Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas Cats - MDS Monday

I have been super busy as I am sure everyone is at this time of year.  Last week I went to 4 parties where I had to take some kind of food and gift.  By Friday, I was worn out.  Maybe if I didn't wait till the last minute, this wouldn't happen every year, but where is the fun in that??!!  On top of it all, my sciatica has been acting up on top of really tight ham strings in my leg.  So, I scheduled time for a massage in the middle of all the craziness.  It really helped.  Now I continue on with finishing the shopping, wrapping, Christmas cards, ....... the list goes on and on, doesn't it?

This time of year is when My Digital Studio saves my butt!  Here is the page I designed for the MDS Monday Challenge as the Guest Designer this month.

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These pictures were taken last year at Christmas.  When we were at Ashley's, we could not keep her cat, Bogart, out of the Christmas tree.  We ended up having to throw the tree (artificial) away after Christmas because he had broken so many of the branches.  Sonny and I were dreading going through that with him at our house this year.  Ashley helped us put the tree up when she was here at Thanksgiving (as well as decorate my house!!).  Bogart tried to climb it a couple of times while we were decorating but after that, he left it alone.  We were really surprised.  Well, guess we bragged on him a little too much.  A couple of nights ago while Sonny and I were watching TV, the tree started shaking.  Yep, Bogart decided to try to shimmy up it.  We took turns yelling at him and pulling him out of the tree.  So far, he has only tried to climb the tree that one night.  Not sure what is going to happen next week when we leave the two cats alone for a few days while we go out of town.  Maybe the tree will not tempt them if the lights are not on!!  (Who am I kidding??)

Here is a second page I made showing the two cats this year.  The picture at the bottom of both cats - they are in my lap.  They both love that blanket I throw over me while watching tv.  Sammie always sits in my lap at night.  Well, Bogart has to find his spot too.  Sammie tolerates him for a short while; then she hops down and gives Bogart space.  They are too funny! (You can click on the pictures to enlarge them.)

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