is in the hospital again but didn’t elaborate. According to other blogs, Casey might have a stress-induced bleeding ulcer.  That's not good!  Hope he gets better and is back on the stage next week.

Adam Lambert was back on the Idol stage tonight performing a song he wrote.  He looked really good - not all made up with loads of eyeliner, etc. that he usually wears.  His performance tonight will be remembered for it's poignant simplicity, it's relevant message, and the fact that a traditionally flamboyant artist shed his glitter and glam in the interest of something bigger than himself.   His song was aimed at troubled youth struggling with their identity and with the prejudices they face as a result of being different.  

Here is a card I made last week.  This one is a little different for me.  I saw a similar card in a magazine and decided to give it a try in my own style.
The DSP is from Sale-a-bration catalog.  I just wrapped the various ribbons around a piece of twine that I adhered behind the DSP.  The "wish BIG" is from the Happy Birthday stamp set that is in the Occasions Mini although mine is a digital version (printed out with My Digital Studio).

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Top 13 perform for Idol

The “American Idol” lucky 13 took the stage Tuesday night to deliver songs from their own personal idols. There were a couple of obvious, and not-so-obvious standouts.  The judges are beginning to bore me!!  We need someone like Simon.  It should not fall to Randy every time to be the bad guy.  I don't expect J-Lo to criticize but I sure thought Steven Tyler would be a little more honest.  Maybe as the competition goes on, they will express how they really feel.

Lauren Alaina, “Any Man of Mine.”  She does Reba a lot better than Shania. She didn't do anything for me this time.

*Casey Abrams, "With A Little Help From My Friends"  I liked him!  One star from me.  

Ashthon Jones, “When You Tell Me That You Love Me.” Did Wildcard Ashthon do anything to reverse the fact that she didn’t make America’s cut last week? Not in my opinion. I liked her at one time, but I’m losing interest. It was all just OK. Even Steven was bored with her.

**Paul McDonald, “Come Pick Me Up.” Paul is shaping up to be my favorite.  I wasn't familiar with the song that he sang but I loved it and his performance!  Two stars from me.  He’s definitely fun to watch and listen to. His voice is incredibly unique. And those moves.  He’s a weird one. But good weird. 

*Pia Toscano, “All By Myself.” After last week’s performance, Pia had a  lot to live up to.  She did good with Celine Dion's song which is a tough one.  She brought a lot of power.  One Star!

***James Durbin, “Maybe I’m Amazed.”  His performance tonight was the best. From that soft and crystal-clear start to his powerful and James-esque range, he showed his versatility. He proved that he’s not going to scream at us every week.   Very well done. 

*Haley Reinhart, “Blue.”  She pulled off some Patsy Cline and Lee Ann Rimes business tonight. She was twanging and yodeling. Very nice. I’m not sure why Randy Jackson was being a jerk when he judged her. I thought he was way off.

*Jacob Lusk, "I Believe I Can Fly"  I liked his performance.

Thia Megia, “Smile.” Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.  She doesn’t seem to have much charisma. Maybe it’s nerves.  The song just kind of happened then it was over. Nothing fancy. Nothing fun. Nothing that even showed what she’s capable of. 
*Stefano Langone, “Lately.” Our second Wildcard pick of the night proved he deserved to be there. His energy was refreshing. His stage presence is spot on. Great tone. And he did a dance mix version of that song.  

Karen Rodriguez, “I Could Fall in Love.” Oh Karen. If you’ve been singing Selena all your life, then why did it sound so bad tonight?  She brought nothing new to the song despite her saying she was going to. It was  bad.  

*Scotty McCreery, “The River.” I knew he'd do Garth!!  I was expecting more from Scotty. I like him a lot but I didn’t hear anything special tonight. It just felt like he was holding back too much. The judges liked it - I was afraid they wouldn't.

