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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wonderful Mother's Day Card

Well, the Red Cross has disappointed again.  We got a call yesterday that they had opened a shelter for the local flooding victims and needed volunteers to man the shelter.  We told them we could work it from 1-7 today since I had a meeting this morning.  The shelter was set up in north Charlotte and when Sonny and I arrived, there was no one there.  And I don't mean no clients, but no workers ... no one!  I called the Lake Norman office to see what was going on and was told they had closed the shelter at noon.  Didn't we get a call?  NO!!  Sonny and I both have cell phones and had them turned on but nothing and when we arrived home, there was no message waiting for us there either.  You know that old adage, three strikes and you're out?  Well, we're OUT!   Every time we've worked a shelter, there has either been no one needing our services or one person.  It would make much more sense to put one person in a hotel rather than all the manpower necessary to set up a shelter!

OK - on to other things.  I made a Mothers Day card for the Paper Craft Crew challenge using MDS.  I love using this trick with ribbon.  I used the grosgrain ribbon bow and cropped it so I just had one loop; copy, paste and voila, two loops.  It's a pretty simple card but I think I will be printing this one out for my mom for Mother's Day.  Now I just have to find a gift for her.

Make sure you visit the Paper Craft Crew Blog site and check out what the other members have done with the sketch.  And while you're at it, make your own card using the sketch.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Short Trip!

Well, I'm back!  Too bad - We left so full of hope and excitement of helping others to return pretty disillusioned with the whole process.  Saturday didn't start off any better than Friday had.  We were told when we all parted ways on Friday night that we were to report to Red Cross hdq. at 9 a.m. Saturday morning.  I texted our leader Friday night to tell her we would see her in the lobby of the motel at 8 for breakfast.  Well, I was awakened at 7 a.m. Saturday by her asking me where we were - the others were down in the lobby!  I told her I thought we were meeting up at 8.  Oh no, she told me she changed that during the night.  Hmmm - would have been nice to tell all the team members!  They were going to have a team meeting in the lobby and then head over to Red Cross.  We quickly dressed and joined the others for our meeting which was basically outlining that she was the supervisor of the group and did everyone understand that.  Luckily, there is one lady in our group (besides me) who doesn't mind speaking her mind which she did during the meeting, outlining a lot of the complaints we all had of the situation so far.  Sonny and I had breakfast and got our stuff packed and actually arrived at Red Cross before the other 2 cars did - they were lost once again!  We stood around at headquarters for about 1 1/2 hours and finally decided that we wanted to drive over to the damaged area just to say that we had seen something besides a mall!  So we did, leaving our supervisor at headquarters to sort out what we were supposed to do.  Here is most of what we saw:

This was Rising River Resort - think they had camping and cabins.  See the wrought iron gate - water was up to the middle of it.

This was an ABC store and bar that had sandbags at the doors but the water was up to the foundation.

Our team inspecting the damage!

A gas station flooded out.
Dee called us before we got to Lake City where there was an open shelter and wanted us to pull over so she could talk to all of us on speaker phone to make some team decisions.  She told us there was no need for us as a team in Florida, Colorado or Montana; it turns out that the team that arrived from California - AFTER we arrived, were sent out to a shelter (when we were told there was nothing); but if one of us (with experience) wanted to be a Food Supervisor, there was a need in Tallahassee.  No one wanted it!  So, flight reservations were made for us to return to NC on Sunday!  We returned to Gainesville and met Dee for lunch.  She said our team leader who had arrived the day before us had not told the staffing at headquarters that needed to know the info that we were even coming.  (I think there is a huge power struggle between these two.)  In the meantime, our team leader (Marge) had been promoted on site to Shelter Manager (probably thus not giving the attention that was needed to her team members, several who had never been on a deployment.)  So, she wanted us all to drive to where Marge was and confront her with our issues.  We did that but again, another waste of time!  It was basically a "he said, she said" situation.  Marge says she told people we were coming; that it was their fault. Sonny and one of the other guys actually walked out of the meeting.  I don't think they really wanted to hear from Sonny at that time!  Anyway, after all that, we all headed to Jacksonville (except for our supervisor as she was going to Tallahassee to take that other position until someone could relieve her.)  We at least had a fun time the little bit of time we were in Jacksonville.  I led us to a restaurant on Atlantic Beach - about 30 minutes away - and we had a good dinner and even took a short walk on the beach.  So, at least I got my toes in the sand!!

me, Sharon and Nan at Ragtime in Atlantic Beach

The girls on the beach!

