Wednesday, April 29, 2009

American Idol Results Show

And here we are again. Well, whaddya know? Simon’s backtracking. Now he says that everyone was good last night.

OMG. That food fight. What a mess! All I could think of was, who is going to have to clean up that mess? Well, the bill for $6,000 maid service was given to Danny!! Ha Ha!! Guess he'll have to win now to pay for it.

First up to be critiqued - Matt .... to the right of the stage

Danny ... to the left of the stage

Allison ..... next to Danny

Kris ..... next to Matt

Adam .... next to Kris

Bottom three ..... Adam, Kris, Matt .... WRONG!! This is the first time Adam and Kris have been in the bottom. Well now. This is certainly interesting, but in light of the Chris Daughtry upset of 2006, not at all surprising. And it ain’t over yet, now is it?

I know someone has to go home, but this is the hardest year ever to pick just one winner. They are just all so good.

Natalie Cole performs while we're waiting for the results.

Next is Taylor Hicks ... my choice a few years ago. Unfortunately, he hasn't done much in the recording industry. My son and daughter-in-law recently saw him in Grease live in .... Tucson!! I'm not so into this song he's doing tonight. Maybe the album is good though.

Kris is safe! Whooo Hoooo! That was what I was hoping for.

That leaves Matt and Adam. I'll be ok with either one but I believe it will be Matt going home.

Did American get it right this time?

Now, Jamie Fox performs. I really like him .... maybe not this song exactly even it it's the Number One song in America. He's sorta singing like my boy from a couple of years ago, Blake!! He has it right though when he says these final five are true artists.

Ok ... the moment of truth. American got it right - Matt is going home.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Top 5 ... American Idol

Tonight is Rat Pack songs ... big band standards. Most of the singers from that era are dead but Jamie Fox can relate to the songs and he is the guest tonight. Cool! I loved him in the movie, Ray. Should be a good mentor.
OK .... what about Paula's dress????
First up is .....
  • Kris Allen - he gets the unlucky number one. The Way You Look Tonight - can he croon it? Jamie Fox thinks so. He said if Idol doesn't work out for Kris, he & Kris can get together and make it happen! I love this song. If was a favorite of mine when sung by the Letterman in the "old days" and it is still great. Kris makes it new and gives it his own touch. Randy thinks it is his best!! Kara thinks he set the standard high for the evening and he is truly a dark horse in the competition. Of course, Paula loves it and calls him a "contemporary crooner." Simon is not as enthusiastic and thinks it is a little "wet". What the hell does that mean???? Not dry is what he says! Simon is WRONG this time and is all wet! Is Simon trying to discredit a contestant that he doesn’t want to see win, even if he doesn’t really think the performance is that bad. Is American Idol rigged? Hmmm
  • Allison - the only chick left in the competition. She celebrated her 17th birthday yesterday. She looks cute tonight. Someone to Watch Over Me is her choice. Jamie thinks she is too young to have the incredible voice that she has. I agree .... she has a great voice and should go far in the music world. Just don't know that she will go much further in this competition against the guys. Randy says she looks "dope"!! Go figure - where do they get this language? Guess I'm just not hip! Kara thought it was a gut wrenching rendition. Paula has been waiting so long for Allison to do a ballad and is really proud of her. Simon asks her if she thinks she can win and of course, she says yes. He doesn't feel like she has confidence in herself and thinks she could be in trouble. Simon, you are a jerk. Kara, you tell him! Simon really seems like he’s trying to throw the competition. Unlike past years, at this stage, I think it’s anybody’s game. Let America decide!!
  • Matt - My Funny Valentine - Someone needs to sing an upbeat song. It was just too much like the last two, and I’m ready for something modern and rockin’. Randy thought it was "pitchy"; Kara wasn't thrilled with it either. Of course, Paula likes everyone and never criticizes so I have to throw her comments out. Ironically Simon is full of praise for Matt after informing him when he used the Judges’ Save a couple weeks ago that he had no chance of winning. I really don’t get Simon tonight AT ALL.
  • Danny Gokey — Come Rain Or Come Shine: A really jazzy number! I love it which is no surprise since he is my favorite. How many pairs of glasses does he have?? He keeps upping the intensity. This is definitely a different sound for him, and it suits him. Randy was worried about everyone singing ballads but he thinks Danny is the only one he has heard that could do an album of ballads and he could WIN! Kara has been missing the "rat pack swagger" all season! Paula's one-liner .... stellar! Even Simon is coming to his senses. Simon even thanked Jamie Fox for bringing out the incredible-ness in Danny. This performance by Danny overshadows the first three. It had that little something extra that the others didn’t seem to have.
  • Adam Lambert — Feeling Good Another quintessential Adam Lambert performance. He is so incredibly talented. He just seems like a "kiss up" to me. I don't know what it is about him but he rubs me the wrong way. Maybe it's his theatrical and dramatic actions. The audience loves him. Randy thinks he is consistently "in the zone" even if he is theatrical. Kara thinks he is "shocking" in a good way and loves him. Paula .... words cannot describe. Simon thinks it was the best entrance (strut) they've had all year.

