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Friday, January 20, 2012

Take a Tour!

Sonny painted the last room yesterday .... unless I can convince him to paint my stamp room.  I just don't know if I want to move everything - again - to paint!  He's not real anxious to paint anymore either.  Maybe I'll just wait a few months!!   The pink bedrooms turned out really pretty.  Here are a few pictures of one of the guest rooms.  It is my vintage room.  I have a lot of things from my grandmother's house - really old stuff!

This dressing table was my grandmother's.  Around the mirror and on the old hat stand are old hats from my Great Aunt Love.  She owned her own hat shop in Charlotte back in the 40s.  On the dressing table are long kid gloves, a comb and mirror set, an old camera, pictures of my mom as a baby and my grandmother when she was young.  On the right side is a pin-up calendar from 1946.  I will be posting pictures from it soon.

This is a baby gown that my grandmother made for me.  I hung it on the wall.  The trim on it matches the pink walls.

Me painting the saying on the wall.  It was a Decorative sticker that I had applied to the wall a few years ago.  When we painted, it got covered up, so I had to paint over it.

An old mirror from a dressing table - not sure who's it was.  Hanging on one side is a mink collar from a coat of my Great Aunts.  On the other side is an old fan from a funeral home - back in the day.   The beds were in my grandmother's room.  In between them is an old trunk that I use for a table between the beds. 
The lamp is new.  But do you notice the pink ribbon trim?  It is the pleated ribbon from the Stampin' Up Mini Catalog!  It is not just for card making!  Love it!
These are two pictures that I found at M's - I thought they added that vintage look to the room!
Hope you enjoyed the tour of my guest room!  Now Sonny & I are off to the movies.  Enjoy your weekend!