*Naima Adedapo, “Umbrella.” A wildcard pick in the last spot? Wow.  She was good.  I  liked the rap and reggae she did, but overall, I think the production and her dance moves were better than her singing. 

My picks for bottom three:  Karen, Ashthon, Thia
Probably Karen going home

What say you?

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Top 13 for Idol

I'm posting a couple of cards tomorrow - I promise!!

It was a crazy night on “American Idol.” Somehow in two hours they managed to cut 14 contestants, make six sing, bring back three and premiere Jennifer Lopez’s new video.  After naming the top ten, the judges, on the spot (yeah right… as if the entire night wasn’t rehearsed), picked six contestants America did not vote through to the top ten and made them sing again.

The top ten that America voted for are:
  • Scotty McCreery 
  • Jacob Lusk
  • Casey Abrams
  • Paul McDonald
  • James Durbin 
  • Pia Toscano 
  • Lauren Alaina
  • Karen Rodriguez
  • Thia Megia
  • Haley Reinhart 
The judges had six contestants sing for their life.  The were:
  • Ashton Jones
  • Stefano Langone
  • Kendra Chantelle
  • Jovany Barreto
  • Naima Adedapo
  • Robbie Rosen
Ashton, Stefano and Naima made it through so now we have a top 13!

I’m bummed that Lauren Turner, Robbie and Tim Halperin are gone.  I just hope that Scotty can show off his talent on other genres than country.  Don't get me wrong - country is great, but all of America doesn't like it.  If he can, I think he will be a top contender along with Pia.

American Idol Girls Performances

I was expecting a lot more of the girls' performances on Idol, but they were only so-so for me - except for a few of them.  The top five vote-getters from both the top 12 boys and the top 12 girls will be automatically sent to this season’s  finalists spot, but it’s not over just yet for the other 14 singers.  There will be a series of wildcard saves decided upon by the judges to keep a little balance between what production wants and what America wants, assuming we make a mistake or two. There will be some serious “sing for your life” moments if this plays out with those bottom 14 singing for a still unknown quantity of Judges’ Picks.   I've read in different places that we'll have the "sing offs" on tonight's show and I've also heard that the  "sing-offs" will happen next week  If they don't do the "sing-offs" tonight, it could get very boring waiting for Ryan to do his suspense thing for TWO hours.  In my opinion, they are really stretching this thing out but that is nothing new  for Idol I guess!!

So here are my thoughts on the girls' performances:

Ta-Tynisa Wilson, “Only Girl.” Her performance was a bit weak. Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez were much kinder than Randy Jackson.
Naima Adedapo, “Summertime.”   She sounded good but  I'm not sure if that was the song to get her through.  I like it but I'm old - don't know how the younger people will like it! 

Kendra Chantelle, “Impossible.”  I just don’t think she did enough to stand out even with the tight leather pants!

Rachel Zevita, “Criminal.” From her drag queen opening to her pouty attitude to the judges, Rachel didn’t do herself any favors tonight either.  Rachel still has a good voice, she just freaked me out a little bit tonight. 

Karen Rodriguez, “Hero.” Her performance gave J Lo goosebumps.  She was good but I can't say I got goosebumps!  She sang in English and Spanish which was really cool.

Lauren Turner, “Seven Day Fool.”  I didn’t take any notes during her song because I was busy enjoying her fantastic performance. She’s got soul.  I loved it!

 Ashton Jones, “Love Over Me.” She just needs to skip this  show and cut an album. That is all.  

Julie Zorrilla, “Break Away.” The judges did not like her but I didn't think she was all that bad.

Haley Reinhart, “Fallin’” I thought the song and act was a little too old for her.  She put a sexy spin on it and her voice is pretty unique to this competition.  Judges like her though.

 Thia Megia, “Out Here On My Own.”  She is a great technical singer. Her tone is flawless. But her stage presence isn’t there yet.  She’s also coming off a lot older than 15.   

Lauren Alaina, “Turn on The Radio.” Lauren is a natural.  This was one of my favorites tonight!

