Thursday, October 30, 2014

Paradise Found for MDS Monday

I had fun doing my page this week for MDS Monday!  The theme was to follow the sketch (below) and make it PLAYFUL and COLORFUL!  Well, if you know anything about me, you know I love color!  I am not one that wears dull clothes .... or if I do have on black, I usually have a pop of color somewhere!  I like bright colors and my wardrobe and my cards are a testament to this!

I decided that the pictures that would look the best with the challenge would be my Hawaii pictures.  I visited Hawaii in 2005 (I think) and 2008 with Ashley.  Well, finding those pictures turned out to be a challenge since back then, I printed most of my pictures from my camera.  But, I forgot I had saved them on Shutterfly so I was able to access them.  If you have never been to Hawaii, you have missed a beautiful place.  The flowers there are the most gorgeous I have seen.

This page was so easy to do.  I used a pre-made template and just dropped the pictures in.  The background is from the download kit called Paradise Found and I just recolored it to Turquoise.  With all the beautiful pictures on the page, I didn't think embellishments were really needed.  I added the flower behind the text and the Hawaiian girl (from the same kit).  The title (Hawaii) is actually a punch called Smitten Alphabet that I love.  I use it a lot.

The first time we went, Ashley had just had eye surgery but she thought she was "good to go."  Well, the day after we were there, she had problems with one eye so we had to go to the Army hospital to get her taken care of.  A few days later when we went to Maui, she had problems with the other eye so we had to find an eye doctor in town.  She ended up wearing dark glasses during the whole trip!  So, it is pretty easy to tell which pictures are from the first trip and which are from the second!!

 Here are a few pictures from the trips.
If you watch Hawaii 5-0, this building is their headquarters and is seen in most episodes.

Ashley enjoying a fruity drink - 2008

Ashley & I at the luau.  It was dark so no glasses!

USS Arizona Memorial
Ashley reading the names at the Pearl Harbor Memorial (USS Arizona)

USS Arizona


Ready for the luau!


Jeanna Bohanon said...

OMG! I love your page, I love your post! How fun, it is totally my dream one day to get to Hawaii.

Tami Hewlett said...

Wow! Love your beautiful page!!! Wish I was there:)

Heidi Baks said...

Oh Sharon, your photos are absolutely lovely! How great you were able to get them off Shutterfly without scanning. What a trip! Plumerias are my favorite. Thanks for joining MDS Monday this week.

Yapha said...

Gorgeous page! Your photos are so vibrant! Great use of the sketch. Thanks for joining us at MDS Monday!

Anita Krul said...

Your photos are just gorgeous! Wow... Hawaii is definitely one place where I would love to visit.... seems like we've had a few players the last while that had pages from trips to Hawaii. Thanks so much for joining us at MDS Monday! oh... I totally recognized that building as the Hawaii 5-0 HQ!!!!