They were all incredible tonight. I cannot pick a bottom 3 ... but my bottom 2 picks are: Allison & Matt. I think their time is up and I think it will be Matt although I am worried for Allison too.

My favorite of the night is Danny with Kris a close second.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Top Note Box

Today was another gorgeous but very WARM day here in NC!  We put our boat in the water yesterday and went out for a few hours and I got a little bit of sun.  Last night, my sisters came over and we cooked chicken out on the grill - Jamaican Jerk Chicken from this month's Southern Living magazine.  It was very good!  After it cooled down a bit (got to 90 degrees on Saturday!), we had a good old-fashioned camp-fire in the back yard and toasted marshmallows for Smores!  Another yum!!  Today we went back on the boat for a few hours and met up with some friends for a late lunch/early supper at the Lake Norman Deli.  Such is the life!!

Tonight I made this Top Note Box.  It was super easy.  If you want the directions, just let me know.  I used the Top Note die and my trusty Sizzix for the top and bottom of the box and some retired designer paper.  The flower is the Sizzix Flower Layers (p. 199).




Sunday, April 26, 2009

Michael's Finds!

I made a trip to Michael's last week. That coupon was burning a hole in my pocket! But, I ended up not even using it .... and I had 3 coupons! Funny how it is when they put coupons in the paper, they have everything you want on sale but when things aren't on sale, you don't have a coupon!

I tried to use the coupon on the EK Success Circle Plus Cutter, but all their cutters were on sale. So, I just got it at the sale price. I used the Circle cutter to make this baby book for a good friend who happened to have a little girl (Cassidy) on my anniversary!

I got this paper at Scrap Shack in Mooresville. They also had the pink chipboard which was great to cut my circles out of! Won't this look cute with some cute baby pictures inside?


101_2487 101_2488 101_2489


Here is the card I made to send with the little book .... another quilted card. I am loving these cards. I used the same paper I used in the little book and punched the squares out with my 1 1/4" SU punch. I adhered the squares to a piece of white paper and made little stitch marks with my black pen. Then I ran it through the Top Note Die and sponged Certainly Celery around the edges. Then I adhered it to my Pink Pirouette card and ran the whole card through my Cuttlebug folder (the swirly patterned one). Inside I used a Saleabration stamp - Congratulations.

Here are the rest of my Michael's "finds" for all you bargain shoppers. The turquoise and yellow "ribbon" was in the Dollar Bin and it is felt! Pretty cool. The middle ribbon is grosgrain but I just loved the vivid colors! The two Sizzix were on clearance - one was like $2 and the other was about $4! What bargain have you found lately?

Friday, April 24, 2009

Project Sharing

Here's a few things I've been working on this week.  Remember - you can click on the pictures to see them better.  Just remember to click on the "back arrow" to return to my blog.

This is a Rolodex file I made a while back to keep track of birthdays, anniversaries, etc.  I used SU's circle punches for the month tabs and stamped the months with the Just Rite alphabet set.  Believe it or not, but I got this Rolodex 2 summers ago at CK Convention and just couldn't decide what to do with it!  My sister has one and I think she is going to make a drink index with hers!  Hmmmm ... not a bad idea!!