Sonny and Jim on the beach.
To top it off, when we were at breakfast Sunday morning at the hotel before heading to the airport, there were 3-4 Red Cross workers there also.  They asked us where we were headed and we told them home since there was nothing to do.  They had just arrived and were headed to Gainesville to work in a shelter.  I'm sure when they got there, they were told to turn around and go home also.  But what a waste of money - plane tickets, car rentals, food, lodging, etc.

 So I am home!  While I was gone, I got a Stampin' Up delivery that I need to unpack and start creating with some of the goodies.  I have 4 new stamp sets that I am itching to use!  Stay tuned tomorrow for some new creations.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

I'm Traveling .... Again!

My postings may be sporadic for the next couple of weeks.  Sonny and I are deploying Friday with the Red Cross to the flooded areas of Florida.  We will fly into Gainesville and I have no idea where we will go from there.  Since this is our first deployment, we really don't know what to expect.  And we don't know if we will be staying in a shelter or in a hotel .... my hope is for the hotel!!  One team from Charlotte left on Thursday and the second team, that Sonny & I are in, will leave on Friday.

Here is a link to our local news about our deployment.

Volunteers for local chapters of the American Red Cross always are needed to respond to natural disasters, near and far.  Residents must be 18 or older to volunteer and are required to complete some training. Volunteers who wish to be deployed also must get experience locally.   Whenever someone is displaced by natural disaster, most often a fire, the volunteers go in and meet with the people and  provide for their immediate relief as far as shelter, clothing and food.   We also try to link them with other community organizations for long-term help.

On another note, I took Mom to see the neurologist today.  He actually gave her a physical exam!  The reason this is so surprising is that the surgeon or the pain mgt. doctor never gave her an exam.  The most they did was feel her ankles and test her strength in the feet and legs.  Not once in all this time did they touch her back area where she was hurting when she was in their office.  I had gathered all her charts from the doctors but did not get the films (MRIs) from the hospital.  Of course, that is the one thing that he wanted!  He does not want to make a diagnosis without looking at the films.  So, Angela is going to get them and take them to him and Mom will return to see him next Thursday. 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day to all you moms!  Hope you have a restful, peaceful day and are with the ones you love.

What a busy few days this has been!  I would truthfully been happy to just stay in bed and stay home all day today but don't think that will be the plan! 

Friday Sonny & I were in Shelby for an all day CPR/First Aid class.  You have to get certified in CPR every 3 years but I just wish there was a quickie 2-3 hour course to go over the basics!  There probably is but our instructors on Friday were new - we were their first class I think - and they covered every detail.  Oh well, we are done for 3 years anyway. 

My mom had back surgery on Friday (outpatient).  I hated that I was not there but she was in good hands with Marianne and Angela.  Besides, what could I have done except keep them company in the waiting room for several hours?  She came through the surgery fine.  The doctor said she definitely had spinal stenosis and she should have relief after the surgery.  She was in Recovery for a while dealing with the pain but by 3 pm, she was headed back home.  I went over to visit her after my CPR class.  She was sitting up in her chair watching tv.  Her main complaint now is that it hurts when she gets up and down to go to the bathroom.  But any surgery is going to take time to heal and she needs to be patient.  I talked to my sister today and she is not doing so great today.  I think she thought after the surgery, she would be instantly better.  But any time you have surgery, you have got to expect pain for a while.  She just needs to be patient.

Marianne's son, Derek, graduated from UNC-C yesterday.   We didn't attend the graduation - he only got 6 tickets and they went to the grandparents.  But that was ok - sitting through graduations is not the most fun .... especially when your last name starts with "W"!!  But we went to the party afterwards.  Sonny and I went over early to set things up while they were attending graduation.  We had a great time.  It is hard for me to believe that Derek is 22 and a college graduate!  Where does the time go??

