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Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Monday night I went to Allison's demo meeting.  Karen was in charge of the projects this month and we made some cute things using the Fox stamp set and punch.  This first one holds a Hershey's Kiss (I ate it!! so just imagine it is there.)

I got his nose just a tad bit off!  I forgot to stamp it until I had already assembled it.

Next we made a skunk out of the fox.  It's fun to see how many different animals people have come up with using this set and punch.

Today was a water day for me and boy, am I tired!  I started out this morning at the neighborhood pool taking a water aerobics class at 8:30 a.m.  Way too early for me - I am NOT a morning person!  But I do feel like I am getting a good work out with the class.  Later in the day we went on a lake scavenger hunt!  It was an activity planned by the Catawba men's club and was a lot of fun.  We had two other couple on our boat and we were given a list of things to find on the lake.  We had 90 minutes to find them, take pictures and be back to the starting point.  Some of the items on the list were:  different types of weather vanes, flags, a vernicular (tram), signs on the lake, etc.  Here are a few of the things we found:

Do you see the bird weather vane?

green tube draining into the lake

Just one of the tram tracks on the lake
We did pretty good finding the various items and came in 2nd.  I got a lot of sun along with a headache from being dehydrated I think.  It was really hot and we were doing this in the heat of the day at 2:00.