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Thursday, March 14, 2013

MDS Challenge 2 - Multiple Photo Box

I can't believe I forgot to post this - I wrote it but just now found it in my Drafts so guess I didn't share.

Our MDS challenge last week was to use one photo with multiple photo boxes.

Here is mine:

What you need to do for this effect is:

•Create the number of photo boxes you want (create one and copy and paste)
•Group the photo boxes
•Apply drop shadow and mat
•Drag and drop photo into the boxes - they should all turn blue.

Here is a video by Heather Summers -

Saturday, February 23, 2013

MDS Challenge - Text on a Path

As you know, I taught a class last week to some of my fellow NC demonstrators and users of My Digital Studio2.  As a result of that I have decided to offer a weekly challenge for using different features of MDS2.  It may be a way to use different things with MDS2 or a scrapbook sketch or color challenge.  I am going to start with a weekly challenge and see how it goes.  It could end up being every other week .... we'll see. 

So my first challenge to you is to use the Freeform Tool and make some text on a path.  On the sample I have made below, I put my text (the words from a Zac Brown song that is also my cell phone ring tone!) in a circle.  The steps I took to do this are:
  • Create a text box and type my text.  Try different fonts and sizes for fun.  I used KG The Fighter font (free download) and size 20.
  • Go to the Freeform tool on the Designer Center (right side) and click on Add Line.
  • I used the Starter Lines and clicked on the Circle.  Apply it to your project and size it how you want it.
  • Click on both your text box and Freeform tool line (hold down Control key)
  • Right click and "Attach to Shape"
  • You may have to play around with the size of font, etc. to get it all to work.
Here are a few videos that I found that might help with this technique from other demonstrators:

And here is my sample (click on it to enlarge it):

Text in a Circle - Freeform Tool
So won't you join in the challenge and share a page?  I'd love to see it!