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Thursday, July 1, 2010

The New Catty!!

The new Stampin' Up catalog is ready for your orders!  It is really pretty this year.  Feel free to follow the link above or in my sidebar to view the catalog and to download the pdf.   You can also download a list of all the supplies used to make the various projects in the catalog by clicking on the Supply List button in the sidebar.

If you would like to order from the catalog, click on the "Order Online" link in my sidebar (made from MDS)!

I have a new box of catalogs arriving at my house on Tuesday.  If you have requested a catalog, I will be contacting you.  If you would like to purchase a catalog, please let me know.  For customers who are not local to me and who have ordered in the past year, I will provide a catalog to you for the cost of postage. Since the only way to ship something of this size and weight is priority, all I need from you is $4.80 to ship you a catalog.  If you haven't ordered from me in the past year and you do want a catalog, they are $5 (plus postage if I need to mail it to you. So $9.80 if it needs to be shipped.)

I didn't get that job yet (in my dreams), but I just placed a large order.  I can't wait to see the new In Colors - I think I'm already in love with the Pear and can't wait to see it!  I ordered mostly paper, punches and ribbon - only one stamp set!  I did not pay extra for Expedited Shipping like so many do.  I'm impatient but can't see paying that much extra just for postage!  I'd rather save that money to buy more STUFF!!