Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Note Card Swap at Quarterly

Another Quarterly meeting for the NC SU Demos is in the books and I think it was a success!  Marianne, Debbie and I met at the Wingate Hotel about noon on Friday and after making numerous trips back and forth from our car to the meeting room, we got everything set up and arranged the way we wanted it.  We were surprised that we were done by 2:00!!  The room was just perfect for our needs.  We ended up with 33 people so we weren't too crowded and were able to leave a large table in the center of the room where we based our demonstrations from.  There was a large closet in the room so we could store our excess in it and pull them out as needed.  After setting up, we headed over to Joe Fish to relax for a bit and have lunch before the crowd started coming.  And then the fun began!  We got everyone signed in and gave out goodie bags and started working on our shoebox cards.  We headed to bed a little after midnight, leaving a few still working on their projects.  Saturday was filled with more fun projects.  I started out the morning with a box card which everyone seemed to enjoy.  Here are a few samples that I had made to show everyone.  The ones that everyone made were kept simple.  The idea was to get the basic idea of how to make the box card and then your imagination can take over when you get home.

If you would like to make a Box Card, let me know and I will email the instructions to you.

One of the swaps that we did on Saturday was a Note Card Swap.  We only had 14 participants but I think it was a great swap!  Now I have several Christmas presents ready to go!!  Here is one of mine:

When it opens, there are two clear pockets on either side to slide the note cards in.  I used the clear envelopes and cut one side open to slide the cards and envelopes in.

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Anonymous said...

I would love to have the instructions for the box card. Each one is special and focusing in on the sentiment. Love that idea. That card holder is pretty cool too. Thanks in advance.

Chris R. from Iowa