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Thursday, February 16, 2017

High Tide Watercolor

I promised I would be back and share a few more High Tide cards - just didn't think it would take me all week!  I've had a pretty busy week.  Monday was bridge.  Tuesday was my day at home and I worked on getting my cards ready for Stamp Club.  Wednesday I took mom to get her hair done and afterwards to the Christian Women's luncheon.  They had a speaker who was a survivor from the Miracle on the Hudson.  He was really interesting!  We are having another speaker next month at our Newcomer's meeting.  It will be interesting to hear their prospective.   Wednesday night Sonny and I joined the Catawbans for a Valentine dinner at Linebergers.  I ate way too much on Wednesday!!

This first card uses the Sunburst Framelit for the card.  I also used a couple of pieces from it for the light coming out of the light house.  I used watercolor paper that I spritzed with water and reinkers for the background.  The light house and ground pieces were stamped on scraps of watercolor paper and cut out.

This next card also uses watercolor paper.  I used my aqua painter and ink to paint the background.  The lighthouse is stamped directly on the paper

Another watercolor card below.  I masked the edges before painting the ink on with my aqua painter. With this set, it is so easy to make a background and just stamp the images.

As you know the groundhog saw his shadow in Pennsylvania earlier this month.  Well, Sammie sure wishes he hadn't!  She does not like the cold.  I was looking for her on Tuesday and found her in our guest room (her favorite place).  She had crawled under the covers.  She stayed there most of the day!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Inkie Fingers!

Aren't sunflowers beautiful?  I made this sunflower using the Starburst Thinlit.  I can't believe how many different things you can do with that thinlit.  Don't know why it took me so long to purchase it!

I die cut the starburst and then used a circle die to trim off the longer edges.  I also die cut a circle for underneath the "sun."  Then I ran them both through the Woodland embossing folder.  The center piece is cut out with a circle die and embossed with dots.  A simple and fun card.

I lived up to my blog name yesterday and got some really inky fingers!  I mistakenly put my fingers on the Dapper Denim ink pad yesterday and this is the result:

 Look what I got in my last Stampin' Up box!!

Sammie has been my constant companion the last few days I have been working in my stamp room!  She crawls into that box and curls up and sleeps the day away!  At night she is downstairs with us and gets in her "Bo Box."  For those who don't know, that is a box from Bojangles that my sister & mom brought to her!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Stamp Club Picture Perfect

This is another one of the cards we made at Stamp Club this week.  It was so easy but looks so good.

The circle is watercolor paper.  I just used my Aqua Painter and ink that I squeezed into the lid.  I painted the bottom with Sahara Sand which I then stamped Gorgeous Grunge lightly.  The top is painted with Soft Sky with Lost Lagoon painted across the horizon.  The secret is not to think about it - just load your Aqua Brush with water and ink and swish it across the paper.  The rope image is from Sea Street.  I curved the stamp on the acrylic block.  Use Gorgeous Grunge all over the Vanilla card and glued a piece of burlap ribbon down one side.  On scrap vanilla card stock, I stamped the starfish from Picture Perfect (love this stamp!), cut it out and then went over it with Wink of Stella before adhering it to the circle with dimensionals.  The birds are done by hand (just make a check mark!)
While I was working on the cards, I was standing up to stamp and bent over my work table.  Sammie jumped up on my back and peered over my shoulder to make sure I was stamping straight!  I had my phone right beside me so was able to get a picture!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Go Panthers!! plus Playful Pals

Well .... it is SUPER SUNDAY!  Go Panthers!!!  We are going to join some friends at a restaurant/bar in Mooresville to cheer on the Carolina Panthers.  (Yes, I can cheer for a team other than the Steelers!)  I even have a couple of Panther tee shirts!  It's just that Carolina didn't have a team when I became a Steeler fan - and they didn't have one for many years while I was cheering on the Steelers.  But as you can see below, I have my own little Panther.

She didn't like having her picture made and was roaring to get down!  But makes a cute picture.

Isn't this the cutest??  I love this card.  This is one I saw when I was at Quarterly.  I think this will make a great Valentine for someone special. 

Monday, January 5, 2015

MDS Monday Chalkboard Sign

The new Stampin' Up spring / summer catalog 2015 is here and it is bursting with new and exciting products!  I think my credit card will be working over-time in the next few weeks.  Enjoy browsing online by clicking HERE.  If you would like a paper copy, please contact me. The good news is that you can start ordering from my online shop RIGHT AWAY!!  If you are one of my Club members, I will be using new products this month so get your "wish list" started.  I attended a Shoebox Swap last Saturday and came away with 14 cards using new product!!  I can't wait to share them with you.