This is a flower pot card I made last Friday when Marianne was here.  We saw a similar card posted on Splitcoast (think it was a challenge a few weeks ago) and decided to made our own.  I only had to take the flowers off my card about 2-3 times to get them the way I wanted them!!  I meant to send this card to a friend who has been sick, but forgot!  She's probably well by now .... huh, Margaret?  Oh well, they say it's the thought that counts.



Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Earth Day



Happy Earth Day to you.  I did my part yesterday to beautify my little portion of the earth.  Aren't these flowers beautiful?  Dahlias and Gerber Daisies (Ashley's favorites!) for Breast Cancer (from Lowe's).  I planted them today in a pot .... just hope they get enough sun!

Sonny and I started out the day visiting with our lawyer to get our wills and medical releases up to NC law.  All our important documents were made out about 10 years ago when we wee Texas residents.  Friends had told us that NC might not accept the documents from another state.  You might want to check on your important papers also if you have moved to another state.  Also, do you have your papers in a fire-proof box and do your loved ones know where they are?  Important things to know!

Then we went to the movies to see State of Play.  It was really good.  Russell Crow, Ben Affleck, Rachel McAdams and Helen Mirar are in it.  Crowe stepped into the role after Brad Pitt dropped out.  Crowe played a very interesting character in this role as a scruffy hero in a newspaper movie that is acutely aware of the crisis affecting newspapers.  There are a lot of surprises in the film and it is a good thriller.  I recommend it.

Next was a stop at Lowe's to pick up bird seed and a few plants.  Sonny has a tendency to over-trim my trees and plants when given the chance.  Last year, he chopped down 3 rhododendrons on the side of the house.  They were a little lot over-grown, but really only needed a good trimming.  Anyway, they are gone with no greenery showing up this spring.  They were covering up the ugly air conditioners so now, I have to come up with another plan.  Our yard gets very little sun because of all the trees around us and we don't want to give up that precious shade!  (especially after living in Texas.)  But, trying to find plants that don't need sun is a little tricky.  Here's what I planted today.

The two shrubs are called a Leprechaun Shrub.  I planted the Nandina in the middle a few days ago - dug it up from the front yard.


To the side, I am going to try a Hosta garden.  Here are two I planted today.


In the back yard, I planted a hosta and Bleeding Heart last year and they are coming up nicely.  So, I added a couple more plants to them today.  Now, I want to find some nice sized rocks and outline their area so Sonny doesn't mow them down!


This is a close-up of the Bleeding Heart ... and my azaleas blooming.101_2477   101_2476

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Idol - Minus 2

Disco Night continues as Paula choreographed the Final Seven in a disco number. I thought it was pretty good ... even though I think they were lip-syncing.

First one to be called - Lil Rounds makes the walk to the far side of the stage (as predicted by moi.) Wow - no surprise, but they didn't make her suffer. They gave her the bad news right away. When she sang her final song, Paula told her she should have sang like that last night. Simon told her he was going to miss her family screaming in the audience!

A medley of old timey Disco singers -

Freda Payne singing Band of Gold. I think she's got to be at least 60 years old if not older! As Sonny said, she's been "rode hard and put up wet." (one of his favorite sayings!) Did you see her belly flopping around?

Thelma Houston singing Don't Leave Me This Way. She didn't need to be poured into that dress - oh my!!

KC - of KC & The Sunshine Band singing Get Down Tonight - Getting old is hell, ain't it? When I lived in Texas, he was on my plane once when I was flying from San Antonio to Dallas. It was a Southwest Airlines flight - about the cheapest you can fly!!

Idol was scraping the bottom of the barrel for those singers!

Back to the results - Kris is called up and he's SAFE! Adam's next and he's SAFE. Next is Danny and he's SAFE. You know, I could have written all that before hearing Ryan announce it.

Now, we have Anoop - he's in the bottom 3.

Allison and Matt are the two left - Allison is in the bottom and Matt is safe. Wow!!

David Archuletta sings next while Allison and Anoop sweat it out. I like his song - he's matured a lot it seems. His voice sounded a little raspy.

OK, back to the results - the second person going home is Anoop ... as I predicted

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Final 7 on American Idol - Again!

