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Monday, January 5, 2015

MDS Monday Chalkboard Sign

The new Stampin' Up spring / summer catalog 2015 is here and it is bursting with new and exciting products!  I think my credit card will be working over-time in the next few weeks.  Enjoy browsing online by clicking HERE.  If you would like a paper copy, please contact me. The good news is that you can start ordering from my online shop RIGHT AWAY!!  If you are one of my Club members, I will be using new products this month so get your "wish list" started.  I attended a Shoebox Swap last Saturday and came away with 14 cards using new product!!  I can't wait to share them with you.

Since this is Monday, MDS Monday has a new challenge for us My Digital Studio fans.  In the new Stampin' Up! Occasions Catalog, there is Chalkboard Paper.  (I am dying to get some and give it a go.)  So the designers at MDS Monday thought it would be fun to show how we can use chalkboards on our digital papers.  There is not a sketch this week; this is an open challenge.  There are a few kits that have chalkboard downloads - Convention 2011 (I think that is the year); Back to School and Hello World.  I ended up finding a chalkboard paper on the internet and downloading it into MDS for my page.  You can also find some great chalkboard fonts to use HERE.

My sample is pretty simple.  When we were at one of the shops at the National Harbor in DC in December, Sonny found a sign with this saying.  He really liked it but it was pretty pricey.  I took a picture and told him I could made in in MDS for him.  (I haven't yet but .... the year is not over!)

I have a whole collection of Subway Art that I take pictures of when I see plaques and signs in stores - just for this purpose.  Don't you just love this one?

I have a new story about my crazy cat - actually 2 stories.  Last Tuesday (the day after Ashley and Bogart went home), I spent most of the day in my craft room cleaning up and making cards.  After a couple of hours, I went looking for Sammie - she is usually in the room with me or in my spare bedroom laying on the bed in front of the window soaking up the sunshine.  I couldn't find her in any of her usual spots.  A few hours later, I looked for her again with no luck.  So I decided to straighten out the blanket that she usually sleeps on top of in the spare room.  When I did, I discovered her completely under the blanket sleeping.  She stayed there all day.  When I showed her to Sonny late in the afternoon when he came home, he asked me if she was alive!  She was just worn out from dealing with Bogart for 4 months!

After Christmas, I bought her a new collar.  I have had her for almost 3 years and she has had the same collar all those years.  I just thought she could use a new sparkly one.  It has a bell just like the one she had - not much different in the two.  Well, every time I pick up the new collar, the bell rings and she runs away as fast as she can like a scalded rabbit.  I have tried now for a couple of weeks off and on to put the collar on her.  Tonight I finally got it on her but only by capturing her in a room with no exit.  But I can not get the old one off of her.  I tried to hold her and let Sonny get it off, but she hissed at us and tried to bite us.  I don't know why she is having such a fit about this collar.  But, for now she will be wearing both collars although she is trying like heck to get it off by herself!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I Love Texas and MDS

One of the things I love about My Digital Studio is how versatile it is.  I like Chalkboard Art or Subway Art and I am always snapping pictures of great sayings on plaques when I am out shopping.  I don't know how many I have saved in my file just waiting for me to transport them into a digital file and make a print.  Here are a few that I will be working on one of these days!

Well Ashley saw a plaque at Target that she liked and instead of paying for it, she recreated it in MDS and is going to get it frames and hang it in her house.  

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I haven't deserted you!

I haven't run away ... just been super busy lately.  But I am here now and have a few things to share today.  First I want to show off the great My Digital Studio project Ashley made for her Dad for Fathers Day.  I took it to Staples for her and had it printed on a piece of foam board (8 1/2" x 17") for under $10.  We had seen something similar that was on sale at an on line site and she knew she could make it using MDS.  She was so right!!  It really looks great hanging in his room.  Now my mind is going round and round trying to think of other things I can do and have similar things made up for different occasions .... birthdays, new baby, wedding, etc.  So many ideas!