Since this is Monday, MDS Monday has a new challenge for us My Digital Studio fans.  In the new Stampin' Up! Occasions Catalog, there is Chalkboard Paper.  (I am dying to get some and give it a go.)  So the designers at MDS Monday thought it would be fun to show how we can use chalkboards on our digital papers.  There is not a sketch this week; this is an open challenge.  There are a few kits that have chalkboard downloads - Convention 2011 (I think that is the year); Back to School and Hello World.  I ended up finding a chalkboard paper on the internet and downloading it into MDS for my page.  You can also find some great chalkboard fonts to use HERE.

My sample is pretty simple.  When we were at one of the shops at the National Harbor in DC in December, Sonny found a sign with this saying.  He really liked it but it was pretty pricey.  I took a picture and told him I could made in in MDS for him.  (I haven't yet but .... the year is not over!)

I have a whole collection of Subway Art that I take pictures of when I see plaques and signs in stores - just for this purpose.  Don't you just love this one?

I have a new story about my crazy cat - actually 2 stories.  Last Tuesday (the day after Ashley and Bogart went home), I spent most of the day in my craft room cleaning up and making cards.  After a couple of hours, I went looking for Sammie - she is usually in the room with me or in my spare bedroom laying on the bed in front of the window soaking up the sunshine.  I couldn't find her in any of her usual spots.  A few hours later, I looked for her again with no luck.  So I decided to straighten out the blanket that she usually sleeps on top of in the spare room.  When I did, I discovered her completely under the blanket sleeping.  She stayed there all day.  When I showed her to Sonny late in the afternoon when he came home, he asked me if she was alive!  She was just worn out from dealing with Bogart for 4 months!

After Christmas, I bought her a new collar.  I have had her for almost 3 years and she has had the same collar all those years.  I just thought she could use a new sparkly one.  It has a bell just like the one she had - not much different in the two.  Well, every time I pick up the new collar, the bell rings and she runs away as fast as she can like a scalded rabbit.  I have tried now for a couple of weeks off and on to put the collar on her.  Tonight I finally got it on her but only by capturing her in a room with no exit.  But I can not get the old one off of her.  I tried to hold her and let Sonny get it off, but she hissed at us and tried to bite us.  I don't know why she is having such a fit about this collar.  But, for now she will be wearing both collars although she is trying like heck to get it off by herself!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas Cats - MDS Monday

I have been super busy as I am sure everyone is at this time of year.  Last week I went to 4 parties where I had to take some kind of food and gift.  By Friday, I was worn out.  Maybe if I didn't wait till the last minute, this wouldn't happen every year, but where is the fun in that??!!  On top of it all, my sciatica has been acting up on top of really tight ham strings in my leg.  So, I scheduled time for a massage in the middle of all the craziness.  It really helped.  Now I continue on with finishing the shopping, wrapping, Christmas cards, ....... the list goes on and on, doesn't it?

This time of year is when My Digital Studio saves my butt!  Here is the page I designed for the MDS Monday Challenge as the Guest Designer this month.

Make sure you check out the rest of the Design Team pages HERE..

These pictures were taken last year at Christmas.  When we were at Ashley's, we could not keep her cat, Bogart, out of the Christmas tree.  We ended up having to throw the tree (artificial) away after Christmas because he had broken so many of the branches.  Sonny and I were dreading going through that with him at our house this year.  Ashley helped us put the tree up when she was here at Thanksgiving (as well as decorate my house!!).  Bogart tried to climb it a couple of times while we were decorating but after that, he left it alone.  We were really surprised.  Well, guess we bragged on him a little too much.  A couple of nights ago while Sonny and I were watching TV, the tree started shaking.  Yep, Bogart decided to try to shimmy up it.  We took turns yelling at him and pulling him out of the tree.  So far, he has only tried to climb the tree that one night.  Not sure what is going to happen next week when we leave the two cats alone for a few days while we go out of town.  Maybe the tree will not tempt them if the lights are not on!!  (Who am I kidding??)

Here is a second page I made showing the two cats this year.  The picture at the bottom of both cats - they are in my lap.  They both love that blanket I throw over me while watching tv.  Sammie always sits in my lap at night.  Well, Bogart has to find his spot too.  Sammie tolerates him for a short while; then she hops down and gives Bogart space.  They are too funny! (You can click on the pictures to enlarge them.)

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Christmas Fun Fold

Brrr was what we were saying this morning!  A cold front moved into our area Friday night.  Yesterday was a beautiful fall day - crisp and cool!  Loved it!  We opened all our windows and about 5:00 pm, we were shutting all of them because we were both really cold!!  This morning I think it was in the 40s when we got up and the temps were in the 50s all day.  But I think it is going to be short lived.  The rest of the week I think it will be in the 70s which is ok with me.  We are going to Pittsburgh later this week and I'm sure it will be pretty cool there too.

