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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Get Creative With MDS2 Templates

Already Wednesday?  How time flies.  I've been on the go all week.  Monday I played bridge (and got high score!), then met Sonny at Discount Tire so they could repair my flat tire.  We shopped around a bit for a new TV for his room.  There was a 32" Magnavox advertised at Target at a good price.  But of course, we get there and they don't have any in stock.  The ad just came out on Sunday - good old "bait and switch!"  Tuesday I went to the dentist for my cleaning.  Ugh, I need 2 small fillings.  I'll be going back again next week for that.  After meeting a friend to give her Stampin' Up order, I headed over to the Huntersville Target.  They had one tv in stock but one was all I needed so now Sonny isn't having to watch tv with a magnifying glass tonight.  After a quick lunch, I headed to the body shop to get my bumper fixed and to WalMart. 

So are you anxious to see my creation this week?  Here is the sketch we had to work with:

And here is my card:

I created this card using MDS2 and worked from a template. If you are new to My Digital Studio, I suggest you start with a template and just change things around. This particular template is from the Smitten Alphabet and is for a 8x8 page (I think). Here is what the template looked like before I started altering it:

So give it a try - find a template you like on MDS2 and play around with it.  There are probably a lot of templates you don't even know you have.  That is the case with me.  I spent some time the other day just looking at all the templates and jotting down some of my favorites that I want to play around with.

Check out the rest of the cards from the Paper Craft Crew HERE.