      Tonight is Disco Night. Who picks these themes?
    • Lil Rounds - I'm Every Woman by Shaka Khan - sounded a little screamy to me. Paula said she was on vocal rest yesterday so she did good to come out and sing a song like that. None of the judges gave her any encouragement. Simon said this was her final night and I agree. Lil Rounds disagreed with the judges. She's also the first of the night to perform which is another strike against her. Think her time is up and it's time.

    • Kris Allen - She Works Hard for the Money by Donna Summer - sure is a different arrangement for a Donna Summer song. Kara loved it as did Paula. Simon didn't understand what Paula was saying but that's OK - he loved Kris' arrangement. Randy thinks he is ready for the big time. I liked it - another great performance for Kris!!

    • Danny Gokey - September by Earth, Wind & Fire- He is my favorite! He did great - just incredible! The judges agreed with me. Simon's a little on the fence about it.

    • Allison - Hot Stuff - an appropriate song for her. I can’t imagine being 16 and being so confident. The judges are giving her accolades. It was just an OK performance to me. I'm not as "in love" with her as the judges are.
    • Adam - If I Can't Have You - Wow, does he look different tonight in a suit! He re-invents his look every week. He was great! I really liked his slow version of this song. Randy thinks he is ready to make a record. Kara thinks it was his best. Paul was crying and thinks he is brilliant. Simon thought he would probably do Donna Summer but thought he was outstanding. Folks, he may be the next American Idol!

    • Matt Giraud - Staying Alive - Paula's on her feet! This is the Matt we were hoping for the last couple of weeks. I agree with Kara that it wasn’t brilliant, but it was solid. Randy wasn't in love with the song but thinks he can really sing. Paula thought this was a strike for him - not a gutter ball ... whatever that means! Simon was real and of course, didn't like it. I called that one. Simon thought it was a desperate performance - not good vocals, not original ....

    • Anoop - Love Don't Come Easy - This was not one of my favorites. Kara thought it was one of his best performances. Paula likes his look tonight - the "growth" on his face and his pink sweater vest! Simon of course completely disagrees with the other judges. I agree with Simon this time.
    Randy said this is the most talented Final 7 they've ever had and I agree whole-heartily. I think Kris could be the dark horse in this competition. I don't know that he will end up winning but he'll be like Chris Daughtery and do better as a non-winner and be a recording star. We will definitely hear his name and his songs on the radio.

    I think if your name isn’t Kris, Danny or Adam you could potentially be in danger tomorrow night. The others were good, but tonight, they weren’t nearly as original or strong. So here are my picks for going home this week: Anoop and Lil Rounds

    Monday, April 20, 2009

    Whoooo's Special?

    I made this card tonight for a special little girl.  Have you heard of Wright Flight?  It’s a program that was offered at my granddaughter's school this year (in Tucson) and she was fortunate to be one of the limited number of students to be accepted into the program.  She attended the after-school program twice a month all year and was rewarded on Saturday with Fly Day.  She got to be co-pilot of a small airplane for a forty minute flight around town.  Isn't that pretty cool? 

    Kennedy 101_2454

    Weight Watcher Delights

    Try these yummy Weight Watchers recipes!!

    Frozen Fruit Salad
    Makes 24 servings -2 points per serving

    1 can sugar free, lite cherry pie mix
    1 can fat free condnsed Eagle brand milk
    1 20 oz. can crushed pineapple, undrained
    1 medium fat free cool whip
    Mix all together and freeze. Cut into 2" squares.

    Angel Food Cupcakes - Crushed Pineapple
    Makes 24 large muffins or 30 smaller ones 1 pt. per muffin

    Use 1 box fat free angel food cake mix
    Use 1 tall can crushed pineapple w/ juice
    Try baking btwn 10-12 minutes at 350 degrees. (Make sure done in middle)
    Can also use in 9 x 13 pan.
    Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.
    Cut into 24 squares (2" size).
    Can use 1 can of sugar-lite cherry pie filling instead of pineapple.

    Sunday, April 19, 2009

    Final Swap Cards

    I went to a Pampered Chef party today - my first would you believe!  I was pretty good and only ordered about $10 worth of product!  Believe me, there was more I wanted but since I haven't cooked a meal in a week and a half, I couldn't justify paying $70 for a stoneware casserole dish!  Explain that one to hubby!  So, my plan is to have my own party this summer and earn me some free stuff! 

