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Friday, March 16, 2012

MDS - Top 10 Template

I was going through some CD's the other day and found several from a few years ago that I had put pictures on when I had them developed.  Now that I use a digital camera, I don't keep the pictures as well as I should.  I need to start putting them on CD's again!  Anyway I decided to make use of My Digital Studio and scrapbook the pictures.  These pictures were taken when Ashley graduated from Medical School and that same weekend, she was sworn in as a Major in the Army.  The ceremony was held at The Alamo in San Antonio and it was really neat.  (You can click on the pictures to view them larger.)

Ashley, her Grandmother and her brother

Her brother pinned her ensignia on her.  He was a Captain at the time and was not happy his sister was about to outrank him!

A great picture of the two of them!

We had a lot of family and friends there to help us celebrate.
The materials I used to create these pages were simple.  I started out with a 24 page template called Top 10 and just edited some of the embellishments on it. Using a template like this, makes putting together scrapbook pages a snap!! 

Some of the materials I used:
  • Top 10 Template
  • Torn Edges Stamp
  • Red, White, Blue Kit
  • Word Play stamp