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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Graduation Owl

Sorry I've been MIA the past few days.  Thursday I had my club ladies over and that night Sonny and I went out for pizza.  We go to a pizza buffet restaurant in Denver that has the most delicious dessert pizza!!  That's the main reason I go there.  I don't usually eat the pizza ... they have great chicken wings on the buffet that I eat along with salad.  Then I go for the Chocolate Chip Pizza!  Yum!!  Sometimes they put chocolate chips and peanut butter chips on them - warm with cream cheese!!  My fav!  I'd like a slice right now!! 

Saturday we went out on our boat.  It was a beautiful day with temps in the high 80s - one of the nicest week-end day we've had in a while.  Usually when we take the boat out, we drive around for a short while and then find a quiet cove and drop the anchor.  We both enjoy reading so that's what we do .... plus, it's usually a good opportunity for me to nap.  I'm reading a good book at the moment that Ashley read and sent to me - "The Help."  It is a tale of what it was like to be a black maid during the civil rights movement of the 1960s in racially conflicted Mississippi. There is such deep history in the black/white relationship and this story beautifully shows the complex spectrum, not only the hate, abuse, mistrust, but the love, attachment, dependence.   My family had black maids when I was growing up so I can relate to this story.  My grandmother and later my Mom had one maid from the time I was a small child until I went away to college.  Bertha was like a member of our family and even came to our wedding and is in some of my wedding pictures.  Anyway, after reading this book all day on Saturday, I was craving some good ole' Southern cooking - like Bertha used to cook for us.  I am not nearly the cook that she was but I came home and made biscuits (that were kinda flat!) and took some pork chops out.  I soaked those chops in buttermilk and then floured them real good and fried them up.  Sonny came in the kitchen and asked me what the occasion was!  I usually cook as little as possible.  But it was good.  Guess I'm just on a roll.  Wednesday night I got the crepe maker out that I got when we first got married and we had chicken crepes.  Of course, later that night we used those crepes for ice cream and strawberries!!

So I've also been making a few cards along with cooking.  I needed to make a graduation card.  We received a high school graduation invitation from Jeff's high school English teacher's son.  Jeff graduated from high school 14 years ago (can't believe it!!) and this little boy was just 4!   We were good friends with his teacher and used to dog-sit for her when they went out of town.  Jeff had her as a gifted/talented teacher all four years of high school so they had a pretty special relationship.  Anyway, I saw this card on Sandy Hancock's blog.  Isn't it the cutest?

 This is the card opened.  I used the Owl Punch and made a little graduation hat for him. 
Supplies:  Cardstock:  Brillant Blue, Black, Whisper White
Stamps:  Curly Cue, Word Play

Card Closed

Today I got together with a few friends for a monthly stamp get-together.  Connie is so good about organizing these get togethers in town.  We try out different products and help each other perfect them!  Today we were working with Flower Soft.  I have several pots of Flower Soft and have used it before but it is not a favorite product of mine.  So, it was fun to see what others have done with it.  Connie did some beautiful cards with the stuff.  Here is one that I did: