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Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Share Sunshine for COVID-19

I'm on baby watch!  My nephew and his wife are at the hospital waiting for their baby girl to arrive!  
They checked into the hospital Sunday night anticipating the baby would be born on Monday.  They are big Star War fans and were excited that their baby would be born on "may the fourth be with you."  But no such luck!  They are still waiting.  Guess the baby will have to be a Cinco de Mayo girl!  The last I heard is she got an epidural this morning (after getting pitocin to induce yesterday) and now is going to have a C-Section.  Poor Marianne - she is on pins and needles waiting on her first grandbaby.  Every time my phone rings, I think it's her with the news!  Maybe I'll get the call before I finish this post!

I've really been going to town on these Corona Virus cards.  I just love the SHARE SUNSHINE PDF from Stampin' Up!  (You can read about it in my previous post HERE.) Since the launch of the PDF last week, Stampin' Up! has raised over $123,000 USD to the support organizations that are helping COVID-19 frontline responders and communities vulnerable to the pandemic.  Isn't that awesome?  If you would like to support this cause AND get 15 pages of great images and words, you can order the PDF HERE.

Here are a few of the cards I have made this week thanks to Tami White and her great video.

Tami White has instructions on her video for making the masks.

One of these cards is going to my awesome doctor.

I put one of these cards in my mailbox for our mail carrier.