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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


 have started making things for a craft fair that I am going to participate in.  It will be in November and those who know me will be surprised that I am already starting to prepare!!  I am usually a last-minute gal!  Today I made a corkboard using a 12"x12" picture frame that I bought a couple of months ago.  My inspiration was my sister who made one of these last spring.  Hers was so cute!   Here is mine:

I painted the wooden frame with some green acrylic paint that I had - 2 or 3 coats.  I took the glass out and replaced it with the 12"x12" piece of cork.  On one side of the cork, I put a piece of designer paper and a piece of ribbon.  I did not glue them down so they could be changed.  I made a crimped flower using Poppy Parade cardstock.  The stem and petals are Kiwi Kiss that I ran through my crimper. 

I will be in downtown Charlotte the next few days.  Marianne, Sharon ("girlfriend") and I have rooms booked for Thursday and Friday nights for the CKC Convention.  Marianne and I have signed up for a lot of classes!!  Friday we will be taking hour long classes at 8:30; 10:00; and 12:30.  Then we have a 1 1/2 hour class at 6 pm.  Not sure when we will find time to shop and eat but I'm sure we will.  On Saturday, we are booked for a 2 hour class at 8:30 and one hour classes at 11, 12:30 and 2!!  After all our classes, we hope to get over to a scrapbook store that is in Charlotte.  We have never been but we have coupons that we got on Groupon that is burning a hole in our pockets!   Saturday night we will meet the family at Galway Hooker for some yummy fish and chips.  I'm sure on Sunday, I will be exhausted!!  So, I probably won't be blogging until Sunday or Monday.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Segway Charlotte

I promised more details on our Segway Tour of Charlotte.  It was really cool!  I got the trips for us through Groupon.  Groupon is a great site!  It is free to sign up.  They list great deals every day and they have to have enough people to sign up for it to be a "go".  For instance, I paid $30 each for the segway tour and it would have been $50 if I'd gotten it on my own.  If you are interested in signing up, click here -  (I get a $10 referral fee if you click it so thanks!)

I wasn't nervous about the segway bike until everyone kept asking me if I thought I could do it without falling off!  It is a litte scary at first to balance on it.  They give you a little 20 minute training and start out pretty slow.  I never fell completely off the thing - only once did I just jump off but I was trying to turn and go up a little ramp all at the same time.  We started right in the heart of uptown Charlotte at the corners of Church & MLK. From there we went through the Wells Fargo Cultural campus and down to the Square (the corner of Trade & Tryon.)   We cruised around the Panther football stadium by the practice fields.  We were supposed to go under some bridges but it had been raining and the water was too high.   We drove through Frazier Park and the Irwin Creek Greenway, places I didn't even know existed downtown!  Then we went through the Historic Fourth Ward district and looked at some of the historical homes there.  We went through the oldest cemetary in Charlotte - Elmwood Cemetary.  We had stopped to take a quick rest in the cemetary when Ashley spyed some graves of my ancestors!  My maternal grandmother was a Kuester and there were a whole bunch of them there.  I went over to take a closer look and took some pictures.  It started raining on us about 30 minutes into the tour but we kept on going.  At one point, the rain was coming down really heavy so we took refuge in a building downtown.  But we were good sports and kept on going once the rain let up a little bit.  I would really recommend this tour even if you have lived in Charlotte all your life!!  Check in your city if you don't live here and see if there is a Segway Tour for you!  It is really a lot of fun!!

This is the three of us in front of the Firebird statue at the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art.

Hard to see us, but .... this is at the Panther Stadium.

Me with the skyline in the background.  This was in the Elmwood Cemetary - you can see Sonny & the guide way ahead of me!

After the tour, we met Margaret and Graham at Black Finn Restaurant downtown for lunch.  If you have never eaten there, I would recommend it.  They have great burgers and beer!  After lunch, Sonny took them to the airport for their flight back to Dallas.  Ashley & I had the rest of the day to explore Charlotte before the Paul McCartney concert that night.  We walked all over Charlotte and I pointed out things I remembered from growing up here.  We visited the Harvey B Gantt Museum for African Americans.  I have been to other museums in Charlotte but this was one I had not visited.  It is worth the visit if you enjoy art.  Our best discovery of the afternoon was the Press Wine Restaurant/Tapas on Trade Street.  The place is a little quirky with a great selection of wines and food.  They also serve beer so Sonny should like it too.  I can't wait for visitors to come see us so we can take them here!!  I'll look forward to going there in cooler weather and sitting outside with my wine.  Won't you come join me?

Friday, July 9, 2010

Get Your Groupon!

My daughter hooked me up with this great site so I thought I'd pass it along to you.  It's called Groupon.  The way it works is - you sign up with them for free by e-mail and each day they feature something cool to do at a really good price. You only get the deal if enough people join that day.  Many times the deals are something I am not interested in or they are in Charlotte.  But here are 2 of the deals that I have taken advantage of:

#1 - I paid $10 for a $25 gift certificate to "Oh Scrap" - a scrapbooking store in Charlotte.  I actually bought 2 of these for a total of $20 for $50 worth of stuff.  It doesn't expire until mid-December so I have plenty of time to use it.

#2 - I paid $30 for a Segway Tour of Charlotte - a $65 value.  I bought 3 of these and when Ashley comes to town in a couple of weeks, that is one of the things we will do while she is here.  Fun!

When I was in Texas, Ashley had bought a Groupon deal for a wine tasting and free bottle of wine at a local winery.  I think she paid about $20 for it and we had 3 wine tastings and a couple of bottles of wine to take home!  She has used Groupon quite a bit for local restaurants in San Antonio.

If you have further questions, check out their FAQ HERE

If you decide to check it out and sign up, tell them I sent you and use THIS REFERRAL.  You get $10 in your account each time you refer someone.  I appreciate it!