Today I took a great tour with my Newcomer group.  Sixteen of us toured northern Iredell County and viewed quilt blocks painted on barns.  It was a lot of fun and we saw some beautiful country side.  Here are a few of my favorites.  We didn't even scratch the surface.  We were given a brochure with about 50 quilts / barns on it and we probaby went by about 20 of them.  We were told that a new brochure is being printed now and it has 90 quilts on it!  I want to go back in my own car so I can stop and get out and take more pictures.  Some of these I had to take the pictures through the glass in the bus and a few of them we actually got to stop and get out to get our pictures.

This was an actual fabric quilt hung on the side of this neat looking antique shop that unfortunately was not open.  I want to go back when it is!!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

What You Can Create With MDS2

When we went to Ashley's for Christmas, she asked to use my computer and My Digital Studio so she could create a couple of gifts for two of her friends.  I was thrilled because I had bought her MDS2 for her birthday (Dec 22) and wasn't sure if it was actually something she wanted or would use.  Well, I'm happy to say I was wrong and she is enjoying MDS2.  These are the two gifts she made for her friends. They are quotes from songs (I think!)  Ashley designed them and then took them to an office supply store and had them printed on white card stock.  After framing them, they were ready to go.  They really turned out great!

Wouldn't this look cute in a baby's room?

I designed a date frame for Jeff and Darcie.  Instead of framing it (and risk it getting broken in the mail), I just sent them a gift certificate so they could purchase a frame in the color they wanted.  I love it!  It lists all the dates of importance to them and their family.  It was so easy to create with MDS2.  Now I need to do one for myself.  Don't you think this would make a great anniversary gift for someone special?

 Here is another page I created.  This is Stampin' Up's Statement of the Heart.  I found something similar to this on Pinterest and went from there with it.  There are so many great ideas on that site!  You could spend hours "surfing."  I get a lot of my inspiration from there.
Our weather is supposed to be wicked on Friday.  So much so that we have decided to cancel the MDS2 class I was doing in Kernersville and reschedule later in February.  The schools in my county are dismissing at 10:00 .... why they are even bothering, I don't know!!  The bad weather is supposed to hit around 4:00 - freezing rain and ice.  The temps are not supposed to be above freezing all day with the lows hoving in the teens.  But, on Saturday, a high of 40 so who knows!  Guess I will be bundling up and doing some stamping for fun for a change.  I am expecting a SU box of goodies Friday afternoon so that should do the trick!   I just hope the weather holds out until AFTER I play Hand & Foot tomorrow!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Subway Art

I forgot how hot it is in Texas!!  When we arrived on Thursday afternoon (at 5:30) it was still 100 degrees!  The forcast for this week is 99, 99, 99, 98, 98, 98 ..... get the picture?  Pretty boring, huh??  We've gotten a lot done at Ashley's though.  She's about worn out her credit card though!  Friday I think she spent about $400 at Home Depot and today was another $100 at Garden Ridge!  But hey ... the labor is free!  Sonny has been working on putting two ceiling fans up on her patio.  He should have them done tomorrow.  Saturday I spent most of the day planting plants and flowers in big pots in the back yard.  We planted Texas sage, lantana, pampas grass, potato vine, basil and rosemary.  Plus, I dug up some morning glory from the back that had pretty much overgrown the alley and stuck it in one of the pots.  Today, we went shopping and bought a couple more pots at Garden Ridge plus got some material so I can cover some pillows and do some other home decor,  We've hung pictures in the house and bought a couple more today that we'll have to hang tomorrow.  Sunday we took a break.  My brother and his wife, daughter and three grandchildren came over plus my brother in law who helped Sonny do some work that he was having problems with.  We had a nce visit, swim and cooked some yummy fajitas on the grill (plus made some margaritas that hit th spot.)

Subway art seems to be all the rage right now.  So, I thought I'd try it with MDS2.  What do you think?  It was fun!