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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Ribbon of Courage

Hope you had a great 4th of July.  Ours was pretty quiet this year.  My mom stayed with us Friday and Saturday nights and I took her to Camp Dogwood on Sunday afternoon.  This is a great summer camp right on the lake (and about a 10 minute drive for me) for the blind and visually impaired.  This is mom's second year to attend and I hope she enjoys it this year as much as she did last year.   Although she got off to a rocky start.  She found out last week that her friend and roommate was not going to be able to come per doctor's orders.  She was not so sure about rooming with someone she didn't know!  When I got her registered, one of the counselors, Jeff, came up to her and welcomed "Miss Becky" back.  He told her he was not her counselor but he was going to take her to her room and get her settled.  Along the way, they met up with her new roommate who seemed very nice to me. Jeff told mom he was saving a place for her at dinner that night.  He told us that mom was the best camper he had ever had!  And mom told me Jeff was the very best counselor.  He took her tubing last year and she was quite impressed with him.  She was supposed to do archery today - that should be interesting!  A blind person trying for the bulls eye!

Saturday night we drove into Mooresville to have dinner at a restaurant on the lake where we hoped to watch the fireworks after eating.  Well, we waited for 2 hours - until 10 pm! for the fireworks show with nothing happening!  It had been raining earlier in the evening so we figured it was too wet for them.  So, we returned home.  I called on Sunday and was told they have rescheduled them for next Saturday, July 8!  Strange!!  Last night we planned on going to Mooresville again for the YMCA's fireworks.  Well, it started pouring down rain about 6 and when we went outside to get in the car around 8:30, it was still raining so we went back in the house.  I think they did have the fireworks around 9:30 but we weren't there.  So tonight, we just watched the fireworks on TV from New York!!  Better luck next year - or next Saturday!!

I had time today to play with a new stamp set - Ribbon of Courage - that I knew I had to buy as soon as I saw the new catalog.  This stamp set was inspired by Million Dollar Achiever Patty Bennett in memory of her mother.  

This card uses a technique with Glossy Cardstock again similar to the Oh So Eclectic card I did last week.  I sprayed the glossy cardstock with the spritzer filled with alcohol.  Next I dropped 2-3 drops of reinker (Peekaboo Peach and Bermuda Bay) and let it run.  To help it spread around, I sprayed more of the alcohol.  I used a tissue to pick up some of the ink that pooled along the edges.  I love these colors together!  Who would have thought?!  I stamped the hearts with Archival Black ink and used markers to color the flowers and Wink of Stella to make them sparkle! 

This next card made me think of my sister, Debra.  I miss her every day!  She was actually my step-sister (we shared a dad) and we didn't get to know each other until the mid 70s when I moved to Texas where she and my dad lived.  There was about a 10 year gap in our ages (I'm the oldest!) but that didn't matter. We both had a daughter and a son that were the same age (within a few months) and we used to take family camping trips together.  She was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer shortly after I moved to Washington state (2003).  The last trip we took together was when she and Jack (husband) came to visit us at our new home in Washington.  The 4 of us went to Victoria, Canada for a few days and had such a good time.  They were supposed to come visit us in NC for Thanksgiving but sadly, that was not to be.  She died at the age of 50 (too young!) November 16, 2007. Can't believe it has been 10 years.

We had this picture made shortly after her hair grew back in from the treatments.

OK - back to the details of the stamp set.  I used the new in-color, Powder Pink with Basic Black card stock and love how it pops!  I stamped the ribbon with Memento ink and used my blender pen and the ink pooled in the lid to color the image.  The ribbon is cut out and a pink ribbon is cut out with the thinlet in the set and raised with dimensionals.  I love the sentiment.  It is so true - Live every moment - you never know when it will be your last so Live, Laugh and Love!

I have an organization tip for you.  I have always kept all my framelits and thinlits on a magnetic sheet and in their plastic envelope.  I filed them all in a basket in alpha order.  I often would not remember if a set had a matching die or not.  So now I am putting the dies in the box with the stamp set.  I have adhered a green sticker on the sets that have matching dies and written how many dies are in the set on the sticker.  That way, I can quickly count them to make sure I haven't misplaced one of the dies before putting the stamp set away.  I still have framelits in my basket - the ones that don't match a stamp set like the Stitched Shapes, Ovals, Circles, etc.  Maybe this will work for you.


Monday, April 24, 2017

Organizing my Craft Room!!

