Saturday, February 27, 2016

Smithsonian Museum Photographs

We are having fun here in D.C. but it is freezing cold!!  The temps have not been out of the 40s since we have been here and the wind has been brutal - even Sonny agrees!  So it is not good weather to be walking around DC and exploring!  The drive here was not great either.  We were trying to outrun the storms and tornados but about every half hour we would run into the storms and could barely see the car in front of us for the rain pouring down.  I was a nervous wreck when we finally got here and Sonny was pretty wiped out too.  We had planned on eating at a favorite Italian restaurant of ours in Bethesda after we picked Ashley up from the airport but decided instead to head over to the hotel (at the National Harbor) and find a restaurant within walking distance.  Ashley was lucky to make it in. She was delayed a little bit but it was better than spending the night in another city.  They announced on her flight that they were going to have to divert to Pittsburgh but ended up being able to turn back and do an instrument landing in DC. 

Thursday she had most of the day free so we took the metro into DC and walked around a little bit.  I had on long johns, gloves, a hat, and a coat but was still really cold!  We went to the Natural History Museum and saw a fabulous photographic display of the "Best of the Best" of 20 years of Nature's finest moments.  The collection was of dramatic landscapes, wildlife behavior and pictures of Earth's ice peaks to the oceans.  There were more than 100 large format prints on the walls and I was snapping photographs like crazy. I want to use them to make a calendar or a date book!

Here are just a few of them.  I just can't imagine how many shots the photographer had to take to get the final and best one! 

Image of Erethizon dorsatum





Gotta run - they are waiting for me.  We are driving over to Alexandria tonight for dinner.  There is a water taxi from here to there but we have all decided it's too cold for that!!

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Barbara said...

Boy, what great pics!! I really enjoyed them. It has been years since we have been to DC. Maybe it is time to plan another trip.

I got cold just looking at your pictures!!! It has been unusually cold here too. So nice that you able to have a little mini vacation with Ashley. Hope you enjoy your time there and have a better trip home.