Sunday, August 17, 2008

Up Up and Away

My Mom is waving at the crowd!!

Yippee!!! Yep, that's me going up in a hot air balloon. In the balloon is me, my mom, my brother (the little boy is in front of him) and my sister in law. The other man is the "pilot"!!
Unfortunately, we didn't go very high. The balloon was tethered so we only went about 10-20 feet up. But it was pretty cool!!
We went to my uncle's 70th birthday party this afternoon. His daughter threw the party for him and had the hot air balloon there to take us all on rides. What a party! There were white coated servants passing out appetizers when we got there; our drinks were served in glasses with "John's 70th birthday bash" and a picture of the CAR his daughter bought him for his birthday (a 2008 Dodge Challenger!!) There was a jumpy house for the children out back along with a hay wagon to pick you up at the parking lot and bring you to the party. We had a buffet lunch (yummy macaroni and cheese!!) and a gorgeous cake - don't know how it tasted since I didn't try it. (I had already eaten pecan pie!!) Then after eating and balloon rides, some of the kids went horseback riding. Too hot for us to do that!

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Anonymous said...

Oh Sharon, sounds like you all had a BLAST! I know riding in a balloon would have been a GREAT experience. Great birthday party!