Saturday, January 30, 2016

Sunsets and Birthday

Well - I keep saying I am going to do better about posting my blog posts but so far, I'm not doing so well!  This week was a pretty busy one for me plus I don't even want to think how many pounds I put on.  I went out to eat every day this week and am going out tonight for my sister's birthday!  Monday Sonny and I went into town to escape the snow to the movies and had dinner at an Italian restaurant. This is the sunset that we saw when we came out of the movies!

Those cars in the picture are on I-77!

The day before I took some great sunset pictures from my back deck.

And the following day, I saw another beautiful sunset as I was driving home.  I tried to snap a few photos while I was driving but they didn't turn out so good!  (I know - not a smart thing to do.)

Tonight we are taking my sister (Angela) out to eat for her birthday which is Monday.  This is the card I have made for her using some new stamps that I just got yesterday.  I think I am really going to be using this large number set a lot.


Toni Selden said...

First wonderful sunsets.....I love the country and the sunsets and in the Orlando Florida area now, I don't get to see those to often.
I love the card. I have debated getting that number set, now I think I will.
Thanks for posting.

Carol Parcell said...

My son-in-law has posted pics very similar to your on FB. Must be taking them the same days! He lives in Mount Holly.

Love what you have done with Number of Years!