Saturday was National Cardmaking Day.  I tried to get Sonny to come up and make a card with me but I wasn't successful!!  But I made several cards.  I found this fun fold card on Sandy Hancock's blog.  It was made by Cheryl LeFore.  She used All Is Calm DSP and I changed it up and used the Trim the Tree DSP stack.

Here are the instructions if you want to make one:
Cut base cardstock (Real Red for mine) 8"x 8".  Use the Simply Scored Diagonal Plate and score all four sides at 3".  Cut out the small triangles where the score lines criss-cross.  Flip the cardstock over.  Use the regular Score Board and score at 1" on all four sides to the triangle.  Fold the large flaps in toward the center and fold the small flaps in the opposite direction.  Decorate with DSP.  Trim one end of DSP diagonally and adhere to the small flap.  Close the card clockwise and place the fourth flap under the first flap.  (Note:  I may have done mine backwards because I had to close the card counter clockwise to get it to work.  Just try it and see what works for you.)

Belly Band:  3/4" x 9 3/8" cardstock.  Score at 1/2", 5/8" and 5-1/8".  Decorate.  (since the DSP stack is not long enough to go around the belly band, I cut two pieces and put one on top and one on bottom.)

I found out today that the vintage scrapbook page I made this week for MDS Monday was selected as a challenge winner.  I loved that page with the picture of my mom.  Check out the nice comments and the other challenge winner HERE.

Our house guest is still entertaining us!  Sammie loves my Stampin' Up boxes and I always keep one in the family room for her to curl up in.  Well, of course now Bogart wants the box and I know if I put another one out, they wouldn't have anything to do with it.  So they just have to take turns!

Whose turn is it?

Where are you Sammie?  Lookie - I'm in your box!

I'll show that white cat whose box this is!
 Today I caught them exchanging cat kisses!!

Just hanging out!  Bogie thinks he's king of the mountain on the scratching post!

I really goofed up this week though!  When I cleaned out the litter box on Thursday, I mistakenly put the lid on backwards .... the lid with the hole that they go in to do their business.  Sonny noticed it Friday I think and fixed it.  He told me about it and we checked around but didn't find any surprises UNTIL I was folding the laundry on Saturday.  The laundry basket had been in the laundry room and I carried it up to our room to fold the clothes.  Normally, I just dump it out on our bed.  Well, glad I didn't this time!  Guess where they did their business?   As I was reaching in to pull some clothes out, my fingers touched something squishy .... ugh!  I couldn't blame them but I did wonder why they were both sniffing around the laundry basket when I brought it upstairs!  So, yesterday I got to do the laundry all over again!  Never a dull moment with these cats!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Packed and Ready to Go!

I have been busy packing my supplies for Quarterly.  Marianne is coming over when she gets off work and we will be heading to Newton for the NC Demos Quarterly.  We always have so much fun!!  We will be super busy tonight doing our Shoebox Cards.  We have about 30 to do!  Wonder how long we will be working on those!  Since Newton is close, we will come back to my house tonight and travel back to Newton in the morning (bright and early).

Sammie thinks if she gets in my bag, she can go too (and get some peace and quiet away from Bogart!)

Instead of doing a card for my Shoebox, I decided to do one of the Tag A Bags.  I was going to buy a notepad to go in each one but with doing 30, even if they were $1 each, that would be $30 so they can furnish their own notepad!!

I used the Bigzz Flower Die, the clothespins on page 208, doilies, ribbon and two stamp sets - For All Things and Four Feathers.

Tomorrow we will be doing several projects, swaps and have a few card contests.  Here is my swap card:

I used the For All Things stamp again and stamped the leaves in Coastal Cabana, Pistachio and Cantalope.  I used the Wooden Leaves that are in the Holiday Catalog.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Stamp Club Cards

First off I have to say how excited I am that my MDS got chosen again this week on MDS Monday!!  I loved making the Steeler page!!  Check it out HERE.

Sonny and I are sure being entertained by these two cats.  Thought I'd share a few pictures I took this weekend.

Sammie and Bogart were chasing each other.  Bogart decided to hide - guess he forgot the rest of his body was sticking out!

Bogart took over Sammie's place on my desk and is trying hard to keep his eyes open.

Couldn't hold those eyes open any longer.  It's tough being a cat!

When I feed them in the morning, Bogart won't let me get the food in his bowl before he is up on the counter eating it while I'm dishing it out.  Sammie is much more lady like.  The only problem is Sammie is not used to eating her food in one gulp.  She has a few bites and then walks away.  Guess who finishes it off????

I have Stamp Club this week.  Here are two of the cards we will be making.

This card uses the Back to Black DSP.  I colored in all the flowers with my Blendabilities.  I love this because you can make your background paper any color you want.  I have a huge jar of buttons - most of them retired.  That is what we will use on the card.  Everyone will have different color buttons and will color their DSP to match the buttons they choose.  The saying is from Perfect Pennants and I used my markers to color the stamp.  Don't those buttons look like Lifesavers??

