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Friday, April 3, 2020

Organize with Evernote!

I'm pretty proud of myself!  I have entered all my stamps - retired, current and paper pumpkin and my dies - into the Evernote program (free!)  I even entered the new stamp set I received on Monday!  Now to keep up and keep them organized!

These are my retired stamps!  It's funny - while I was entering them into Evernote, I reacquainted myself some of the oldies but goodies and pulled 3 or 4 out to make cards with.

These are my dies / thinlits.  I have to admit I have a few more of them that I haven't entered yet.  That's tomorrows job.  I had them in a basket but they outgrew their basket so I moved them to this plastic tub.

These are my current stamps!  My retired definitely outnumber the current.  And in another couple of months, I will be moving some of these over to the retired side.  Actually there are 3 or 4 Sale-a-Bration sets in this group that should actually be retired since Sale-a-Bration is over.

These are my Paper Pumpkin stamps.  I have them inside the clear envelopes that Stampin' Up sells.  On the side is a paper list of all the stamps so I can quickly look at it to see what I am looking for.  They are organized in the envelopes with the date and month and title of the stamp sets.

Here are a few cards I made from an old Paper Pumpkin kit from December 2016.  It was meant to be a journal and came with a Rotary Stamp instead of photopolymer stamps.  It included patterned paper and printed window sheets.  I didn't need a journal or scrapbook so made them into cards.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

I'm getting Everynote Organized!

I was perusing through one of the Forums on the Stampin' Up! website on Friday and noticed a lot of people talking about Evernote. I had NO clue what it was but the gals were talking about organizing their stamp sets with it.  My ears perked up .... could I actually find some organization with my ever growing stamps???  The more I read about it, the greater it sounded.  And it is FREE!!  So, I downloaded Evernote to my computer and started playing.  I opened one screen on my computer with Evernote and another one with Google Image and grabbed a stack of my stamp sets.  I did a search on Google for my stamp set and started grabbing stamp set images and pasting them into my new Stamp Set Notebook on Evernote.  Once I pasted it, I labeled it with the name of the Stamp Set, price and a short description.  (All of these things I got from Stampin' Up's online store - just copy and paste!)  Then I added "tags".   I tagged the stamp sets depending on holiday or theme so when I did a search for Birthday, any stamp set I had with birthday anything will pop on up on my screen.  I did a search for "Christmas".  It pulled up all of the stamp sets that have something to do with Christmas AND I can easily see the complete stamp set in the thumbnail view.   I also typed all the sentiments that were in my various stamp sets so I can find them with just a click of my mouse.  I could also add a location for my stamps if I wanted - like 2nd shelf, yellow star, or something like that.  Right now, I don't need to do that but someday I may.

It didn't take me long to put all my current stamps in Evernote.  I catalogued about 100 stamp sets this weekend!  So excited.  Evernote is free but you only get a certain amount of storage a month.  I used up 75% already.  It might be worth it to pay for the upgrade until I get all my stamps catalogued.  We'll see.

I am also thinking of other nifty ways to use Evernote! I think I am going to try doing a bit of "out of sight out of mind" inventory and see how that works!  How would you like to know that if you forgot where you put your crystal effects you could simply type it into Evernote and voila!  It pops you back with a picture of your revered product and WHERE it is! Oh the time it could save!!!

I know a good friend who could certainly use this product!  I'll have to teach it to her next time we are together.  You know who you are, friend!!

I am also going to use Evermore for my My Digital Studio downloads.  Maybe that way, I won't order duplicates!!

Here is a video about it -