I have been trying to get my stamp room into shape.  I need to get it organized so I can bring in my new goodies and know where they are!  I told Sonny Saturday morning that I was going to work on my room and pull the vacuum out and clean it up.  Well, after almost all day Saturday and all day Sunday, he poked his head in and couldn't tell that I had done anything except make a bigger mess! You know how when you clean or rearrange, everything has to come out before you can figure out how to arrange it all again!  Most of that time was spent trying to organize my 12x12 DSP.  I had one whole unit of non Stampin' Up paper - some of it probably 12-15 years old.  I threw out a bunch of scraps or pieces that I knew I wouldn't use.  So I organized all that paper into another rack by colors (reds, orange, purple, neutral, etc.), put tags on the unit to identify the colors and put the larger scraps that are usable into baggies.  These are some wire racks that I got several years ago at WalMart.  I use plastic ties to locate the shelves where I need them.

Next I tackled my Stampin' Up DSP that I had in various places in my room!  My goal was  is to have it all in one place so I can find it when I want it.  I have made a good start with that but I still have a ways to go.  I actually thought I was done until I discovered I had another drawer full of DSP that I hadn't sorted through!  My plan is to find some kind of 12x12 plastic like envelopes to put the packs of DSP together when I order it so I will know which pieces go together and what card stock colors match.  I found some of the envelopes on Amazon.  They were pretty cheap - about $3.50 for a packet of 3 but they were not sold by Amazon but someone else through Amazon.  I put 7 of the packs in my shopping bag to see how much it would come to with shipping.  Well, they wanted $25 for shipping!!!  I promptly emptied my shopping bag and will be going to Staples this week to look for something I can use.  Here is the shelving for my DSP in a few plastic envelopes I already had.  They are a little too wide for the shelves so I will be looking for others.  The DSP in them is some that is current (as of now but not much longer).  Below in the small rack is the DSP that is retired.  I have separated it into colors.  At the top, is a small file box that I have 6x6 paper in (for now!)

I also found a good use for my Paper Pumpkin boxes!  If you turn them inside out, they are these kraft colored boxes and you can write on them, decorate them, etc.  For my use, I am storing different items in them and labeling them so I'll know where these things are!

I have a lot more Paper Pumpkin boxes to work with as you can see here -

I also worked on organizing my thinlits last week.  I'm still not sure about this method.  I am going to try it out for a while and see what I think. I have always put the thinlits onto a magnetic sheet and slid them back in their plastic envelope.   I kept my thinlits and dies in their plastic envelope with the name of the die written with a Sharpie at the top in a rectangle basket (and how many dies were in the packet) and I would just flip through them to pick out the one I wanted.  But I don't always remember what dies are in the packets.  Sooooo, I had an old photo album and slid the magnetic sheets into the plastic pages.  That way, I can look through the album to see all my dies/thinlits.  The only problem is my album is really bulging and a few of the thinlits won't fit in the pages.  I just have them in a small basket beside this album.

Instead of buying magnetic sheets, I buy these Magnetic Vent Covers at Lowe's or Home Depot. They are easy to cut to size and much cheaper.

I hope I have given you a few organizational tips.  PLEASE .... if you have any tips to give me, please do!!  I need all the help I can get!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

I'm getting Everynote Organized!

I was perusing through one of the Forums on the Stampin' Up! website on Friday and noticed a lot of people talking about Evernote. I had NO clue what it was but the gals were talking about organizing their stamp sets with it.  My ears perked up .... could I actually find some organization with my ever growing stamps???  The more I read about it, the greater it sounded.  And it is FREE!!  So, I downloaded Evernote to my computer and started playing.  I opened one screen on my computer with Evernote and another one with Google Image and grabbed a stack of my stamp sets.  I did a search on Google for my stamp set and started grabbing stamp set images and pasting them into my new Stamp Set Notebook on Evernote.  Once I pasted it, I labeled it with the name of the Stamp Set, price and a short description.  (All of these things I got from Stampin' Up's online store - just copy and paste!)  Then I added "tags".   I tagged the stamp sets depending on holiday or theme so when I did a search for Birthday, any stamp set I had with birthday anything will pop on up on my screen.  I did a search for "Christmas".  It pulled up all of the stamp sets that have something to do with Christmas AND I can easily see the complete stamp set in the thumbnail view.   I also typed all the sentiments that were in my various stamp sets so I can find them with just a click of my mouse.  I could also add a location for my stamps if I wanted - like 2nd shelf, yellow star, or something like that.  Right now, I don't need to do that but someday I may.

It didn't take me long to put all my current stamps in Evernote.  I catalogued about 100 stamp sets this weekend!  So excited.  Evernote is free but you only get a certain amount of storage a month.  I used up 75% already.  It might be worth it to pay for the upgrade until I get all my stamps catalogued.  We'll see.