    The weather was yucky today, but yesterday was just beautiful.  Who knows.  Spring is just playing tricks on us, I think.

    So, here are the last of the swap cards for you.  Hope you have enjoyed them and are getting some ideas of your own for cards.  Don't forget to CLICK on the cards to see all the details!

    This cute baby card is by Jenn Diercks.  She used Wagon Full of Fun, Sweet Little Sentiments and Goody Goody Gumdrops stamps.  She did a great job coloring the duck (used her aquapainter).  The DSP is from Good Morning Sunshine.


    This card was done by Mary Rindal using Sense of Time.  I love how she threaded the wide Twill Tape ribbon through the Jumbo Eyelet!  And she used a small piece of Chocolate Chip Taffeta ribbon to tie around the twill tape.   It's hard to tell, but the tag is Sahara Sand Textured cardstock and is just gorgeous!  I just love how she crimped just a portion of the Not Quite Navy cardstock.  I think this is one of my favorites!


    Michael's coupon

    Here's a link to a Michael's coupon for this week! Now, go spend some $$$!!

    More Occasion Mini Swap Cards

    Hope you're enjoying this beautiful spring weather!  We went out on the lake today on a friend's boat.  We haven't put our boat in the water yet this season, but I have a feeling it'll be going in soon!

    I've got a few more cards to share with you from Jami's swap.

    The Kraft one is by Stacy White.  She used Parisian Breeze DSP with the stamp set Very Versatile.  The ribbon is Kraft Taffeta ribbon and is so pretty with the Baja Blue.

    The Saffron card is by Yvette Patko and uses Soft Summer stamp.  The DSP is Walk in the Park.  Don't you love the Corduroy button?


    This card is by Crystal Spencer.  She always does really great cards!  You should see how many layers she used - I counted 6 layers on the left!  The stamp set is A Rose is a Rose from the big catty and the Oval All stamp from the mini.  She stamped the rose on the White Shimmer paper and it is so pretty.


    This is another card by Yvette Patko using Just Beachy stamp.  Isn't it cute?  She also used Walk in the Park DSP and the Scallop Square Punch. 


    Friday, April 17, 2009

    Cuttlebug Challenge & Giveaway

    More Swap Cards

    I've got a few more swap cards to share with you today. 

    Both of these cards uses Great Friends stamp set - a really nice stamp!  The green card is by Rachel Sztonyk.  She used Walk In the Park DSP and glittered the Eggplant butterfly.

    The blue card is by Stacy White and also uses Walk In the Park DSP.  Don't you love these colors?


    The Fathers Day card is by Leann Yoho and uses And Many Mower stamp with To The Nines DSP.  The man is water-colored and she used the Big Shot Circles along with the Circle Scissor Plus.

    The Owl Card is by Trish DeFoggi and uses Forest Friends and Pocket Silhouettes..  She used Walk In the Park DSP.  She punches 1" pink circles to get the scallops.

    Both of these cards are 4 1/4" square.


    I went to the Great Impressions Stamp of the Month class last night at Stamper's Alley.  It was the first time I had seen my friend (and the teacher), Robin since her surgery.  She was looking good!  A great big shout-out to Robin!!  (Have a good weekend, Robin!)

    Thursday, April 16, 2009

    Card Swap Share

    I received my cards back last week right before I left town from Jami's New Occasions Mini Swap.  I participated in two of the swaps and, as usual, got some great cards back.  Here are two of them:

    This one is by Trish DeFoggi.  She used Forest Friends, such a sweet set.  She crimped the piece of Old Olive on the bottom (how long has it been since you used your crimper?  Don't know if I can even find mine!)


    Isn't this bunny just adorable?  This card is by Tandra Boyer.  She used An Egg-cellent Easter with Tea Party DSP.  I've got to order that paper - it's so spring-like!  She used the Big Shot Scallop Oval Die and glittered the bunny with Dazzling Diamonds.


    Wednesday, April 15, 2009

    Idol Results

    Who's it gonna be tonight?

    Jennifer Hudson sang tonight. She's certainly come a long way.

    Simon takes an opportunity to give Kris feedback on last night’s performance and briefly tells him it was brilliant while Paula parrots “yes it was.”

