Wednesday, March 2, 2016

American Idol Recap

Do you watch American Idol?  I have watched it for years.  I didn't watch the first two years but after that, I was hooked.  Kinda sad that this is their last year but I do think it is time.  Ashley and I were discussing it last weekend and the fact that the judges (or no one actually) coaches them before they go on stage makes it hard for these kids to know what they should and should not do.  The judges are famous for telling them they picked the wrong song.  Well, they are kids - why doesn't someone on the show help them pick a song that would be good for them.  I prefer The Voice so much more than Idol now where the contestants are helped and mentored.

Since I have been out of town for the past week, I am just now watching the taped shows and catching up on my TV time.  There is some really strong talent this year and some really young ones too!  It will be fun to watch the artists get pared them down to one.  A few years ago, I kept a running commentary on my blog as the artists performed each week.  I thought I'd try it again since this is the last year.  Here are my thoughts for this week's Top Ten:

1.  Olivia Rox singing "Unconditionally" by Kathy Perry - Thought she did a great job with the song and has a really good voice.
2.  Gianna Isabella singing "Listen" by Beyonce.  Yuck!  I think she is in trouble next week and may be the one going home.  She was off pitch throughout.
3.  Lee Jean (don't you love his name?) singing "Skinny Love" by Birdy - I don't know this song but I love Lee! I liked it but I don't think the judges were sold.
4.  Avalon Young sang "Stitches" by Shawn Mendes (another one I've never heard!)  I didn't much care for this one either.  The judges didn't like it either except for the guest judge, Kelly Clarkson.
5.  Dalton Rapattoni sang "Hey There Delilah" by Plain White Ts.  Yey - a song I know and like!!  He is really comfortable on stage and has gorgeous blue eyes.  He also wears eyeliner! He said that he applies it the night before and sleeps with it on so it will be smudged just right.  He will go far in the competition.
6.  Tristan McIntosh sang "Somethin' About You" by Dan and Shay. She grabbed my heart from the very beginning of Idol.  When she tried out, they surprised her with an appearance of her mom who is in the military and was deployed.  It made me cry.  I liked the song that she sang but unfortunately, she mumbled some of the words.  She did seem very comfortable on stage for being 15 years old.
7.  Mackenzie Borg sang "I See Fire" by Ed Sheeran.  He did a good job with the song.  I think he will be back next week.
8.  La'Porsha Renae sang "Diamonds" by Rhianna.  This girl has the most amazing voice!!  The judges and the audience were on their feet at the end and it took a while for the audience to quiet down. I think she may be the final American Idol.  She has a mature voice and sings circles around all the other kids.
9.  Sonika Vaid sang "Bring Me to Life" by Evanescence.  Another song I don't know but her voice is wonderful and she looked beautiful.  She will be safe this week for sure.  Another standing ovation!
10.  Trent Harmon sang "Like I Can" by Sam Smith.  I love this guy and I loved the song.  I believe he picked the right song for his voice!

The highlight of the night was Kelly Clarkson!  She was funny all during the show referring to her pregnancy (only 7 weeks to go) but her performance at the end had me crying - along with Keith Urban and Jennifer.  What a great song.  Poor Kelly had trouble making it through the song as it was so emotional.  If you haven't heard "Piece by Piece", you need to find it and listen to it!

This is going to be a tough year for Idol.  This week I hope Lee Jean doesn't go home.  The ones I think are in trouble are Gianna Isabella, Avalon Young, Tristan McIntosh and Lee Jean.   They will pare the group down to 8 on Thursday night.  Vote for your favorite!

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