I am also thinking of other nifty ways to use Evernote! I think I am going to try doing a bit of "out of sight out of mind" inventory and see how that works!  How would you like to know that if you forgot where you put your crystal effects you could simply type it into Evernote and voila!  It pops you back with a picture of your revered product and WHERE it is! Oh the time it could save!!!

I know a good friend who could certainly use this product!  I'll have to teach it to her next time we are together.  You know who you are, friend!!

I am also going to use Evermore for my My Digital Studio downloads.  Maybe that way, I won't order duplicates!!

Here is a video about it -

Monday, February 20, 2012


This has been a very mild winter .... so far!  Today it was dreary and cold all day - a good day to stay inside and be creative!  Around 5 pm there were reports from friends and family in Mooresville that it was snowing.  It's funny how excited people will get over a few flakes of white stuff!  I went outside and saw a tiny bit of snow - mostly it was sleet and rain.  But, as the South tends to get excited and nervous about snow, schools in our county have already announced a delay in the morning!!  I really can't believe it but I'm sure the school kids are excited to be able to sleep in a bit.

I spent the afternoon doing a little rearranging of my stamps.  I have always kept them in alphabetical order but I decided today to mix them up.  I arranged them on my shelves by categories.  I have my retired stamps separate from the current ones.  I sorted them into Sentiments, Floral, Holidays, Occasions, Animals, Backgrounds, Kids, Vintage, Love, Nautical and Love.  I don't have as many current stamps so their categories are:  Mini Catty, Sentiments, Nature, Floral, Elements, and Occasions.  We'll see how this works out.  Now I need to work on my stamp catalog.  I try to stamp each set when I get it and put it into a notebook.  I have been a slacker with this project for about 6 months so I need to get caught up.  Right now, my notebook is in alpha order but I think I may change it also.  I also keep a notebook of sentiments by category but it is very much out of date.  Another project for another rainy day.

Last Wednesday I went to the Reynalda House in Winston Salem (I blogged about this earlier this week).  I took a few pictures of the orchids in the greenhouse.  They were beautiful.  Enjoy!

This is a lemon plant - see the lemon hanging on it!

This is a huge Rabbits Foot Fern.  I have one of these but not nearly so big.  The roots came out of the pot and were all over the table that it is sitting on!

Some of the roots that were spreading everywhere.
Happy Birthday Debra.  Today would have been my sister, Debra's 55th birthday.  She died 5 years ago from breast cancer and I miss her every day.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


How do you like my new Blog Header?  I did it in My Digital Studio using pictures I've taken during the year.  The first picture of Sonny and I was taken when we were in San Antonio in December at Christmas.  The next picture is Ashley and I in Ireland at one of the many pubs we visited.  Next is Marianne (sister) and I in our Steelers gear - I think it was during Super Bowl 2 years ago in Pittsburgh.  The next one is Sonny, Ashley and I in Ireland at Powerscourt Waterfalls between Dublin and Killkenny.  Next is Ashley and I at Ft. Hood when she returned from Iraq.  Not a great picture of me but remember, I had been sitting out in the 100+ temperature for about 3 hours!!!  The last one is the three of us at the Smithwick Brewery where we discovered our new favorite pint to enjoy.

I have been busy this weekend.  I finished cleaning my stamp room and moved furniture around.  I think I am going to like it.  I just hope I haven't organized my things to the point that I can't find them!!   I'm so excited about my ribbon holder!!  Here are a few pictures of the finished project:

This is my desk.  I didn't move it because I get such good light from the window.  Plus I can watch the birds and squirrels scamper around on the roof.  It won't stay this clean for long!  I love this desk with the great pull out baskets.  It is one that Ashley bought for herself when she was in high school.  It was used by her, Jeff (her brother) when she went to college, back to her for a brief time and then to me! 

This is the desk that I moved against the wall.  It previously was turned 90 degrees and I swiveled around to either desk.  It was sticking out in the middle of the room and this way gives me more floor space.  Under the desk are two Iris Carts which I have labeled each drawer so I know what is in there.  Note my Stamp Pad rack - it sits on the desk and holds all my SU stamp pads and refills.  Sonny made it for me several years ago and I love it!  The punches are held up with Ikea racks.  I need more!!!
This is my ribbon rack (on the right) which holds all my SU ribbon that is current in the 2011-12 catalog except for the wide striped grosgrain.  There are clips at the bottom to hold scraps of ribbon.   The ribbon shelf on the left is one I picked up a couple of years ago at an antique store - it is for a kitchen or bathroom and is supposed to hold a roll of paper towels. I added a dowel rod through the decorative iron scrolling on the side so I could add more ribbon to it.   I have 6 SU Ribbon Boxes on the shelf and the two dowels that hold all my non-SU or retired ribbon.