    Bottom three - Anoop, Lil and Matt

    Kara confirms that America got it right with the bottom three tonight, and Anoop is sent back to safety. Well, they are 3 of the ones I picked. It won't bother me if it's either Anoop or Lil and I think it will be Lil. Hope it's not Matt. (yes, Ashley, I do like him!) Don't know if they will use their Save for Matt or Lil - probably for Anoop though.

    And we hear from Miley Cyrus - I think I am sick of hearing about her!!! She's 16 for goodness sakes ... why don't they let her BE 16? The way she's dressed is just too much. She needs to take a few tips from Allison and be and act like a 16 year old KID! Let her be Hannah Montana and appeal to the teeny-boppers and not try to be what she's not. Even Taylor Swift doesn't try to act like a sex siren. Ok .... enough of my rant - do I sound like an old fogey??? Back to the results show.

    OK - Lil was sent back to safety. Matt sang for his life. Now, will they use their SAVE? Kara & Paula were up singing with him. Think they are gonna save him .... The gals don't want him to go. Simon doesn't think he has a chance in the competition. I think Randy, Kara and Paula over-ruled Simon.

    Simon abruptly brings everyone back down to earth by pointing out that next week two contestants will go home as well as the fact that it’s Disco Week. Oh well. For now, Matt lives to see another Idol performance. And the plot thickens! Can't see Lil or Anoop doing disco!

    Tuesday, April 14, 2009

    American Idol - Top 7

    Tonight the contestants are singing "Songs from the Movies with mentor, Quentin Tarantino. Not my favorite director - don't know if I've seen more than one of his movies but we'll see what he does with them.

    Since they ran out of time last week, only two judges are going to comment on each contestant. Doesn't make sense! We're down to only 7 contestants .... you'd think with an hour they could do it. Maybe if we cut out some commercials and didn't put one on after EACH singer!!

    Here we go!
    • Allison - Aerosmith's Don't Want to Close My Eyes - She didn't do it for me tonight. Paula says she is talented; Simon agrees and thinks she is the girl's only chance to win the competition.
    • Anoop - Bryan Adams, Everything I do, I do for You - Pretty good! I was thinking he was on borrowed time, but Randy says he has found his "zone" in the last couple of weeks. I agree. Kara says it was one of his best performances.
    • Adam - Born to Be Wild from Easy Rider - He definitely gives it 110% each week. Probably not my favorite of his performances. I thought he was a little screechy. Paula love it though - "he dares to dance in the path of greatness"????? Simon thought vocally it was incredible, but parts were like the Rocky Horror Show!! I agree - you either love it or hate it!
    • Matt - Bryan Adams, To Really Love A Woman - Chris Daughtery sang this one too. Matt is giving it a bluesy flavor and I like it. Randy doesn't think it one of his best. Kara thinks he takes 2 steps forward and tonight took 2 steps back. He may be in trouble tonight.
    • Danny - Endless Love - He got bored so he got a guitar .... how does he get bored doing all the rehearsals, filming commercials, etc.!! Wow! He's singing without his glasses tonight. He's definitely one of my favorites and I'm loving him tonight! Paula thinks he's unique and unforgettable - he wowed and slayed us. Simon says he is a brillant singer but is disappointed with the harp and the traditional singing of the song. But, Simon congratulated him because he realized that was an emotional song for Danny to do.
    • Kris - from the movie, Once (never heard of it) and I didn't catch the name of the song - I've not ever heard it. Randy didn't like it - thought it was pitchy. Kara thought it was one of his best.
    • Lil Rounds - The Rose - A good song choice for her, I think but she's got some rough patches. Paula only talked about the song - not how she performed. Simon keeps it real and tells her he is getting frustrated with her ... that she is not the singer they met at the beginning of the season. I have to agree. She put her "two cents" worth in too ... unfortunately, she got cut off before I could hear everything she had to say.

    OK - my pick for bottom 3 .... it's tough tonight!! Lil, Kris .... Matt, Anoop???

