Saturday, January 12, 2013

Santa Treat Box (for next year)

I was supposed to post this last week but just found it & I had not posted it.  So ......One final Christmas project that you can put this on your "to do" list for next year!  This little Santa Treat Box is sooo easy and is so cute!


Red cardstock:  4 ¼” x 11”
Score in half (@ 5 1/2”)
Score diagonally from top center to center fold on top and bottom.

White :  2 ½” Scallop Circle Punch
White:  2 petals from 5 Flower Punch
White:  5-6 small scallops from Itty Bitty Shape Punches
Pink:  1 3/8” Circle Punch
Pink:  ½” circle punch
Black:  Owl Punch
Black:  4” x ½” strip
Black square for middle of belt buckle
Shimmer Paper:  1” square punch

 This is what I had written a few days after Christmas & thought I had posted it - we were still in Texas!  

It turned pretty cold here and I'm loving it!  The past two nights the temp. has dropped to the low 30's and only warming up to the 50s during the day.  But I think today is supposed to be around 65.  Which will be nice since we are driving to Gruen to have lunch and poke around the shops.  Thursday we went to the outlet shops in San Marcos for a couple of hours.  We also met up with my nephew and his wife and Jack IV for lunch.  Jack is the cutest baby - just like a Gerber baby!!  I can't believe he was a premie since he is such a chubby little baby.  He'll be one in early February and is such a good baby.  Jack and Katrina are doing really great with him.  When we returned to San Antonio, we went to a naming ceremony for one of Ashley's friends' baby, Nora who was born in August.  It was a Jewish ceremony held in their home.  I learned that Jewish parents not only give their baby a secular name but also a Hebrew name which also has a connection to the past and honors those important people in the child's life.  I am totally clueless about the Jewish faith but it was a very nice ceremony similar to the Christian christening.  The thing that really got to me was how irrevelent the guests were.  There were several young parents there with their children for the ceremony and the children were into the food that was laid out for the ceremony - putting their hands all over the cheeses, crackers, etc.  We watched one little girl, about 4-5 years old who filled her plate with about 20 crackers and I never figured out where her parents were - they sure weren't supervising her!  All throughout the ceremony, the children were fussing, talking, eating so much that it was hard to pay attention to the ceremony.  It was just not very respectful to allow them to run wild during the ceremony.  If it was a Christian ceremony and held in a church, they would keep the kids quiet (I hope!)

I had my flu shot today!  I kept putting it off when I was at home before driving to TX and about talked myself out of getting one.  But I kept hearing how bad the flu is supposed to be this year so Ashley brought a shot home to me yesterday morning and gave it to me before we headed out shopping.  Now .... I better not get the flu!  I didn't get to talk to my son for Christmas because they were all sick.  My daughter in law sent me a text Christmas that they were so sick they could hardly move.  My mom talked to Jeff yesterday and she said he sounded pretty bad.  He told her that the flu had run through their family like wild fire - hitting all of them and even Darcie's grandparents who were visiting.  So, I hope to talk to him later this weekend when he feels better!

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