These are my shelves that hold my SU stamps.  I put all my non-SU stamps in the attic room which is accessible through my closet.  The shelf unit on the right holds all retired stamps!  On top are plastic jars (that used to hold nuts) with bits and pieces of ribbon in them.  I have them labeled as to colors.  I would like to start taking my wooden stamps apart and than I would have much more room.  The shelf on the left was made by my wonderful hubby!  (He's so handy.)  I have my current SU stamps, my Sizzix dies and other odds and ends.   My Big Shot sits next to the shelving unit so it is easily accessible.

I also organized my SU Designer Paper to some extent.  I used to keep it in a one of the Iris Cart drawers and would pull it out and have to go through eachall of it to see what I had.  Then I would get out the catalog to see what was current and which pieces went together and to see what colors coordinated with the DSP.  So, I took a 12x12 plastic holder - looks like a magazine holder and has plastic dividers.  I put the DSP in there and separated each pack that I had - Flirtatious, Twitterpated, Beyond the Garden, etc. behind the plastic dividers.  I labeled the name of the DSP on the top and wrote on a label the coordinating colors that matched the DSP and stuck that on the divider too.  That has sure made life easier trying to figure out what cardstock matched the DSP!

One more organization tip for you.  I have the new Framelits Dies from the Occasions Mini Catalog (and love them!.)  They come in a nice plastic envelope so what I did for storage was to tape some magnet strips to the cardboard that the dies are stuck on and then just slide them back in the envelope.

I hope you get some inspiration from some of my organization tips.  You know, you're never through getting things organized.  As soon as you think you are, you buy more stuff and have to figure out a way to organize it!!  If you have any tips to share, please leave me a comment.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Calendar Pages June - September

Almost finished with my room!  I moved furniture around today and cleaned out drawers.  I found some things in one drawer that I got when I first started with Stampin' Up - 6 years ago - that had not been opened!  Oh my - that is bad!  I found about 10-12 12"x12" tag sheets in various colors from my earlier days.  So, tonight while watching tv, I punched all the tags out and put them in a container.  You just might see me using tags in some of my cards in the future!!  Maybe if I'd punched them out 6 years ago, I would have used them!  I filled up a couple more garbage bags today too.  I have a friend who recently moved to Georgia.  She got interested in stamping while attending my classes.  I am putting together a goody bag for her to keep her going.  I'm trying to convince her to sign up as a SU demonstrator.  She would make a good one.  Sonny is going to hang my Clip Up Ribbon Organizer tomorrow so I will get my ribbons organized in it when I return from playing Mahjongg.  I bought it for myself for Christmas present and bought one for my sister, Marianne.  I don't know if she has found a spot for hers yet or not.

Here are a few more months of my calendars for you:

The wind has really been howling all night.  We have a lot of tall pine trees behind our house and they have just been swaying.  I think the wind is blowing in a cold front.  It is supposed to get really cold here tomorrow and stay that way for at least a week - with temps only getting in the mid-40s.  I wouldn't mind some snow falling!!  After all, it is January!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Getting Organized is a Messy Business!

 Well, today was not such a great day for us Steeler fans.  Our football season is over.  We played Denver today (think, Tim Tebow praying) for the wildcard playoff game and lost in overtime.  The Steelers really didn't deserve to win considering the way they played today.  I really didn't think we'd go very far in the playoffs this season but was sure hoping we'd get at least one more game.  So, I have packed up all my Steeler gear until next year.  Now I will have to cheer on another team I suppose.

I guess now I will have more time to clean out my stamp room instead of watching football.  I started yesterday and it is so over-whelming, I find myself standing in the room and scratching my head!  Sonny keeps poking his head in and laughing at me.  He has offered to get his shovel for me so I can shovel a path (or maybe shovel some stuff in the garbage!)  I have filled up 2 garbage bags though!  It's hard to tell but I have made a little progress.  But I have a long way to go!  I can't even see my desk it is so covered with stuff.  Here are a few pictures I took tonight.  Hopefully, next week this time, I can post some pictures that look much better!

This is my desk!

I even have things stacked in the hall!

I can barely get to my chair much less find the tv controller!
I do have a card to share with you that I did last week before I started the reorganizing!  It uses goodies from the Occasions Mini Catalog - the stamp, Take It to Heart, pleated satin ribbon, some Twitterpated DSP and the Adorning Accents Embossing Folder (pg 7).