I received a beautiful Mothers Day card yesterday from Ashley.  I just might be CASE-ing this card!!

Here are the beautiful flowers Ashley sent to me on Thursday:

Now I'm crossing my fingers hoping for a call today from my son!

I'll be going over to visit Mom and take her her Mother's Day gift and card later today.  Unfortunately, she does not feel up to going out, but that's ok!  As long as she gets better, we will all be happy.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Mothers Day Cards

I was good this weekend!  I went to the Used Stamp Sale at Stamper's Alley and only spent $10.00!  Yeah for me!  I bought a Desktop Carousel for scissors, pens, etc. for $6.  I've seen them at M's for much more!  And two stamp sets for $2 each.  They are SU and never been used.  I will use them for my customers as a little thank you.  So, not bad!  After the sale, I pampered myself with a pedicure and then ran a few errands and had some BBQ for lunch.  I love NC Eastern style pork BBQ and Sonny does not and I have been hankering for some and it was yummy!!   Friday night we met some friends out for dinner and enjoyed a great catfish meal!  Not so good on the calorie count, but who's counting?!! 

I have a couple of cards to share with you that I received in April for my Monday Mailers.  They are both Mother's Day cards which is great because I have a very busy week and might not have time to make a card.  I already have my mother's gift bought - just need to find a box and wrap it.  Plus, Saturday is my nephew's graduation from UNC-C and Marianne is having a party for him. 

Isn't this beautiful?  I have not purchased this bird die and wasn't planning to, but I keep seeing some beautiful cards using it.  I love the color combo on this one.

Another beautiful card.  It's hard to see the embossing on this one but it is embossed with the Adorning Accents dotted embossing folder just below the flower.

I have two Red Cross classes this week.  Tomorrow we travel to Gastonia for a Social Media class.  Sounds like an odd one for Red Cross, huh?  But, we have to be able to talk to reporters, etc. when we are at a disaster and know what information to give out.  Then on Friday, we are taking a CPR class in Shelby.  So, I have a busy week ahead of me - Soup Kitchen on Tuesday; taking Mom for her pre-op visit on Wednesday; Stamp Club on Thursday .....!! 

Monday, April 30, 2012

Good Bye to Elebration

A quick reminder .... TODAY is the last day (midnight April 30) to order from the Occasions Mini catalog AND the Summer Smooches Promotion ends as well.  The Retired Accessories are available while supplies last.

So, here is another card I made with a retiring stamp.  This single stamp (Elebration) is one I have had my eye on all year because I kept seeing so many cute cards made with the darling little elephant.  I finally broke down last month and ordered it.  Wouldn't you know it?  It's retiring!!  Oh well, it is a single stamp so is pretty cheap.

I used some retired supplies on this card.  The DSP is from the Holiday Mini (Frostwood Lodge) and the Corduroy Button was retired last year.  I still have quite a stash of them though.  I used Copics to color the image.  The ribbon is a piece I found in my Ribbon Jar.

Sonny & I took two Red Cross training classes this weekend in Charlotte.  The first one was Deployment 101 and was quite informative.  They gave us the information we need when we are deployed - how much advance notice we will get (24 hrs), how long we will be expected to stay (2 weeks), what to pack, how much money we will be allotted for each day, how to get to where we are going and what to expect when we arrive.  In the afternoon we had an abbreviated Defensive Driving course.  I can just tell you, I was tired of sitting by 3 pm!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Season of Friendship final hoorah

How do you like my new blog banner and background paper?  This is the Summer Smooch collection that will be in the new catalog.  I love the bright colors ...  I am a Brights kind of gal!

Things have been kind of crazy here. Yesterday I left the house at 9 a.m. and returned home at 7:30 pm!  I went to the "Y" and then out to lunch with Newcomers Out to Lunch Bunch at Firebirds at the mall.  So, of course I had to do some shopping while at the mall!  Plus, I had a $25 coupon for Coldwater Creek that I couldn't let expire.  But, I also went to Belk's and bought my mom's Mothers Day present.  After shopping, I met Marianne back in Mooresville and we went to the movies.  We saw "The Lucky One."  Zac Efron is sure dreamy!  We both enjoyed the movie.  My only complaint is that I thought he seemed a lot younger than Taylor Shilling (his love interest in the movie).  He is 24 and she is 27 but he seemed a lot younger than that.  But it was a great chick flick and I would recommend it. 

