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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tea Lights Box and Flower Holder

We've arrived .... in Dallas that is.  We spent last night in Shreveport, LA which used to be one of our favorite hang-outs when we lived in Texas.  We liked to spend a weekend there at the casinos - back before the economy went south and we had money.  It only took us about 1 1/2 hours at the blackjack table to lose a couple hundred dollars!  I was done but Sonny went to another casino after dinner and won a little bit of our money back!

Sammie is getting used to the traveling I think!  I've been worried about her because she hasn't eaten or drank anything since we left NC.  But tonight when we got in the room and she had checked the place out, she drank some water and ate a little bit.  

Here is one of my favorite things to make at Christmas time.  They are great to give as small gifts.

·        For the box bottom - cut a 3-3/4x8-1/4" piece.
·        Your longest score lines are at 1/2", 1-1/8", 2-5/8", & 3-1/4"
·        Your short score lines are at 1/2", 1-1/8", 7-1/8", & 7-3/4"
·        Cut out the shaded areas and on the cut line to make flaps.
·        Decorate box as desired.
·        Crease all folds well with bone folder.
·        Apply sticky strip to the 4 outer most sections and assemble to box.
·        For the box cover – cut a 5x6" piece of card stock. 
·        Score lines will be 6" long side -  5/8", 2-1/4", 2-7/8", & 4-1/2".  (see picture below)
·        Crease folds well with bone folder and put sticky strip on one edge flap.
·        Decorate inside if desired. 
·        Peel the sticky strip and wrap cover around box, adhere flaps together. 

The box opened

 The Fun Flower Sizzix die is used to make the holder using hardware flashing material.  Cut out with the die & Big Shot and emboss.  Put a "glob" of glue in the center to hold all together.



·        Fold a piece of tissue paper into 4 layers, and sandwich between 2 layers of copy paper (to make it easy to punch – you don’t need the copy paper when you are done.) Punch out 1-3/8" circles.  Leave it between the copy paper layers and punch 3 times in the center with the 1/16" punch to make a hole big enough for the wick to fit thru.
·        Stamp tissue paper with desired images and color with markers.
·        Slide tissue paper over the wick onto top of the tealight.
·        Put tealight down!  Do not hold for this step.  Heat top of tea light  with heat gun until the tissue  paper melts into the wax.  All done! 

Friday, November 19, 2010

Club Projects

I had my last Club meeting yesterday.  We will start again in January with making calendars.  We had a small group yesterday - only 4 gals but we made enough mess for a dozen!!  They wanted to make tags so I had gotten out all my Christmas stamps, punches, paper, and ribbon so they could create on their own.  We also made tag holders to put the tags in like the ones HERE.  They turned out really cute with everyone making a different one.

We also made a Gift Card Holder that is really cute! 

Isn't he darling?  Of course, this is the Owl Punch.  I used the Snowflake Punch for his antlers.  The gift card holder uses the Sizzix Two Tags Die (pg 206).  This is a very versatile die.  Not only does it make great tags but if you put the fold of your paper above the cut line on the die, it makes this holder.  If you don't understand, let me know and I will take a picture of what I am talking about!

Gift Card Holder opened - insert gift card where green paper is.
I also showed them how to stamp on candles.  Don't you love how this candle turned out?  I used the Bells and Boughs stamp set from the mini catalog for the poinsettas.  My club gals stamped on tea lights.

Well, I am headed out the door to get my hair cut, meet my sister for lunch and do some Angel Tree shopping!  Hopefully, when I return home, I can begin to dig through the mess that I call a stamp room!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Whew!  I'm done with the Craft Fair!  It went pretty well.  I sold some things but brought some things back home with me too.  It's funny - you just never know what people are looking for.  The items I thought would have been the big sale items weren't.   Oh well .... I have quite a few Christmas gifts now!   I'm just ready to make cards and other things for fun now - starting tomorrow!  After the show was over, I went to lunch with a group of ladies, had a couple of margaritas and relaxed.  Tomorrow I'll tackle the unpacking and maybe make a start on getting my craft room back in some kind of order!  Yesterday, you couldn't even walk in my room without stepping on something. 

I thought I'd share a few pictures of some of the things I had for sale today.

Tealight candles that I stamped on (about 50!)

Candles in Slide Open Boxes

Gift Box with notecards inside

Notecards inside box above

Magnetic box that I got off Clearance.  I decorated it and put candles, and note cards inside

Inside of Magnetic Box (above)

Metal Box with candles (I think this is an empty embellishment box)

Accordian Fold Holiday Planner

Slit Latch Gift Card Holder - directions on Splitcoast Stampers

Inside of Gift Card Holder (above)

Another Slit Latch Gift Card Holder - fun & easy to make IF you follow video tutorial!
I am going to Statesville tomorrow evening to a Christmas Open House at a nursery/gardens there.  Please keep your fingers crossed that it won't be rainy!!  I know it will be cold but I can dress warmly.  We finally got out the down comforter last night and slept under it all snuggly and warm!   Sonny broke down today and had to turn the heat on while I was gone this afternoon.  Let me tell you, if he turns the heat on, you know it's cold in the house!  He said he'd been outside doing something and when he came inside, he realized it was much colder inside than outside.  He checked the thermostat and it was registering 58 degrees!  (Ashley - you would have icicles hanging off your nose!)  So .... I am headed to bed now to get under that warm down comforter! 

Good night.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Votive Candles ... my way!

I stamped some votive candles this week and they turned out soooo cute!  It was super easy too.  After I did the candles, I made a little box to put them in.   Here they are:

Here's what you do:
  • Choose any stamp you like and stamp on TISSUE paper.
  • Punch out your image with a circle punch (3/4" worked for me) that is close to the size of your candle.  (easiest to sandwich your tissue paper between copy paper to punch)
  • Punch a small hole in the middle of your design...then thread the wick of the candle through the hole.
  • Your image should be resting on the top of your tea light.
  • Simply heat the tea light with your heat gun until the wax melts over top of your stamped image. While the wax is still melted, sprinkle on a bit of glitter if you want it glittered.
CLICK Here for the box pattern.

Here's a close up of each one I made.

We are leaving in the morning to start our trek to Texas for the holidays so you might not hear from me for a few days!  We are driving and expect to make it in about 3 days.  I'm so excited!!