    To go home .... Lil

    Yum .... Salt Water Taffy

    Salt Water Taffy is a favorite treat of mine and my daughter's.  I have been known to make myself sick eating it!  When we were in Savannah, there was a neat candy store (Savannah's Candy Kitchen) that was making taffy while you watched (and giving away samples!!).  They also make pralines and give away samples of them.

    Here is the machine that stretches and pulls the taffy.101_2389

    Then it goes to this roller machine and rolls around and around until it gets long and skinny (with the help of this guy).  He then feeds it through this machine which cuts it into small pieces and wraps the paper on it and drops it onto the surveyor belt.101_2388

    From the surveyor belt, it goes into these little Ferris Wheel containers which are on a type of pulley (like a Ferris Wheel!) and it goes up and around, dropping the contents at the top onto another surveyor belt.


    Here is the surveyor belt with the taffy that runs from the candy making part into another room (like a little train.)


    Then it drops out of this chute into the red bin.  See the piece in mid air?  Sonny was fascinated by the whole process!


    The red bin opens up and the taffy goes into one of the sections.  We didn't figure out how they get the taffy into the bottom sections since they are pop-riveted together.  My guess is that they scoop it from the top bin to the ones below.


    Pretty cool, huh?

    Monday, April 13, 2009

    Mrs Wilkes Boarding House

    We had a great trip in Savannah this weekend.  Before we left today, our last stop was Mrs. Wilkes Boarding House. 

    In 1943, a young Sema Wilkes took over a boardinghouse in historic downtown Savannah. Her goal was modest: to make a living by offering comfortable lodging and homestyle Southern cooking served family style in the downstairs dining room.  They don't take boarders any more, just serve wonderful Southern food.   Over the course of two-plus decades, the lines at Mrs. Wilkes' have grown longer, and the good press just keeps rolling in, even as other boardinghouses close up shop for the final time.

    I had been told that it was better than Paula Deen's restaurant, Lady and Sons.  Since I didn't go to Paula's restaurant, I can't compare, but believe me .... it was FABULOUS!!  We arrived a little before 10:45 and got in line in the drizzling rain.  They started letting people in a little before 11:00.  They serve you family style and you just pass the bowls and fill your plates.

    I took a picture but it doesn't do the table justice!  They served:  F101_2431ried Chicken (to die for), Beef Stew, Pork; Rice and Gravy, Mashed Potatoes, Okra & Tomatoes, Cabbage, Snap Beans, Macaroni and Cheese, Butter Beans, Black Eyed Peas, Rutabaga, Squash, Potatoes au Gratin, Yams, Pickled Beets, Red Beans, Turnip Greens, Carrot Salad, Cucumber Salad, Sausage, Creamed Corn, Corn Bread and homemade rolls!  For dessert, Banana Pudding and Blueberry Cobbler.   Of course, I sampled almost everything!!  My Yankee husband was not quite as impressed as I was though.  He's lived down South now for almost 40 years, you would think he would be liking our Southern cuisine.  But, no, he won't even eat a grit!!

    If you're ever in Savannah, this is MUST for dining!!  Mrs. Wilkes' Dining Room is located on one of the most elegant streets in Savannah. Jones Street runs through the center of the Historic District lined with moss laden trees and paved with cobblestone. It wasn't until 1987 that Mrs. Wilkes consented to a sign out front. She made this place somewhat of a legend, and her family is keeping it a family affair.  They don't take reservations and are only open Monday - Friday from 11 - 2.


    Sunday, April 12, 2009

    Happy Easter

    Hope the Easter bunny found your house!

    These are a couple of Easter cards that I sent out.

    This one is from a retired SU set and one I actually got in a swap a few years ago.


    This one I made.  I just love this paper and find myself hoarding it!  The blue check and the flower are from Parisian Breeze DSP and it is cardstock weight.   I matched it with a piece of Baja Breeze, Sahara Sand and Whisper White.


    Friday, April 10, 2009

    Flowers for You

    I won't be blogging for a few days (except for Easter Sunday - I have something set in advance for then). We are going to Savannah Friday a.m. for a long weekend to celebrate Easter as well as our anniversary. We have never been to Savannah. I am looking forward to it. We already have our Easter brunch booked on a ship so I hope the weather is nice.

    I will leave you with a few pictures of some of the beautiful flowers Ashley and I saw at the Botantical Gardens in New York.