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Monday, February 20, 2012


This has been a very mild winter .... so far!  Today it was dreary and cold all day - a good day to stay inside and be creative!  Around 5 pm there were reports from friends and family in Mooresville that it was snowing.  It's funny how excited people will get over a few flakes of white stuff!  I went outside and saw a tiny bit of snow - mostly it was sleet and rain.  But, as the South tends to get excited and nervous about snow, schools in our county have already announced a delay in the morning!!  I really can't believe it but I'm sure the school kids are excited to be able to sleep in a bit.

I spent the afternoon doing a little rearranging of my stamps.  I have always kept them in alphabetical order but I decided today to mix them up.  I arranged them on my shelves by categories.  I have my retired stamps separate from the current ones.  I sorted them into Sentiments, Floral, Holidays, Occasions, Animals, Backgrounds, Kids, Vintage, Love, Nautical and Love.  I don't have as many current stamps so their categories are:  Mini Catty, Sentiments, Nature, Floral, Elements, and Occasions.  We'll see how this works out.  Now I need to work on my stamp catalog.  I try to stamp each set when I get it and put it into a notebook.  I have been a slacker with this project for about 6 months so I need to get caught up.  Right now, my notebook is in alpha order but I think I may change it also.  I also keep a notebook of sentiments by category but it is very much out of date.  Another project for another rainy day.

Last Wednesday I went to the Reynalda House in Winston Salem (I blogged about this earlier this week).  I took a few pictures of the orchids in the greenhouse.  They were beautiful.  Enjoy!

This is a lemon plant - see the lemon hanging on it!

This is a huge Rabbits Foot Fern.  I have one of these but not nearly so big.  The roots came out of the pot and were all over the table that it is sitting on!

Some of the roots that were spreading everywhere.
Happy Birthday Debra.  Today would have been my sister, Debra's 55th birthday.  She died 5 years ago from breast cancer and I miss her every day.