Sunday, January 6, 2013

Home again!

We are home!!  We got home Friday afternoon.  Sammie thought it was about time!!  She was really meowing loud the last few hours of the trip and had had enough of the car.  We didn't blame her - we had too!!   Sonny and I did most of our unpacking Friday and spent Saturday just vegging out.  I really needed to go the grocery store but just couldn't make myself get back in the car again! 

Today we had our family Christmas at Marianne's house.  My brother even came up from Charlotte.  It was so good to see him.  Unfortunately with his job and family, we don't get to see him as often as we would like to.  We had a great dinner and then exchanged gifts with each other.  I got a great tee shirt from Marianne!!

It is a family joke that I - who is the oldest by 11 years - is the favorite of Mom's.  When I first moved back to NC, 6 years ago, I started having Thanksgiving dinner at my house.  After dinner, while we were all still sitting around the table, we played this "table talk" game that had been gifted to me.  Each person gets 2-3 cards from the box and has to answer the question on his/her card.  The questions are very thought provoking.  Well, mom's question that year was something like what is the greatest thing that has happened to you in your life.  Her answer was the birth of me!  Of course, after she said it, she wished she could have taken the words back.  But what she meant was having her first child (which happened to be me!!)  Anyway, my sisters have not let her forget about it since then.  Marianne also included a Christmas ornament she found this year that says "FIRST BORN - Mom's favorite"  

I got my Spring Mini goodies today so hope to be making a few cards and project with me in the next couple of days to share.  I am playing bridge tomorrow and going to the grocery store (our cupboards are bare!) but have no plans for Tuesday except Soup Kitchen in the a.m.

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Ben@Bernhardt said...

Excellent ! Thank you for the good ideas! Good job!