Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving 2011!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I am thankful today to be spending the day with my family .... including my daughter.  This year we are not having to "Skype" her on the computer to wish her a happy day.  We can hug her and love her in person! 

As I type this, Marianne is downstairs making the dressing and sweet potatoes; Ashley is making her deviled eggs; and "Girlfriend, aka Sharon R" is peeling the apples for me to make the apple pies.  The turkey is in the oven; the mashed potato casserole is made; the cranberry salad is made (thanks to Darcie for the recipe!); the pumpkin cheesecake is made; green casserole is made and we are waiting for the rest of the family to arrive.  We will have appetizers first - warm brie, buffalo chicken dip, pineapple cheese ball, pepper jelly over cream cheese and onion dip and chips (for Sonny who is too picky to try the other stuff!!)  

Hope you enjoy your family and give thanks for all the freedoms we have in this country!

These are the little turkey favors I made for everyone's place.

These have little chocolate nuggets inside.

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