Sunday, May 18, 2008

Beautiful Days on the Lake

Well, it's finally warming up here. Enough for us to take a short ride on our boat Saturday. We took a short ride down the lake (Lake Norman) to enjoy lunch. There is a little restaurant that opened up last year and you can sit outside enjoying the view and the lunch. Plus .... they have the hard cider that I like (Woodchuck Amber). After lunch, we just took a little ride - me singing to my IPod and Sonny turning up the radio on the boat to drown me out!! What fun. We were only out a couple of hours but enough that my nose was red last night from the sun.

The dock where we keep our boat is just 2-3 blocks from our house There are some beautiful flowers blooming at the dock area. Last year we enjoyed watching the birds that had built a nest in the power pole. All summer, we were able to watch the momma bird protecting the nest. Then we heard the chirps of the baby birds. By mid-summer, the babies were sticking their head out and finally, took the leap and flew away. Well, this year, looks like we might be seeing it again. Yesterday I saw a bird up in the nest which I assume is the momma. Guess it's just a matter of time until we'll hear the babies chirping away. Good cheap entertainment!!

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