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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Floral Affection

It's been crazy around here!!  I have been so busy getting all my stuff done for the Sept. Quarterly before I leave for vacation.  I've decorated & filled 38 boxes, made treat bags, special little gifts to go inside the bags (don't want to give away any secrets!!) plus getting my swaps made and getting the projects made for Stamp Club this week!  Add in a little "hubbie time" and watching the Olympics and this ole gal is worn out and ready for a Hawaiian vaca!!

Enough about all that ..... you're here to see some cards I bet!

I think this is my favorite card and so simple to do!  I learned this weaving technique years ago and had actually forgotten about it until I came across it recently on someone's blog.

The template is below.  You line the template up on the fold of your card - making sure you line it up so the straight line at the bottom is on the fold with the ends of the line at the top and bottom of your fold.  Then cut on the angled lines.  After that, you weave the triangles - folding down the longest lines and tucking the "V" into the next cut.  I will try and do a video when I return from Hawaii.

The only stamping on the card is sentiment at the bottom.  I used a stamp from one of my Paper Pumpkin kits.  Markers were used to color the embossed image (Floral Affection).  And for an added touch, I added a few pearls to the centers of the flowers.