I stamped the heart with White ink and embossed it.  I love this stamp!

Hope your week is a good one!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Days

We had a snow day today!  The snow started sometime during the night and when I woke up this morning, every where you looked was white and beautiful.  I remember how excited I was as a kid to have snow days and to go out and play in it all day .... making snowmen, having snowball fights, eating snow cream.  Good memories.  My kids were just the same although living in Texas, they didn't get the big snow storms like we had today.  But, what we did get, they made the best of.  We didn't have a sled but they would use cookie sheets for their sledding and pack the snow in a bucket to make their snowmen.   I don't know if kids have this kind of fun anymore.  It seems like they would rather stay indoors playing video games than exerting themselves running and playing outside these days.  Sonny and I took a walk around the neighborhood after lunch and didn't see one kid out playing or even a snowman to show that kids had been playing outside.

So I felt it only appropriate tonight to make this snowman card:

I found this paper tonight while cleaning and thought it would make a great background for my snow couple!

I started this weekend re-organizing my stamp room so today was great to have the snow day to finish it up.  I moved furniture around and everything!  I still have a little bit more to do but I made a good start on getting things in order.

These are my  Stampin' Up stamps organized A through R. 
I still have a couple of shelves (bottom ones) to organize.  Hopefully, I'll tackle that tomorrow.

These are the rest of my SU stamps organized S - W.  I got tired of bending down all the time to get to stamps on lower shelves!  On the top, I have my ribbon in empty plastic jars that used to hold nuts.

This is my cutting station. 
My desk still needs a little work but it looks a lot better than it did about noon today!!  It was covered with stuff.

These are my non-Stampin' Up stamps that are on a shelf in my closet.  I stamped all of them on copy paper by categories - floral, animals, snow, holidays, masculine, etc. and put them in plastic boxes.  The white basket toward the bottom are all my clear stamps stored in CD cases and categorized in a separate notebook.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Greeting Card Kid

I had a late night last night .... biting my fingernails to the quick watching the Steelers play in another nail biter game!  They pulled the win out but almost blew a 20 point lead at halftime.  Tonight we went to the Checkers hockey game after a nice dinner at Black Finn downtown Charlotte.  It was a fun evening even if the hockey game was a bit boring.  The only fight that occurred was before we even got in our seats!  We were only ten minutes late and missed a fight and two scores by the opposing team.   Oh well, it was a nice night out with friends.

Today I worked on a Christmas card using the In Colors (Blushing Bride and Pear Pizzaz) and the little girl from Greeting Card Kids.  I stamped a few of them from Margaret's stamp set - I think she is going to have to stamp a few more for me!

I got the idea for this card from Sandi MacIver's Countdown to Christmas newsletters.

I got a SU shipment today for my club ladies.  I had ordered some more ribbon organizers.  They are great and hold a bunch of ribbon!  See for yourself:  These are three of them (they come 2 to a package).  I have 4 medium and 2 large ones and they all hook together on the sides.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer On A Tropical Island

This is part of my organization this week.  I know a person or two who will roll their eyes (yes, you Marianne!) but  they  make sponging so much easier!  The pieces of sponge I had been using were just a guess as to what color they were.  So, there were times I was getting purple in my pink sponging and black in my navy.  I've been wanting to make these sponges for several months.  I just took the round sponge and cut it into 6 pieces.  Then punch a tab out of colored cardstock and staple it to the sponge piece.  I store them in a plastic container that used to hold my DMC yard when I did cross-stitch.

Here's my daubers.   I  need to get some clean daubers and keep them uncontaminated too.  I bought this plastic holder last year at CKC.

So, here is the picture I did today using my nice clean sponges!  It's a CASE from Michelle Zindorf - but sponging instead of brayering.  The recipe is below the card.

Cardstock:  Whisper White, More Mustard, Basic Black, Taken With Teal
Ink:  Tempting Turq., Ballet Blue, Bashful Blue for sky and water / More Mustard & Creamy Caramel for sand
I stamped the tree and palm leaves (from the Summer Mini) in Basic Black.  I made the island using the corner of my black pad.  I stamped "summer" (from an old wheel that I had cut apart) on half of a Top Note die.

Don't you wish you were in that blue water or on that island in some exotic locale???  We can dream can't we!  One of my stamp club gals came to my house yesterday straight from a trip to Hawaii!  Lucky Dog!  She flew in at 8:30 a.m. and came to my house about 1 pm after no sleep.  That is dedication!!