I recently got the Feathers Bundle from the Holiday Catalog.  I had seen so many cute cards using feathers and the Bundle is pretty inexpensive  ($20.25).  I used strips of DSP (3/4") from the Trim the Tree Paper Stack (also Holiday Catalog).  The Designer Brad is retired but you could substitute a button instead.  I just like the simplicity of this card.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Paper Craft Crew Challenge

Remember 9-11.  Remember the 3,000.  Remember we are a strong nation together.  We will NEVER forget.

I think I mentioned that I am keeping Ashley's cat, Bogart for the next 4 months while she is in DC.  Well, that is proving to be quite entertaining.  I think Bogart and Sammie (my cat) are finally adjusting to each other.  Sammie likes to lay on a towel on a small wire grid shelf that I have on my craft table.  Well, today Bogart decided that looked like a good spot too but Sammie was already there.  So, he proceeded to go under the shelf and stretch out.  Sammie was so funny.  She scratched at the towel to get it out of her way so she could see Bogart underneath and when that was not working, she just peered her head down to check him out.  They finally decided neither was hurting the other and both fell asleep.  All this was going on while I was sitting there trying to get my cards done for Stamp Club next week!

Bunk Bed for the cats!

Finally .... sleeping!
 This is the card (and the sketch) I made for this week's Paper Craft Crew Challenge.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Petite Petals Card in a Box

I made another fun Card in a Box.  This time I used my Fringe Scissors to make grass for the flowers inside the box.  I am loving those Fringe Scissors.  Obviously, a lot of people like those scissors and ordered them so much that they are now in back order for the second time.  This time though they are not due in until March 31!!  Marianne is waiting for hers so I lent her mine for a while.  She is going to make the wreath that is in the Occasions Catalog.  I will get her to send me a picture and share it with you when she finishes it.

I used the Petite Petals stamp and punch for the flowers.  I punched stamped and punched each one twice and inserted a thin piece of wire in between them using glue dots to adhere them together.  I used the small butterfly punch for the butterflies and adhered a small strip of a transparency behind them.  There are two rows of flowers, butterflies and grass.

I played bridge today and we have a new venue for playing.  We normally play in each others homes but a couple of the ladies have problems with their health or their husband's health which makes it difficult sometimes for them to host the group of eight.  So I came up with the idea of playing at a restaurant.  It worked great!  We met at the NY Bagel and Deli Restaurant in Mooresville which was centrally located for all of us and had a varied menu plus a gluten-free menu for one of our members who cannot eat gluten food.

We are having crazy weather!!  Yesterday it was almost 70 degrees and beautiful.  This morning when I left for bridge, it wasn't bad - in the 50s I think.  When I finished playing bridge, the wind was blowing like crazy and the temps had dropped to the 30s!  Brrrr!!! Marianne and I were supposed to go to Concord tonight to stamp with Allison's group but it was called off because of the threat of freezing precipitation.  We are supposed to have a low of 19 degrees tonight.  Sonny is going to have to get his "long johns" out to go skeet shooting tomorrow!!   The high is predicted for 43!

I have a few Sammi pictures to share!  When I was working in my room tonight, she climbed up on the tallest shelves that I have and nestled herself in my box of chipboard.

Laying in front of the fireplace!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Cookie Monster

I have been working 24-7 on my projects for Quarterly next weekend as well as on calendar pages for my upcoming Calendar workshop.  I will be having the Calendar workshop this Tuesday.  If you live in the Sherrills Ford / Mooresville area, you are welcome to attend.  I have a few seats left.  Just let me know so I will have a packet ready for you.

I also had a few birthday cards to make.  This one is for a cute little boy who will be turning one and who likes cookies!

This was such an easy card to make.  I used the Scallop Circle Sizzix die to make the card and Circle Dies for the mouth (in black), eyes and cookie.  I used the eraser end of a pencil dipped into Chocolate Chip ink for the "chocolate chips."

Sammie found a new viewing spot to keep her eye on me today.  The past couple of days she has been whining and acting like she wanted to get on top of my shelving unit where I keep my stamps, dies, etc.  So today I put her up there.  She loved it and learned how to get up and down by herself.  So, that is where she spent most of the day watching my every move!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Convention Name Badge Holder

Marianne made these wonderful Name Badge Holders for us for convention.  They were a big hit.  I can't tell you how many people commented on them and took pictures.  I told Marianne that she could have paid her way if she'd made a bunch of them and brought to convention and sold them.  She took a few orders while there.  Now she just needs to find the time to sew them!  They were great for us to hang on our necks with all our stuff in them and not have to carry a purse.

Front view of badge holder - even a zipper in the bottom pocket!

Back view - plenty of pockets
I took a few pictures of Sammie this week trying to help me!!