Pia Toscano, “I’ll Stand By You.” Wow. Just wow.  What a performance.  People were even crying. She got the only standing ovation.  No one can say that wasn’t the best performance of the night. I don’t care who your favorite is. 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It's American Idol time!

Do you watch American Idol?  If you're a reader of my blog, you know that I am a big fan.  I wasn't so sure at the beginning of the show how I was going to like the new judges.  I am still not totally sold on Jennifer and  Steven Tyler.  I keep wondering how Steven Tyler is going to keep his mouth shut during the live show.  I'm not a prude but I don't care to hear the "F" word all the time.  There are a lot of young people who watch this show and he's not such a great role model in my opinion!  My updates will be a day late (at least) this year.  Since Sonny is not watching the show with me, I am having to tape it upstairs in my craft room and watch it the next day by myself.  The top 12 guys performed Tuesday night. Our votes this week will create the Top 10 with the 5 highest vote-getting guys and girls each. On top of that, the judges will add their Wild Card picks. 

So, here are my thoughts on what I just finished watching - the top 12 boys. 

Clint Jun Gamboa, “Superstitious.”  It was an OK performance. He can sing but he wasn't a favorite.

Jovany Baretto, “I’ll Be.”  His performance was boring and weak . Randy Jackson agrees with me. 

Jordan Dorsey, “OMG.” OMG is right.  He’s been a good singer but tonight it just wasn’t there. That clearly isn’t who he is as a singer and he is a TERRIBLE dancer.  I think he is gone.

Tim Halperin, “Streetcar Symphony.”  The song choice was just bad - it  was not his best song.  Maybe he’ll get the wildcard from the judges.

Brett Loewenstern, “Light My Fire" He can do better.  How many times did he toss his hair???

James Durbin,” Another Thing Comin.” Wow. He was pretty amazing. His voice was powerful, yet controlled. He showed great confidence. His high notes didn’t make me want to leave the room.  

Robbie Rosen, “In the Arms of an Angel.” His performance tonight was weak. He showcased his soft and vulnerable voice but he was pretty flat through most of the song.  I think he’ll still be safe, but not because of his performance tonight. 

Scotty McCreery, “Letters From Home.” I am a FAN!!   He’s got such great control over that low voice of his. It’s an impeccable sound. And the way he ended that song. Amazing.  Doesn't hurt that I love that song!  He'll make it big as a country singer.

Stefano Langone, “Just The Way You Are.” This guy is so likable.  And he’s cute so he’ll be getting a lot of votes for those reasons. Those reasons also means he’s incredibly marketable. And he can sing, too!  He’s very believable. 

Paul McDonald, “Maggie Mae.” His performance of “Maggie Mae” could be a hit today. It was so unique and enjoyable. One of the best of the night. I also love this Rod Stewart song!

Jacob Lusk, “House is Not a Home.”   His singing is technically perfect.  His performance tonight was flawless and its going to earn him enough votes to secure a spot in the Top 12. 

Casey Abrams, “I Put a Spell on You.”  Casey, you sound sexy. Sure. J Lo thinks so. But I think you still need to trim your beard   Like Jacob, Casey is technically a perfect singer. 

Aside from a few sure-thing goners, none of the other fellas were so atrocious they need to go just yet. It should be interesting Thursday night!

What were your thoughts on tonight’s performances? Any new favorites? Any thoughts on who will be leaving us Thursday?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

American Idol Finale Season 9

Can't believe the finale is here already!  When they're doing the talent search from city to city, it seems to take forever, but when they get to Hollywood ... bam, it goes so fast!

All season, I've been pulling for Crystal.  But tonight before watching the show, I was feeling like Lee would beat her out.  He has improved so much during the season.  Crystal started out strong and leveled out.  Whatever happens, it's going to be a tight race and I will be happy with either of them winning.

