Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fall Colors

I think FALL is my favorite season.  I just love the colors of the trees here in North Carolina.  I think this year has been one of the best for colors.  I just wish we had driven up to the mountains a few weeks ago and seen the trees at their peak there.  Every year, I have plans to do that but never seem to get it done.  Maybe next year!  Here are a few pictures I took this weekend.
These trees (above and below) are in the parking lot of the grocery store!

Another grocery store - this time BJ's Wholesale Store!!  But look at all the different colors.
These trees are at Queen's Landing in Mooresville. 
Sonny finished painting the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room this weekend.  Only one more room to go downstairs and then it's the bedrooms upstairs.  Don't know how much he'll get done this week.  Ashley is coming Friday (for 10 days!!) so I'm hoping he'll at least get her bedroom (or the room she always sleeps in when she's visiting) painted.  We'll see!

He (jokingly) asked me if we should paint the cabinets black so we'd have black and gold in the kitchen ... for the STEELERS!!  If there weren't so many cabinet knobs, I'd consider taking them all off and replacing them with black - that would look pretty cool!

It's amazing what a little paint can do for a house.  It's like a totally new place.

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