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Friday, September 24, 2010

Fall Preview

This is a picture of Ashley and the Hug Lady of Killeen before she left for Iraq!

Today I finished up a lot of odds and ends of projects and made a couple of new things while I was at it.  All while I was watching some of the new shows that debuted this week.  When I got the Sept. 17 issue of Entertainment Weekly magazine, they had a run-down of all the new fall shows.  There were a lot that sounded pretty good to me (for a change!)  So our DVR has been doing double-time.  We have a DVR downstairs that records shows Sonny & I watch together ... and some he watches without me and I have a DVR in my craft room that I record all my shows.  So far, here are my takes on the ones I have watched:
  • Dancing With the Stars - not new show but surprised that it was Hasselhoff who went home - I thought surely it would be Margaret Cho!  But wasn't Jennifer Grey something?
  •  Chase - I think I am going to like it, verdict is still out.
  • Lone Star - recorded but haven't watched it yet - waiting for Sonny to watch it with me because I think he will like it.
  • Glee -  I didn't watch it last year but spent this summer catching up since they rebroadcast all the episodes.
  • Raising Hope - Thumbs Down - only watched about 10 minutes before erasing.
  • Running Wilde - Thumbs Down - I so wanted to like this one because Keri Russell went to high school with Ashley in Coppell.  But, only made it through about 20 minutes before deleting.
  • The Whole Truth - I really liked this one.  I think Sonny would like it if he would give it a chance but it's one I recorded upstairs.  It's by Jerry Bruckheimer and has Maura Tierney (from ER) and Rob Morrow in it.
  • The Defenders - Nope - not for me - too much James Bond, spy stuff for me.
So that's all I've watched so far.  I know I spend entirely too much time watching tv!  I've been pretty lost this week though during the day.  I've watched As The World Turns (soap opera) for more years than I care to admit and it has been canceled.  The last show was last Friday but I didn't watch it until Tuesday.  I just couldn't bear it.  Now I don't watch any soaps.  First they canceled Guiding Light and then As the World Turns .... what's a girl to do?

Here's a cute little Grandma's Brag Book I made today.  It is accordian folded and goes into a little plastic box.  I got the kit this summer at CKC.