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Friday, October 22, 2010

Happy Birthday

I've had a fun couple of days and hope to be enjoying tomorrow as well even though I'll be older!  Friday is my birthday but I'm not one of those gals who hate to admit I'm getting older.  I think age is a matter of how you feel and right now, I am feeling ok! 

I got my hair cut yesterday .... really cut - not just a trim - and I love it!  My hair is very thick and I can't stand it falling into my face all the time.  Most of the time, when I am home, I use a clip to hold it back.  So, I decided it was time for a change.  Here's a picture I had Sonny take of me last night with my new "do".

What do you think?  Sonny's not so sure about it - too much of a change for him.  Guess he's one of those people that likes the same old, same old. 

Today was our Frugal Fashion Show (Newcomers).  We had about 15 models and it was just amazing to see the fashions everyone came up with.  If you haven't shopped at Goodwill or Salvation Army before, you might want to stop by and check them out!  You can get nice jeans for $3.75, slacks - $4 and more.  One of the gals found an Anne Taylor silk dress for $4. 

This is one of my outfits.  The slacks are Talbot brand ($4).  The top is two separate pieces.   

Even though the picture makes the jacket look pink, it is a deep embossed red.  The buttons and the trim at the collar are rhinestones.  The skirt is Jones of New York brand ($3)!  The jacket would be great for a Christmas party.

Here's a group picture of the finale.  We had dressy as well as casual clothes.  It was really fun!

I even made a scrapbook page using MDS!

I haven't talked to Ashley in a couple of days.  We have gotten in the habit of talking about every day for about 30 minutes and I am getting spoiled!  She has been telling me how spoiled she feels.  She is being kidded a lot about how many packages and letters she receives.   On Tuesday, she got 8 packages!!  She had to have a truck take her home that day!  She keeps telling me she feels like she is at Girl Scout camp again when, if you received too many letters, you had to sing!  She's mentioned this several times so my guess is she must have had to do that a lot and it left a lasting impression on her.  She keeps telling the other soldiers there that she has a lot of friends and family who really care!  And that is the TRUTH!  Seven of the boxes were filled with books from the volunteer organization "Operation Paperback."  You can read about them HERE.  If you have paperbacks that you have read, consider donating them to this great group!  Or if you know a soldier overseas, tell him/her to register and they, too, can receive seven boxes of books! 

Happy Birthday to ME!