Sonny and I are on a new Red Cross National Disaster Team.  This is a pilot program for Lake Norman Red Cross.  There are about 18-20 people on the team from all over the Piedmont.  Sonny and I and the Team Leader are the only ones from the Mooresville office - the others are from Charlotte, Kings Mountain, Morganton, Gastonia, Salisbury, etc.  We will be doing all our training as a team and will be traveling to the various cities for our training.  Saturday we were in Charlotte for our first meeting; Monday night we had a Forms Class in Morganton and today we took an on-line (3 hours!) course on setting on and closing a shelter.  We have a class scheduled Saturday in Charlotte and over the next few weeks, we have 1-2 training classes a week.  The plan is when a disaster hits, we would be ready to deploy as a team of about 4-5 people within 24 hours. 

I have another card to share using a retiring stamp set, Season of Friendship.  I had to use it one last time before sending the stamp to a friend in Georgia who is buying it from me. (Cathy - it will be in the mail tomorrow!)  I actually saw a card similar to this one on Pinterest in pinks.  But I wanted to use Poppy Parade since it is retiring.

I stamped the tree in Soft Suede on Very Vanilla card stock and the leaves in Pear Pizazz.  Some of the leaves I stamped and cut out and mounted them to the tree with dimensionals.  The flowers are punched with the Itty Bitty Shapes Punch with a Pearl in the center of each one.  I stamped the sentiment on the side.  I really like this card!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I Made A Quilt!!

Well .... a Quilt Card!  My sister is the quilt maker in the family.  I followed a tutorial over on Splitcoast Stampers for making a quilted card and was quite pleased with the end result!

I used pieces of DSP from the Saleabration catalog and Tangerine Tango, Pink Passion (retired) and Tempting Turquoise cardstock.  The ribbon is also from Saleabration.  After putting the "quilt" together, I ran it through the Big Shot with the Finial Press embossing folder.

Here is a picture of my fishermen!  They went out on Lake Norman on our boat on Friday but didn't even get a bite so they didn't have any fish on their lines to show you!

I got a call yesterday from the Red Cross about going to Alabama  for two weeks to help out with the storm damage.  They need about 80 people to be case workers.  They wanted me to leave on Wednesday (today) for two weeks.  I have an obligation on Saturday at Stampers Alley so I was not able to leave that soon.  I told them I could be available on Sunday so we will see if they need me or not.  I would really love to be able to help.  There are so many people that were affected by those tornadoes.  Our Red Cross office here in Lake Norman was already deployed to the eastern part of NC from the tornadoes that we had here a couple of weeks ago.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Please Be Safe

When the weather turns warm, everyone wants to be in or around the water. Hanging out at the lake or pool on a hot day is a great way to beat the heat.  But please be safe!  For people between the ages of 5 and 24, drowning is the second leading cause of accidental death. 

On Sunday, two young boys (ages 11 & 17) drowned on our local lake, Lake Norman.  They were swimming with friends off a boat when two of them went under and did not come up.  Sonny and I worked with the Red Cross yesterday during the Search and Rescue efforts.  The Red Cross provides food and water to the rescue workers as well as mental health to the families of the victims. More than 60 people from 13 law enforcement agencies assisted in the search for the boys during the three-day search.  We were there until about 7 pm last night and it was miserably HOT!  But, the divers didn't find anything.  They went back this morning and found the bodies that had washed up on shore around 9 am.  Such a tragedy!

Here is a link to the American Red Cross Water Safety Tips.  Read over it and refresh yourself on water safety - for your safety as well as your loved ones. .  Please if you are out on a boat and go in the water, have a flotation device nearby.

This especially brought back memories to me of a year ago when my grandson almost drowned in a pool accident.  I thank God every day that he didn't and he has not suffered any ill effects from his accident.