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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New Year's Resolutions

Are you thinking about New Year's resolutions?  Every year there is a lot of talk about setting resolutions and everyone is motivated and eager to improve.  I am not a good one for setting resolutions but I am going to try this year.  Do any of these feel familiar:

  • Drop 20 pounds
  • Get out of debt
  • Start a business
  • Declutter my house
If you have written out some resolutions, take a look at your list.  Are you feeling overwhelmed?  There are ways to make your resolutions feel less daunting.  For example, focus on one goal at a time; like one per month.  Or break down each goal into smaller baby steps.

Envision the end of 2016.  Envision YOU at the end of 2016.  What do you want to feel or look like in December 2016?  This is the principle of beginning with the end in mind.  Once you have a clear vision of what you desire for yourself, that is exactly what you need to guide you in setting goals or resolutions.  Defining the "end result" (we're just talking about the end of 2016 for now) means that you now have the compass you need to keep you focused on what kind of goas to set.  Having the big picture in your mind and in your heart means that you can steer yourself in a direction that will keep your smaller goals in line with whatever's most important to you.

Begin with the end in mind.  Allow the bigger picture to guide you and keep you focused so that instead of having an unrealistic list of 30 goals to tackle, you have a vision of the person you'll be 12 months from now.  If you've already written your list, now's a good time to check in twice and cross off anything that's not supportive of the bigger picture that you have in mind. 

I personally think having just one or two resolutions is more "doable."  I am going to set a goal to lose weight this year so that next year when I'm visiting Ashley and sitting on a beautiful Hawaiian beach, I won't be mistaken for a whale that has washed up!

My short term resolution is to made a new blog heading this week and remove this Christmas elf one!!

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy 2016!!

I haven't ushered in 2016 yet - got about 25 minutes here in Texas until 2016 arrives!  Sonny and I are on our own tonight.  Ashley's friends surprised her with a flight to DC where they are celebrating her 40th birthday in style.  They have been planning this surprise since July and it has been hard keeping quiet!  She has known for a few weeks that she was flying somewhere because she had to take leave for the days she will be gone.  One of her friends flew to DC yesterday from Texas and another gal came by this morning at 6:45 to give her the plane ticket and take her to the airport.  I don't know how she worked it but she flew to DC too.  I'm guessing she dropped Ashley at the door with Ashley not knowing she was going too while she parked and sneaked back in the airport.  But looks like they are having fun!

Sonny and I had an early dinner at a Mexican restaurant and then went to the movies.  I had been wanting to see Joy so Sonny agreed.  It was terrible!!  I really owe Sonny now for sitting through that horrible movie.  Don't waste your money!!  We came back to Ashley's and watched a movie on TV that was much better (Alex Cross) and are now watching the countdown on tv and waiting for midnight.  We fly home tomorrow and will be celebrating Christmas with my NC family on Saturday.

Have a safe and prosperous 2016!!