Round #1 - Contestant's Choice
Lee started out singing "The Boxer" a song he sang earlier in the season.  It was great and he got into it no matter what the judges said.

Crystal did the Janis Joplin classic, "Bobby McGee" which was my guess as to the song she'd do!!  I love it!!

Round 1 goes to Crystal I think.

Round #2 - Producer's Choice
Simon Fuller picked "Everybody Hurts.  I wasn't familiar with this song but I hate that he's doing another slow tempo song.

Crystal is singing "Black Velvet."  Not a favorite song of mine but she did a great job and it really showed her range. 

This might be a tie.

Round #3 - Their Song
This is different this year.  Usually this is a cheesy song that is written for whomever wins but not this time.  Lee will record "Beautiful Day" a current song by U2.  Lee's nerves are showing a bit tonight.  Simon had some really sweet words for Lee but I think he was basically telling him he is not the front runner tonight. 

Crystal sings "Up to the Mountain."  This is another one I'm not familiar with but Crystal knocks it out of the park and wears her emotions on her sleeves.  Randy summed it up nicely with “this is one of the greatest performances and at the perfect time on this show.”   Yep.  Pretty much.  This round goes to Crystal. 

Crystal just might be the next American Idol, guys.  Unfortunately, Lee just didn't have his "A" game on tonight.  Don't know if it was song choice or nerves that got to him. The Crystal we loved during the first half of the season made her comeback just in the nick of time, and I predict she’s the next American Idol.  Lee doesn't have anything to worry about - he will do well. They both have successful music careers ahead of them, but I think Crystal will be taking the trophy home tomorrow night.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Digital Studio & Idol

My nephew is getting married in a couple of weeks in Austin, Texas.  The wedding is to be outside with a Carnival Theme - complete with picture booths, corny dogs, cotton candy, etc.  I'll be sure to take plenty of pictures!  I am helping out my niece with the rehearsal lunch.  When Ashley was in Seattle a couple of weeks ago, she took a bunch of pictures at the Seattle Center of a carousel, hot dog stand, ticket booth, etc.  So, using My Digital Studio, I downloaded the pictures and a few others I found on the 'net.  Then I put a picture of Jack and Katrina on top of the whole collage and made it transparent so you could barely see them with the carnival things in the background.  I love using MDS and love what you can do with it.  I've sent these off to be printed and will pick them up tomorrow.  Can't wait to see them!  I'm having them done in 5" x 7".  I'm either going to find some clear frames for them at the Dollar Store or get some binder clips at an office supply store, decorate them and use them for a picture holder.

As of today, these are the items that are SOLD OUT and no longer available:

  • Sweet Pea Designer Series paper stack

  • On Board Heart Book

  • Sweet Pea stitched felt

  • Sage Shadow 12 x 12 card stock
I watched Idol tonight.  The contestants each sang two songs - one they chose and one chosen by the judges.

  • Casey was up first singing "It's All Right With Me" and it was only just all right with me.  His second song was "Daughters" chosen by Kara and Randy.  I like that song and he did it well, but was it worthy of making him a finalist?  I don't think so.

  • Crystal sang Melissa Etheridge's "Come to My Window" and did it well!  She was on the harmonica and I loved that.  Her second song was chose by Ellen, "Maybe I'm Amazed."  She is amazing!  She has not compromised herself once during this show.

  • Lee sang "Simple Man."  I loved it!  He's finally feeling comfortable on stage.  He could edge Crystal out!  Lee's second song, chosen by Simon, was "Hallelujah" and he knocked it out of the park!  He is in the contest to WIN.
I have been pulling for Crystal the whole season but Lee has started to sway me.  He has improved sooo much and has a great attitude.  He graciously accepts the judges criticism.  Sometimes I just get the feeling he wants it more than Crystal.  Anyway, I won't be disappointed in either one being the winner.

I am assuming Casey will be leaving Wednesday night and it will be down to Lee and Crystal.  What do you think???