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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Swap cards

Busy, busy!  I can't wait for Sonny to get better!  I'm getting worn out being a nursemaid, garbage gal, cook and bottle washer plus doing my own stuff!!   He is waiting now for the Physical Therapist to come.

I had a wonderful surprise early (6:30 am) Monday morning.  The phone rang and it was Ashley on the other end.  Luckily I don't sleep as soundly as Sonny - he never woke up even though I tried to get him to so he could talk to her.  She filled me in on what she had been doing in Kiribati and I filled her in on her dad's surgery.  She said she is seeing things over there that she has only read and seen in her text books.  This deployment was tailor-made for her!

Monday was super busy for me.  I went to bridge and afterwards, stopped at Five Guys and got him a hamburger; took it home to him and got my things together; then met Marianne back in Mooresville & we went to dinner, to the mall and did some crafting. I didn't get home till about 10. . I told Sonny when I left for bridge to answer the phone if anyone called, even if he didn't recognize the number (he is really bad about not answering the phone!)   About 2:00 I got a call on my cell from the PT that she had tried to call the house twice but no one answered!!  She was headed over to the house so I told her to go on - he was home.  When I got home, she had already come and gone.  He was in pretty good spirits - unlike Sunday which was his worst day, so far.  He actually called the nurse Monday morning about the swelling he was having.  She told him to elevate it on a step stool.  Seems like they should have told him that.  I know it is common sense but they make such a big deal about not getting your knees above your hips, that we wouldn't have done that.  She asked him when he was returning to the dr - when he told her this Thursday, she said that was too soon; that they usually didn't see you again for 2 weeks.  So, she called the dr. office & found out the dr is going out of town next week.  The PT looked at his leg & seemed to be ok with it.  He was mostly excited because the PT had him walk around our kitchen island without his walker - just holding on to the counter.  She is preparing him to use just his cane.  

Tuesday I met up with a gal who is in Mooresville for a couple of weeks visiting family. Barbara is a SU demo who lives in Florida.  Judy & I met her at Stampers Alley & then went to lunch at Pomadora's   Of course, when I got home I found out Sonny had gone upstairs by himself because he needed to use the bathroom (I have put a seat on the downstairs one but he didn't trust it's stability!)  We've started backing his pain meds down to every 5-6 hours and that seems to be working.  So hopefully by the weekend, he can just take Tylenot or something like that.  He wants to be able to go with the guys on Tuesday to the shooting range.  He won't be ready to shoot but he can ride around the cart with them and go to lunch.  Plus I'll be having Stamp Club and he doesn't want to be here!!

I participated in a swap recently and got some really nice samples to share with you.  We had to use products from the new catalog preview so there wasn't a big variety of stamps used.  But it was nice to see the different ways people used the stamps.  I've already shared the card I made HERE.

Karen Kunkle's card

Toni Campana's card

Kathryn Lovell's card

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